How To Do a Full-Body Detox


For several reasons, people detox their bodies, whether for their health and wellness or for passing a drug test at work. Cleanses and detoxification methods can rid the body of unnecessary waste, leaving you with a clean and toxin-free system.

If you are wondering how to do a full body detox, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover the detoxification process and introduce you to some excellent products that make the process quick and easy.

What is a Detox?

The body undergoes natural detoxification – a process that occurs every day without you taking much notice. Going to the bathroom is the most recognizable detox process-we eat, and what our bodies don’t use is expelled. The immune system, lymphatic system, and hundreds of other biological functions also help cleanse free radicals and toxins, preventing buildup in the body.

Toxins are everywhere: in our food, in the products we use, and in the environment. No matter how ‘clean’ you eat, there is no way to avoid toxins entirely, and not all are necessarily bad. Beneficial compounds – like THC – may also be classified as toxins.


Sugars, processed foods, tobacco products, cannabis, bath and beauty products, and even pharmaceuticals contain toxins that can accumulate in the body. In some cases, this can damage your health, while some toxins may have no noticeable effects. No matter how the toxins affect you, doing a detox can give you a fresh start, improve your health, or make it through an event like a drug test.

A detox involves flushing toxins from your body by accelerating your body’s natural cleansing process. Naturally, our bodies don’t have enough energy to prevent all toxins from remaining in our system. Therefore, a responsible detox is beneficial to expelling all toxins. Detoxing can help you feel better, get more energy, and eliminate long-lasting compounds like THC from your system.

Detox Timeline

The time it takes to detox can vary depending on what you are detoxing from. Here is a roughly estimated timeline of the time it takes to detox from common toxins naturally, without the assistance of detox products.


Detox begins 6 hours after the last drink and can last up to 5 days. While some people may be able to pass a drug test screening for alcohol in as little as 48 hours, most modern tests can detect alcohol up to 80 hours previous.



Detox begins within 24 hours of the last consumption and can last up to three weeks. On average, a THC detox takes about three weeks if you need to pass a drug test, though heavy users may require upwards of 30 or even 90 days.


Detox begins 12-24 hours after the last cup of coffee and can last up to nine days.


Detox begins within 12 hours of the last dose (i.e. cigarette) and can last up to 72 hours. While nicotine is typically not detectable after 72 hours of detox, some individuals may experience withdrawal symptoms for months.



Detoxing from sugar typically takes around 5-7 days. Many individuals exploring a ketogenic diet find that it takes upwards of a week to fully metabolize and eliminate enough added sugars to enter ketosis.

How to Detox Your Body

Ready to start the process of detoxing your body? Detoxifying the body naturally means eating healthy foods in a healthy, moderate way. What it means? This means accepting the fact that detoxification as such is a process, not an instant, ad hoc action. You cannot turn your body in such a way that it regenerates completely after a short period of time. It has been medically proven that it takes about a year when old cells must be regenerated with new ones, and the same amount is needed for the complete detoxification of the organism (when the toxins contained in the tissues must be eliminated).


The so-called instant detoxification is very necessary in case of sudden poisoning due to some unforeseen situations. There must be moderation in any type of detoxification. To start reducing the level of toxins in your body, the first and most important thing is to eliminate fast food from the menu, full of carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, pasta made from white flour, as well as all those foods that contain artificial additives. In addition, you must not consume coffee or tobacco products. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process. Here are the basics of how to pass a drug test or give your body a refresh with a healthy detox:

Remove Toxin Consumption

The first thing to do when starting a detox is to stop consuming the toxin. If you are detoxing from sugar, stop eating foods with added sugar like candy, processed snack foods, etc. If you are detoxing from cannabis, stop smoking ASAP to give your body a break from the toxins.



The food you eat can impact your body’s ability to process toxins since certain foods are an essential source of vital antioxidants. Adding antioxidant-rich foods like artichokes, blueberries, and kale to your diet can accelerate the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. Additionally, it is important to avoid heavily processed foods since they contain many toxins like chemicals found in artificial dyes and sweeteners, sugars, etc.


Water is one of the essential ingredients for human health, so it shouldn’t be surprising to know that you’ll want to stay hydrated while detoxing. Drinking lots of water helps support proper liver and kidney function and allows you to stay energized and comfortable while your body works to remove toxic buildup. If water isn’t your thing, you can try making your homemade detox drinks that help increase cleansing while keeping you hydrated.


Detox Kits

If you want or need to accelerate your detox process, try using a detox kit! The kit even includes home-drug-test kits so you can screen yourself before the big day. Need to detox even faster? Try same-day detox drinks that will have you ready for anything in as little as 60 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Doing a full body detox doesn’t have to be a long, tedious, painful process – it can be quick and easy! Whether you need a reset, want to improve your health, or need to pass an upcoming drug test, there are easy solutions that can help you on the path to success. Detox kits make cleansing so efficient, you’ll be able to eliminate toxins without making major, long-term lifestyle changes.