Has Ivanka Trump Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

Ivanka Trump 2015
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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is famous for being one of the most gorgeous American women. It is the reason why they think she has had some plastic surgery to look so beautiful! If you are a daughter of a billionaire are always in the spotlight, and if your father is the president of the USA, it is much harder. Ivanka is used to be followed by journalists, but who knows how many criticisms, rumors, and gossips she has to deal with.

They believe that she has had a nose job, botox, and even got breast implants. Thanks to her dad Mr. Donald Trump, who`s rich, she grew up under the gaze of the media and the American public.

We all could see her growing up and transforming from a young girl to who she is right now: a model, fashion designer, and a mom of three children and the owner of a successful business.

Everyone can see that she is not only intelligent and elegant, but she is also a beauty with a body that is a dream come true.

Is it possible that all of this beauty is fake?

Put it differently, has any cosmetic surgery taken place?

Right now we will try to answer these questions.

Before & After Photos

We had to look at several of her photos carefully to see if any plastic surgery has been done. We analyzed Ivanka`s appearance features like her nose, eyes, neck, ears, butt and boobs.

After looking closely at every detail, we can say that:

Yes, as a young girl she did have braces that probably aligned her teeth, but it was definitely not enough to straighten them.

Ivanka Trump Teeth Before and After

Although her braces were removed when she was younger, it can be clearly seen that her teeth were not so even. If comparing that to the photo “After” which is on the top right, it becomes obvious that she has had some dental cosmetic work.

Fake porcelain dental veneers could be used, and if so, then she has a great dentist who`s job is amazing as her crooked teeth from before have now become even and Ivanka`s smile is beautiful now!

Did Ivanka Have A Nose Job?

Has Ivanka Trump had a nose job?

There have been some rumours around her nose. They suspect that it is possible that she has had some nose job to get it reshaped and refined. If looking at the “before” above, it appears that her nose used to be bigger and the bridge was higher at an earlier age.

Now, look at the “after” photo. As you can see Ivanka`s nose now looks better with a thinner and narrower contour.

It is noticeable along the entire length of the nose. It is up to you to decide if the mentioned changes appeared naturally or with the help of a plastic surgeon!

What Happened To Her Chin?

Did Ivanka Have Chin Implant

It also seems that Ivanka has changed the shape of her chin with the help of a mentoplasty procedure. When she became a teenager and her face was no longer a child`s face, her chin became sharper. Some people think that there is a chin implant, but we believe that there was a minor chin reduction procedure. This way the shape of her face was balanced and the harmony of the face was reached.

Does Ivanka Trump Have Breast Implants?

Did Ivanka Trump Have Boob Job

That is a good question if she really did or she didn`t. People talked a lot about that, stating that the size of her breasts has been increased. You can clearly see that the bra size difference does take place if you look at the before and after photos. This is obvious no matter what kind of clothing she is wearing, red full body dress or a blue deep V evening gown or even back dress or white shirt. Do you see the difference of her tits above? It might be because of a breast augmentation procedure.

What do you think?

Ivanka’s Beauty Transformation

Although, it seems that we have some proof of Ivanka, who is an adviser to POTUS and Donald`s first daughter, has had some cosmetic enhancements, camera can distort reality. That is why we believe that it will not be fair to make such a conclusion based on just some before and after photos. Let`s see how her appearance has been changing over the years.

Year 1991

Ivanka Trump 1991
Source: WireImage

Ivana Marie was the first wife of Donald Trump and Ivanka`s mother. The girl was just 10 years old when they got divorced but this fact had nothing to do with Donald taking part in her raising. She was a beautiful child with big eyes, full lips, and beautiful blonde hair.

In spite of being so young, she already had a really good taste. You can just understand it looking at the gold necklace around her neck that matches her clothing. And what nice purse to finish the look. Well done!

Year 1996

Ivanka Trump 1996
Source: Pinterest

Ivanka attended the Manhattan Chapin School, but when she turned 15, she transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, which is a boarding school. In the photo, she was at the Trump Tower at the 50th birthday party of her father. Ivanka already knew how to put makeup on properly, so it is not surprising that she can barely be seen without it.

Year 1997

Ivanka Trump 1997
Source: Seventeen

When she was studying at the boarding school, she also started her modelling career. She made time for it at the weekend and holidays. This is the photo from the front cover of “Seventeen”, May 1997 issue.

Year 1999

Ivanka Trump 1999
Source: Thesun

When Ivanka was a model, she worked with a vast of a fashion brand and participated in runways for Marc Bouwer, Thierry Mugler, and even Versace. This a photo for the 1999 Autumn/Winter collection of Lolita Lempicka Fashion Show in Paris, where she was doing a catwalk.

She was a gorgeous 18-year-old woman. She was slim, tall and had stunning long legs. She had everything to become a top model. Some people, though, think that her face and personality were not suitable for that industry…

Year 2000

Ivanka 2000
Source: Huffpost

You may have noticed that her face always seems to be swollen a bit. Her cheeks are always puffy, no matter how much weight she has lost. Ivanka is lucky to have full lips to make all the face look harmonious. That is why we are 100 percent sure she will never go for any augmentation fillers or lip injections.

Year 2003

Ivanka Trump 2003
Source: Huffpost

This the time when the changes on her face were noticed. She has most probably had a buccal fat reduction surgery to get rid of her chubby cheeks. This kind of surgery is good for people with chipmunk face when they remove the fat from the cheeks to make the jawline slimmer.

Maybe, this is why everybody is so sure that she had a reshaping procedure or chin implant. If we are right regarding a face fat reduction, then it is possible that she had a nose job done too between 2000 and 2003.

Yes, Ivanka`s nose looks differently here as well!

Year 2004

Ivanka Trump 2004
Source: Huffpost

After she graduated from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, she studied Georgetown University. Ivanka finished her education at university in 2004 and got a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. As you can see, she is not only a beautiful girl, but she is a smartie too!

Year 2006

Ivanka Trump 2006
Source: Avax

In this photo, she is at the auction of photographer Francesco Scavullo’s work at the Sotheby’s in New York City. She was 25 then, and her body has already matured. Ivanka`s breasts or cup size are not small and everything looks natural with the cleavage of her outfit.

Year 2007

Ivanka Trump 2007
Source: Getty

This is the moment when Ivanka appeared at the Golden Globes after-party held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, and dazed everyone. She was wearing an all-white one-shoulder dress and it is obvious that her boob size was bigger. That is when they started saying that she has undergone breast implants surgery.

This shot from a different angle.

Ivanka 2007 - Side View
Source: Getty

At that time she seemed to be leading a social life actively attending parties and celebrity events. She is on good terms with Paris Hilton, so some about the style of her makeup can be explained. It is simple and stylish.

It is not surprising with such a stunning body that she was voted on the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2007. Ivanka was also 84th on the Askmen.com list in 2008.

Year 2009

Ivanka Trump 2009
Source: Hrot

This is when Ivanka and her boyfriend Jared Kushner, a real estate developer, decided to marry in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Maybe, she wanted to look better than ever on her own wedding day, so it looks like she has grown thin. It can be clearly seen from the way her face looks with the sharper jawline and the contour of her cheeks.

Ivanka is lucky to have such a long neck so she can wear any kind of necklace, no matter if it is a flashy piece or a modest one, it will look perfect anyway!

Year 2011

Ivanka Trump 2011
Source: Blesk

Now it is obvious that she didn`t lose weight, she was just pregnant with their first baby. This was not a reason, though, for her to stop working hard on developing her fashion brand with Nordstrom. Yes, it is true. Ivanka is the owner of a fashion line including accessories, handbags, shoes and clothing.

Year 2013

Ivanka Trump 2013
Source: Zimbio

Ivanka is 32, and she is at the Carolina Herrera Spring fashion show during the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. She looked very glamorous. She is fond of wearing various contact lenses apart from eyelashes and eyeliners in order to make her eyes look more beautiful.

Look, now she has green eyes!

Year 2015

Ivanka Trump 2015
Source: Huffpost

This is a photo from the Glamour’s 25th Anniversary Women Of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall. And something’s not on her face at all. Right! Wrinkles. Her skin is so smooth, so tight. Maybe she is doing some procedures to tighten her skin? Something like face fillers?

She is only 34, so she has plenty of time before considering such procedures as facelift or brow lift. Ivanka should really keep on using her face cream and the same skincare because it gives good results indeed.

Year 2016

Ivanka Trump 2016
Source: Ledixbeauti

Ivanka has always been considered HOT, but looking at this photo we can say that she is voluptuous! Here she is at the 2016 Met Gala Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Ivanka was wearing a sexy hairstyle, that is not typical for her, and red lipstick.

Year 2017

Ivanka Trump 2017
Source: Huffpost

While people are still trying to decide if she really had a boob job or she didn`t, we also noticed a nice curve on her back. Ivanka is either extremely lucky, or a butt lift took place. No matter what it is, she looks stunning.

Year 2018

Ivanka Trump 2018
Source: Secondnexus

Surely enough, Ivanka was extremely busy during this year, so all you can do is just to wonder how she manages to keep on looking so good. No unnatural puffiness on her face has been noticed so far, so you can be sure there were no Botox injections or any other cosmetic surgery.

Year 2019

Ivanka Trump 2019
Source: Yahoo

What is her secret? A good diet? Workout? Skincare products or just good biological inheritance?

Let`s see what opinion plastic surgeons have regarding her appearance.

Dr. Dan Marsh, a consultant plastic surgeon, saw Ivanka`s before and after photos and said to Express UK that he was sure that she had had a rhinoplasty because there is a scar across the nose base, which is clearly seen. He also added that she most probably had dental veneers, as her teeth were straight and white. This all proves that cosmetic surgery, when done well, can enhance beauty.

At the same time Dr. Dev Patel, a medical director of Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth, thinks that Melania Trump, the stepmother, has undergone a series of cosmetic procedures costing around $14,000-$17,000 (US dollars).

On the one hand, we have Ivanka, who never commented on the whispers regarding her appearance, there lots of women who got plastic surgery in order to at least a little bit like her.

In 2006 there was an ABC interview, where Houston-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose stated that he had to deal with an increasing number of clients who wanted to look like Ivanka Trump. He added that she was a gorgeous and elegant woman, so no wonder that patients desired to be like her.

Dr. Norman Rowe said in another interview with Page Six in 2017 that a number of around 50 patients had asked him to make them look like Ivanka, which meant they wanted large eyes, small nose and widened cheekbones.

He says that people are ready to spend around $30,000 – 40,000 to get that look with the help of Botox and temporary fillers. Or there is another way, that he named “Permanent Ivanka”. It is created with the help of rhinoplasty and cheek implants and costs $45,000 to 50,000.

He also said that Ivanka is now competing with Kylie Jenner in popularity. When they asked him if there was anyone willing to look like her father, Dr. Norman Rowe said that he had never seen anyone coming in and saying to make them into a Donald Trump.


Ivanka Trump before and after plastic surgery?Ivanka Trump Before and After

We can surely say that the appearance of Ivanka Trump has become more attractive over time, but it is hard to decide if the changes were natural or they are due to cosmetic procedures. As most women state, their looks become better and better in some years.

There are still some evidence from the photos that there is a high possibility that Ivanka has had a rhinoplasty, cosmetic dentistry and a boob job.  Even if at least one of the mentioned has been done, we can see that they were performed in an excellent way, as she looks like a goddess with her bust size looking natural at the same time.

But it is up to you to decide!