Handy Guide To Every Stylish Hat Options For Men And Women

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Celebrities and fashion influencers state that hats are an extremely crucial accessory. Hats are eternally stylish accessories not just for women but even men. Besides looking great, it is practical to wear one for protection from winds, stay dry or sheltered from the UV rays. Hats even complete any classy, eclectic, or casual ensemble in an inspired and simple way.

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A handy guide to every stylish hat option

For men

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The felt-firm brimmed hat was a gangster choice in the 1920s to 1950s and has evolved into a hipster stable in 2000. Today, fedora hats are a trend and a great addition to every wardrobe. You can buy them in different colors and sizes but stick to medium widths and neutral tones.


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It resembles fedora but is different. The hat has a tall crown and small brim. It is a statement piece made from straw or tweed.

Panama hat

It looks ideal when paired with a white linen shirt and beach backdrop. The Panama hat is designed from plaited leaves and is a great option to be worn at tropical and seaside destinations.


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It is an iconic British-style accessory, Charlie Chaplin wore. It is a felt hat with a narrow brim and is also called a derby. Never wear it casually but try it with tailored pants, double-breasted suits, or vintage corvette.


Snapback is a 90s style baseball cap, which became famous with Yankee fans. Today, it is worn as a fashion statement by cap fans, fashionistas, bowlers, and cook kids. It has an adjustable fastener on the neck side for a relaxed fit.

Dad hat

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Dad hats shriek laid-back style. The hats are designed from cotton or canvas with little curved brim. It has an adjustable strap back closure. It looks great on the sports ensemble.


It is just like the flat cap used in 19th-century schools. The full, round caps have a button on top and panels attaching the hat to the brim.

Flat cap

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Flat caps originate from humble roots. Farmers and chimney sweepers wore flat caps. Cotton, tweed, and wool material are used to design this stylish headwear. These stiff and round caps with a brim are lined for extra comfort and warmth. It adds a charming touch to casual clothing.


Beanies are a nifty knitted accessory, which keeps your head warm. They are designed in plenty of styles ranging from chunky winter woollies to sophisticated sleek pieces.

Bucket hat

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The bucket hat features a wide and downward sloping brim that looks like an inverted bucket. Denim and canvas or tweed are used to design bucket hats. It is popular as a street style and creates an easy-going city look.

Western hat

It is also popular as a Cowboy hat. It has a wide brim and a distinct high crown. The mid-19th century’s Western movies popularized Cowboy hats. People at the ranch still wear it. The modern twist of cowboy hats includes bows and buckles. It is designed from leather, felt, and wool.

Pork pie

Pork pie was popular in the 19th century on the Breaking Bad TV show. The style features a cylindrical crown with a flat top pinched around the outer edge.

For women

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Pom Pom

It is a winter-style, close-fitting knitted cap. Pom looks like a beanie but has a fuzzy pom pom on the crown.

Classic Fedora

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Today, stylish women wear a Fedora to make a poised style statement. This elegant style looks great with jeans, jumpsuits, or trousers.

Safari hat

It is a wide brim Fedora and the trendiest accessory. Its crown is medium to high with a visible dent in the center. Heavy fabric like felt or wool is used, so makes a great option to wear in winter.

Fur pillbox hat

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It is sophisticated and high fashion headwear for winter. It has a soft furry shape that flatters every face.

Trapper hat

Women living in an extremely cold region can adorn this stylish outdoor hat designed from leather or suede or shearling. Trapper hats can be worn in winter while skating in the rink or at the forest hiking tours.

Military hat

It is also popular as a cadet hat or peaked hat. The design is inspired by military dudes, pilots, and ship captains. It has a soft top and is flattish with a thick fabric band around the crown’s base. It has a short bill.


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Beret is a soft head-hugging hat made from cotton or wool. It is close-fitting, rimless headwear that will not distract your sophisticated outfit. It blends well with all kinds of outfits.

Floppy hat

Wide-brimmed hat suitable for a beach vacation or in summer. It offers a Bohemian vibe and can go well with every natural fabric outfit.

You can even adorn it with a bathing suit or at the derby rocking on heels. The wide brim offers protection from the sun and the material used is straw.


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The small and elaborate ornate headwear was seen delicately styled on the heads of England’s Royal family. Fascinators are a hat without a crown or brim and decorated with feathers, flowers or beads. It coordinates the outfit of the wearer.

Visor hat

It was made to use in sports but is seen at sports events and beaches. It shields the eyes and face from sun glare. It is a crownless hat consisting of a brim or visor with a strap encircling the head. Heat gets evaporated fast from the head top, which is crucial in high cardio sports.

Derby hats

The derby hat has wide yet dramatic brims with fun colors. The hat is made from polyester or straw depending on style.

Cowgirl hat

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Western-inspired cowgirl hat is fashionable. Wear it in style with jeans and a flannel shirt. You can even pair it with a cashmere sweater and fur vests for the dressier look.