6 Pros and Cons of Using Bootstrap for WordPress – 2024 Guide

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You require a website and are questioning what tools to use. There are a few ideas you can take here, and the first one is the building from the scratch method. Are you perhaps planning to hire professional developers who are experts in web technologies? They might be able to create a perfect website for the company, but something like that costs a lot of money. The second way is to choose a framework that already haves patterns and features to select. Anyone who has any experience with computers should be able to make a website with their help.

But since the options in there are available to everyone, that means our website is going to be similar to so many others. It will still serve its purpose and seem professional, but there is another alternative, a mixture of these two. You could decide to use a framework like WordPress and then customize the interface with the assistance of Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a front-end tool that complements a framework like WordPress extremely well. So, if you are interested to learn what are the pros and cons of using these two together, simply continue reading.

1. It’s a fast approach

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Compared to creating a website from scratch, this is simply a much faster way to accomplish things. Coding can be pretty complicated, so even if you have the money that is necessary to hire professionals if you are in a hurry, it is much faster to just combine a framework with Bootstrap. That is because Bootstrap has so many possible choices for every possible component of the website, and vast documentation to help us out. So if you think that you are ready to check out some templates that they can offer, just check out https://www.templatemonster.com/bootstrap-woocommerce-themes.

2. Large community fixes any problem

Another great benefit is that we can bypass cross-browser bugs this way. For example, we create a website that is working just fine on most devices, but not on every single one. It is not uncommon for some features of websites to work on every device except Android. That is why it is so great that Bootstrap has so many fixes to these types of bugs. Since it is open-source, we can all contribute to adding fixes and updates. So no matter what kind of problem happens, sooner or later, someone will find a solution. No single person can know a way to fix every problem. That is why it is so great that there is a community behind this method. That way, there is uniformity and consistency in this type of website building across all platforms.

3. It’s simple

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As we mentioned, it takes a real expert to build a website from beginning to end.
And even then, it takes a lot of time, and a lot of problems could ensue. But building a website by using both WordPress and Bootstrap at the same time is faster, easier to fix possible difficulties, and it is a much simpler method. The simplicity of it might even surprise us. Comparing it to going through a bit more complicated settings might be fair. So you have definitely encountered simpler settings in some video games. But you would never expect that designing a website could be this easy.

4. Problems with plugins

One of the potential issues that may arise when creating a website is having too many plugins. That is almost natural since we do want to have various interactivity features as a part of our site. But attaching too many to our website can give so many different difficulties. Some of them might not be compatible with every browser or device, or it could slow down the site considerably. That is why Bootstrap has a lot of built-in components that we can use in our website that serve the same purpose. That will significantly help us out and make our life much easier.

5. Flexibility

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Another great advantage you get with this style of site-building is flexibility. No matter what kind of need you have, it is likely that you will get a solution somewhere in there. You can also make a library of your individual by selecting only those things you need. There are way too many options available to us when using bootstrap. A person might even get lost in those options. So, don’t get lost in them and don’t use those you don’t need for the site. If you own a bit more knowledge, what is also available is utilizing themes. But even if you are not that familiar with them, there are plenty of tutorials online.

6. It will be similar to many others

As we mentioned, it takes a real expert to create a website from beginning to end.
Now when it comes to potential flaws of this method of site building, lack of diversity might be the biggest one. It is a known fact that most of the websites made by frameworks and Bootstrap tend to look alike. To a certain extent, that can be solved by customizing everything with a little style. That does mean that you will have to put some effort into customization, and if that is done, our site should still look a bit different from the most generic Bootstrap creation. The good news is that they will look professional no matter what and will serve their purpose. The rest is all up to your personal preference. What is it that you require and want from the website you are making? If it is to look unique and be different from anything else on the internet, then this just might not be the method for you.

The bottom line

As we have seen, there are a few possible paths in front of us when we want to build a website. Hiring a team of experts will take more time and much more money, but it also produces the best results. The most suitable alternative is to utilize a structure like WordPress and Bootstrap. If it is done in a correct way, the site that is made should satisfy the needs of most companies.