Factors To Choose And How To Hang Chandeliers In The Dining Room – 2024 Guide

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The chandelier not just offers illumination and a focal point but makes the room’s interior look elegant. Chandeliers have been historically emphasized in the formal dining rooms but today you can find fixtures in more shapes, styles, and finishes. Choosing an ideal one from the wide range of styles available to personalize the event and entertaining area is challenging.

First, refine the choices to identify the right size chandelier to grace the dining room. Consider the following factors.


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What kind of vibe do you desire to evoke from this space? For example, if you wish to create a formal setting then the classic crystal chandeliers are an ideal choice. The fixture radiates with elegance and looks classy. If your room has a rustic panache then the Modern Rustic crystal chandelier from sofary.com can help to evoke that old-fashioned countryside charm. It offers a vast variety of crystal chandeliers and pendant lights that give your dining room a sophisticated and chic look.


Besides the style, the right finish can have a great impact. In minimalist modern homes, shiny and sleek polished nickel and chrome finishes will look fine because they divulge clean lines and sparkling aesthetics.

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Rope or wood materials tie the bohemian or nautical theme together, while bronze chandeliers seamlessly blend with rustic décor. If you are a kind that regularly updates furniture or decor then opt for mixed finishes.


Choose a chandelier shape that complements the dining table. Square or round dining tables look cool below round chandeliers, while rectangular fixtures are reserved for oblong dining tables. In case, you have a rectangular table then you can use two to three small chandeliers with contrast shapes rather than a single rectilinear light fixture.

Undoubtedly, large rectangular crystal chandeliers in the dining room look impressive and offer enduring stylishness when hung over the oblong dining table. Even small, ornate chandeliers can work in large rooms because the decorative features offer it some bulk.

Consider how much illumination is needed

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A single fixture can set the mood but if want to brighten a large area then choose a model featuring several bulbs. If you have kids then the dining table will be used as a study table or do their projects then recessed lights will add extra wattage Buffet lamps and scones can also add illumination.

The best idea is to have the chandelier connected to a dimmer switch. It will offer overall control of the light amount it gives. The chandelier you choose must improve visibility without being too glaring or harsh.

Chandelier size

To choose the appropriate size, you will need to learn how to calculate the height and diameter of the chandelier suitable for the room. Suppose the room is 10 ft. x 12 ft. x 10 ft. [L x W x H].

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To determine the diameter or width

  • Measure the room’s length and width in feet – 10 ft. and 12 ft.
  • Add length and width – 10+12 = 22 ft.
  • Convert the feet value into inches – 22 ft. = 22”
  • 22” is the perfect diameter for this room

To calculate the height

  • The height of the room – 10 ft.
  • Multiple heights by 3” per foot – 10 ft. x 3” = 30 ft.
  • Convert the feet value into inches – 30”
  • 30” is the ideal height for this room.

You will look for chandeliers that are 22” in diameter [width] and 30” tall [height].

Now, you are sure about the style, finish, shape, and size of the chandelier you desire to hang over the dining table.

How will you hang the dining room chandelier?

After choosing the ideal chandelier, you will need to consider its placement. Even if your dining table is not in the middle of the room, the fixture has to be centered over the dining table.

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Determine the clearance

Clearance here means how low to hang the chandelier. Ideally, hang the fixture low enough to cast brightness in a wide radius but ensure it does not get in your way. You can suspend the chandelier at different levels to find a point that allows your eye to seamlessly shift from floor to ceiling.

Measure the ceiling height and multiple by 3. Convert the feet to inches, For example, if the ceiling of the dining room is 9 feet then it will accommodate a light fixture with 27” [9×3] height. Generally, chandeliers are mounted to hang 30” above, from the table surface. The light must not shine directly in your eyes while sitting. Don’t hang the fixture too high that it seems invisible.


Below are some guidelines that will help you to install the chandelier or pendant lights in the dining room according to their width and hanging.

Consider the table size and shape to install the chandelier – if you chose:

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  • A linear multi-light pendant fixture for your long oval or rectangular table then place it in the center with a width 1 foot less than table length.
  • A single chandelier or pendant for the round or square dining table, then install it in the center. Ensure the width is 6 inches smaller on both sides.
  • If you desired to add an extra dramatic effect and chose mini pendants [choose in odd numbers] then ensure appropriate spacing. For example, if you purchased 3 pendants of 8” diameter.
  • Measure table in inches. [suppose 60” wide]
  • Combined diameter of pendants – 3 x 8” = 24”
  • Subtract combined diameter from width – 60” – 24” = 36”
  • Add 1 to 3 pendants [4] and divide the subtracted value – 36” ÷ 4 = 9”
  • You will need to space the 3 pendants 9” apart from one another.
  • Instead of 3 pendants, if you chose bigger two fixtures then use the same math.

The space between the table surface and fixture has to be around 28” to 36”.

Important tips

  • Invest in a chandelier with an adjustable chain. It allows attaining a height that suits the specific space demand.
  • Hire professionals to install the expensive crystal chandeliers and protect your investment.
  • Before making a decision, compare different styles suitable to your defined criteria.