Pros and Cons of Using android Monitoring Apps – 2024 Guide

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Can you honestly guarantee your employees are being completely open with you about their daily duties? Are you sure you know what your kids are doing online when you are not with them?

The usage of monitoring and surveillance applications has been growing for quite some time now. Countless applications have been created to monitor each segment of your life, such as eating habits, sleeping, water consumption, movement, health, and so on.
Android monitoring applications are used mostly to monitor internet activities of your children and employees, on their mobile android devices.

Why should you start using them? In the further text, we will discuss some pros and cons of using the most popular android monitoring apps in 2024.

Pros and cons of using monitoring apps for work

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First of all, if your work requires a lot of traveling and to still be in control of all the processes going on at your company’s headquarters (duty performance, behavior, and productivity of the employees, etc.) using monitoring applications can help you stay updated. Tracking down the location of employees during their working hours can help you make sure everyone is making the most of their day. From time to time you can even check whether everyone is coming to work on time, going home when they are supposed to or even cross-check their overtime hours.

There might be situations where it would be useful to be able to analyze their message history on applications like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Incoming calls, Outgoing calls, Data usage, Web browser history, and Unauthorized Call History, to help you get to the bottom of something for the sake of work. You can find more information about the ways of monitoring WhatsApp messages on

Using these applications can increases accuracy in managing employees, avoid the unnecessary wastage of time and money of the company, but also helping to protect trade secrets and avoid legal liability.

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As a tool, they offer countless features and are quite easy to use. Most of them offer the possibility of tracking more than one device at a time while staying completely hidden. Not only do they support smartphone monitoring, but can also be used for desktops.
So, all of the mentioned pros sound great, but one can’t avoid thinking that controlling people in every aspect of their life sometimes simply sounds unethical. Even though they can contribute to the work processes and security, they can also contribute to creating an atmosphere of unease in the working place.

Having the feeling you are constantly monitored might also affect your productivity, but negatively. The question left to be contemplated about is how far you are willing to go, as controlling your workers go?

Taking into consideration the technical cons, it’s important to mention that some applications simply do not comply with the legal standards. Your device might also face fast battery drainage, and the loss of data. If you delete some of the data (calls, numbers, SMS’s), you will most likely not be able to retrieve it.

Pros and cons of using monitoring apps for parents

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If you are a parent concerned about the safety of your child in these challenging times, you have probably thought about wanting to have more control of your kids’ movement and internet activity.

Our children are growing up in times where they learn to start using mobile devices and computers, as soon as they become toddlers. Imagining a childhood without them, is unfortunately impossible, even though most of us grew up in the era when the internet did not exist. Nowadays, it has become a necessity, kids carry them to school.
Parents are more occupied at work, not being able to ensure the safety of their children on their way to and from school. Having a mobile device makes it a bit easier to make sure your child’s moving in the safe zones.

By accessing their location via android monitoring apps, you can have peace of mind knowing where they are. Android monitoring apps can also allow you to mark some areas on the movement maps, you do not consider child safe. In case your child enters one of these areas, you will get instantly notified. You can try someone as TheOneSpy for an app that has features like that.

Social media are often the platforms used by the abusers to track down and exploit children. Certain monitoring apps can allow you to go through your child’s social media activity. You can read through the messages they send and receive and make sure they are not exposed to potential exploitation and abuse. Depending on your relationship with the child and their age, you can choose whether or not you want them to know about your monitoring activity.

At a certain age, children are not aware of the risky material that can be found on the internet. Some monitoring apps allow you to limit the number and type of applications they can use, and also control the type of content they use.

Installing monitoring apps comes also with certain dangers. These apps are not always used by parents. Cases have been recorded when an abuser wanted to secretly track the movement of the victim. So, as much as they contribute to safety, they can also put your children at risk.

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There were also some speculations on how all these mobile apps increase your vulnerability to hackers. Carefully reading through the privacy policy, in this case, is a must.
Different companies also can take advantage of these apps. Using them to analyze your families’ habits and collect your personal information is a violation of privacy as well.

When it comes to controlling your children, it is also very important to think about how far are you willing to go. For sure knowing where your child is giving you a sense of ease but is it worth it if it also contributes to the permanent damage of your relationship?
Isn’t it better to invest in teaching your child how to recognize dangers and threats themselves? How to solve problems independently and know who to turn to when problems occur?

Whether you want to use android monitoring apps for work or parenting, these pros and cons will hopefully help you find a balance and decide how useful they can be for you.