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Ana Cheri

Interesting Facts about Ana Cheri

Let’s give some information about Ana Cheri who was born under the name Ana Cheri Garcia on the 16th of May in 1986. She was born in the USA, California State, Anaheim City. She has American citizenship but her racial makeup belongs to different nations such as Native Americans, Mexicans, and Latinos, as well as Caucasian. Ana works as a fitness model in the fashion industry. Her own capital is about 3.5 million dollars. She’s in marriage with Ben Moreland but they don’t have kids. What about her physical characteristics: Ana Cheri is 5 ft 7 in tall, weighs 129 lb. Her body structure has the next standards: 38-25-36 inches. Ana’s bra is 34D. We have no information about her clothes’ measurements but she wears shoes of the 8th size. The color of her hair and eyes is brown.

Originated from California with Spanish roots Ana Cheri Garcia is well known as a fitness model and famous for successful leading Instagram. Her brilliant appearance made her model career develop speedily and helped her be shown up on different media prints such as magazines and banners.

As long as her perfect looks is an essential part of her modeling career, the plastic surgery rumors are not amazement that occurs in the life of the young star.

There are those of her followers who supposed that Ana could have boobs and butt implantations. Some of them consider that she had also the face job. Honestly saying, Ana is a pretty lady with a perfect body.

In spite of all those gossips around her, the model has always tried to do her best in the modeling job and healthy habits activities.

Ana’s Before and After Photos

Her husband and fitness trainer at the same time, Ben Moreland, helps her control her health and perfect body shapes through the regular exercises. She is also an author of an eBook that contains thorough instruction on how to keep fit.

Further, we’ll try to understand if she has a brilliant appearance thanks to her constant hard training and self-discipline or thanks to the plastic surgery.

Did Ana Cheri Have Nose Job?


We’ll begin with her face. There’s no doubt that Ana has an ideally structured nose. In my opinion, it fits her eyes and other facial features absolutely perfect. It is also really pretty.

The nose job rumors seem to have no foundation because if we look at the photos, there can be found no difference in shapes. Only her nasal bridge isn’t as thick, but the right makeup can also help the situation.

Has Cheri Had Lip Fillers?

Ana Cheri lips before and after

Recently we can see the popular tendency to implant lips among the models in Instagram. Can we say the same about Ana?

Looking at two pictures we can say that Ana’s lower lip looks the same, but her upper lip looks a bit thicker and these facts make us think about her lip injections. To be honest, her mouth look became more tempting.

Does Ana Have Breast Implants?

Ana Cheri breast implants before and after


The media people surrounding Ana were constantly discussing her breasts. Her followers were persistently trying to analyze if her boobs are natural or not.

As I can see her bust was definitely smaller before breast implants as it is nowadays. If you look at her cleavage, you’ll completely see her bigger breast size. Today you can only guess if Ana ever did the chest surgery, cuz she hasn’t accepted it in public.

Well, I’ll give you a right to choose if she has implanted her boobs or not.

Did Ana Get Butt Augmentation?

Ana Cheri butt augmentation before and after

Having a Latin origin, it’s natural for Ana to be wide in her hips and have a big butt. How do you think if she has done plastic surgery on her ass?

If we look at her before and after photos, it makes us suggest that her bum is bigger in size. Nevertheless, her hips also seem to be greater.

What about me, I don’t think the butt implants or something like that could be done. Ana’s buttock is rather springy and regular fitness trainings make her muscles be firm and supple.

Ana Cheri Transformation

Has Ana appeared to be so passionate in her looks all the time? We’ll analyze her physical transformations over a certain period of time. It’ll make us sure if she did any plastic surgery.

Ana in year 1999

Ana Cheri in 1999
Source: Pinterest

Looking at the photo session made by the car magazine at the beginning of her modeling job, Ana definitely appeared to have a really beautiful and well-structured body, having legs whose length fitted any kinds of jobs in the modeling industry. Can you see the tattoo on her ankle?

Ana in year 2010

Ana Cheri in 2010
Source: RUKUS Magazine

Here you can see a picture of Ana Cheri who is representing the underwear as a model. Her breast and brassiere sizes aren’t as big before plastic surgery. By the way, Ana’s nose doesn’t also look the same. It can be the wrong camera object or the dark color of her hair could give the false shadowing.

So Ana hasn’t done her boob surgery, has she?

Ana in year 2014

Ana Cheri in 2014
Source: Facebook

When Ana placed a similar picture on the Net, she made the followers talk much about her boob surgery. The model was wearing the dress resembling anime heroine, Sailor Jupiter, and performed her bigger chest that was supposed by several viewers to be the product of bust plastic augmentation.

Her pretty hairdo and sparkling skin that were perfectly combined are the look I’m fond of.

Ana in year 2015

Ana Cheri in 2015
Source: Instagram

Doing a lot of sport, especially fitness, Ana has run an eBook that reviews healthy exercises and diets this year. Ana told that she has systematic activities in the fitness room to keep her perfect body structure. Don’t even hesitate to look at her belly cubes and pecs. Here we can see not the result of augmentation or any other plastic job but long hot time in the gym.

According to some reports, together with her husband, Ana Cheri opened a fitness club under the name “Be more athletics”, situated in California State, Santa Ana City. As long as you desire to have a perfect body, the same as Ana has, you should definitely go to her gym.

Ana in year 2016

Ana Cheri in 2016

Looking at this picture we can see the divine star with rather thick lips if to compare with her before plastic surgery face. Of course, such incredibly quick lip enhancement (as if during the night) made Ana’s followers think about lip implantation.

My attention was also attracted by her flawlessly structured brows. Did the perfect make up or professional tattoo make this job?

Ana in year 2017

Ana Cheri in 2017
Source: Twitter

That year Ana run her new brand of clothes and swimsuits. It seems she’ll easily choose a model to perform her brand. Ana is wearing shorts that are tightly hugging her hips and featuring her pretty buttock ideally.

Ana in year 2018

Ana Cheri in 2018

Even using too much makeup every day at work Ana looks very young at her 32. Can you suggest her medication for being ever young?

Evidently, she visits cosmetological clinics in California and regularly treats her face.

Ana in year 2019

Ana Cheri in 2019
Source: Instagram

Ana in year 2024

Ana Cheri
Source: Pinterest

Looking at this picture we can suppose Ana has weighed some extra kilos. Maybe she was lazy doing her fitness. Let’s see if she’ll have any plastic procedures looking ahead.

Ana Cheri
Source: Instagram
Ana Cheri
Source: Instagram
Ana Cheri
Source: Instagram


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