Niykee Heaton: Before And After Transformation

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Niykee Heaton

Interesting Info about Niykee Heaton

Let’s give some information about Niykee Heaton whose original name is Nicolet Aleta Heaton. She was born on the 4th of December in the USA, Illinois State, Geneva City in 1994. Her star sign is Sagittarius. Niykee is American in her nationality. Ethnically she’s got English, German as well as Norwegian, Welsh and African roots. Niykee Heaton writes, sings songs, and works as a model.

Her own capital is about 3 million dollars. She’s not married and has no kids. What about her physical characteristics: Niykee Heaton is 5 ft 8 in tall, and weighs 130 lb. Her body structure has the next standards: 35-25-38 inches. Niykee’s bra is 32C. Her clothes’ measurements are 6 of the dress and she wears shoes of the 8th size. The color of her hair is naturally blonde and her eyes are blue. Niykee Heaton is registered in such social nets as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A well-known Chicago model who is also a singer and a songwriter Niykee Heaton became famous for having her own channel on YouTube. She got her fame among her followers due to her brilliant performance of songs on the acoustic instrument.

Niykee didn’t take any professional musical education but her original song was one of the best in 2014 hitting the charts of Billboards and iTunes. She’s famous as a hot star who regularly shows off her perfect body on stage.

Plastic surgery gossips regularly follow Niykee due to her great looks. Honestly saying, anyway, we think that the way she was pictured made her fame increase, especially talking about such a dangerous field of a social community. Her responsibility is to be pretty attractive to keep her popular image.

On the other hand, there is a drawback to selling her loveliness as if she is a great singe due to her looks attention. There are those who regularly discuss her plastic surgery changes.

Before & After Photos

Did Niykee’s looks have dramatic changes before and after she got her fame? We’ll try to check what face features and body pieces were enhanced by plastic surgery.

Did Niykee Heaton have nose job?

Did Niykee Heaton have nose job?

In spite of all the conversations about her face changes, we don’t consider Niykee to do her nose job. Next before and after photos don’t show any changes to nose structure. We can guess that her nose has a natural building and only the makeup shadows and the right turns of her face on the camera make those enhancements.

Does she have breast implants?

Does Niykee Heaton have breast implants?

It’s not proved but we don’t hesitate that many people consider Niykee to have the boobs plastic surgery. Her breasts seem to be bigger in the picture ‘after’ surgery. Her chest size increased from a B to a DD cup.

We can’t argue with the fact that Niykee has ever had her boob job though she didn’t admit it yet. Moreover, big cup size gives Instagram models more opportunities to attract followers and have greater influence. In such a case we might believe that she had this plastic.

Did Niykee get a butt lift?

Did Niykee Heaton get a butt lift?

So, at first, Niykee has a sexy butt. Her buttocks are pretty in size and normally shaped in the “before” picture. But normal size is what models consider to be changed. So we suppose her to have the butt enhancement.

Having huge breasts and big butt, Niykee got the fame of a hot star who is the same beautiful on stage and TV. If the gossips are real, plastic surgery changes might have been beneficial.

Has she had lip injections?



Niykee Heaton lip injections before and after?

We can’t deny that attractive lips are those that are full and sexy. The proof is the natural fuller lips of Angelina  Jolie. We can guess that Niykee Heaton wanted to get those Angelina’s lips and did her lip job to be more attractive.

Looking at the “before” photo we can see that the top lip is smaller than the bottom one. But the “after” picture presents the even lips. So some lip injections could have been done.

Niykee Heaton: Then and Now

Now our task is to analyze her chances in the definite period of time, though we can’t deny her perfect appearance and good talent.

Childhood days

Niykee Heaton during her childhood
Source: Youtube

When Niykee was two, she definitely looked really adorable having her chubby cheek features. Did you hear about her multi-national origin?

Niykee in 2011

Niykee Heaton in 2011
Source: Youtube

Being a teenager Niykee began recording and uploading her songs and guitar melodies on YouTube. She tried her best to do many cover songs and by occasion, she posted the original hit.

Those times Niykee wasn’t supposed to a lot of plastic surgeries. We could guess she was definitely a sexy talent to be followed by.

Niykee in 2012

Watching her cover of “Love Sosa” we can say why it got many viewers such as a World Star Hip Hop festival.

Her voice sounded brilliant and her look was fantastic in the dark tank top with the wavy blonde hairdo. Niykee’s view was attractive and refreshing.

Niykee in 2014

Niykee Heaton in 2014
Source: Рinterest

Can you see the extra kilos of Niykee in the next picture or the bad camera view? Her nose seems to be larger and her square jaw is highlighted.

Niykee in 2015

Niykee Heaton in 2015
Source: Нereyoursweetgirl

Having her new lips one year later Niykee seems to be much more different in the interview with Complex. Besides she seems a bit younger. Perhaps she’s done some butt and lip surgery.

Niykee in 2016

Niykee Heaton in 2016
Source: Getty

Niykee was wearing the shirt by Iron Maiden at the Music Is Universal Styld performance.

She appeared to be a sexy star on stage that fitted her original hairdo. We can’t support such a look but it’s considered to be the part of her presentation.

Niykee in 2018

We think it was the period when Niykee showed up her new boobs and butt to society for the first time. That’s why she was wearing tight-hugging trousers and a body-fitting top. Her plastic surgery enhancements don’t look natural but are not awkward at the same time.

Niykee in 2019

Niykee Heaton in 2019

This Instagram picture of Niykee Heaton attracted many comments due to her cardinal face changes. Are these the bangs? Did it happen cuz she filled some botox in the area of her cheek and eyes zone? Is it thanks to her lip injections or the angle she turned her face? It doesn’t make any sense what changes she has done, but Niykee looks quite younger.

Niykee in 2024

Niykee Heaton
Source: Instagram


According to Niykee’s age quick movements when she easily becomes young after being pretty old and back make us suppose that her face might have plastic surgeries. Moreover, we can’t deny the face surgery cuz she hardly ever uses a lot of makeup, it’s rather she doesn’t wear it at all and anyway we can see some procedure changes.

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Well, We’re supposed to think that she takes lip injections and perhaps some kind of botox periodically. We definitely can suggest that she has done her boobs and butt job applying to her doctor of implantation surgery. Honestly saying, Niykee has to renovate her whole body as long as it’s the essential instrument of her wealth.

But in our opinion, by the way, she should be really attentive in her enhancements not to overdo her appearance and not to lose her perfect looks. To be fair, Niykee’s speculations in the plastic surgery industry are not really important, but we have no competence to manage her business.

Niykee Heaton
Source: Instagram
Niykee Heaton
Source: Instagram