How To Choose The Best VoIP Provider In Canada – In 2024


We cannot deny the fact that VoIP is now becoming one of the best telephone systems in the entire business industry. This is simply because of the considerable amount of money you can save when using this type of telephone system for your business instead of the traditional PBX telephone system. But now, the number of telephone companies that offer a VoIP telephone system is multiplying and is now becoming a dilemma for companies and small businesses.

VoIP providers such as B1 Communications, one of the best VoIP providers, now have a lot of competition, which is why choosing the right VoIP provider is not as easy as it was before. There are many factors to consider and unique features to watch out for, unlike before when there were only a few providers offering the same VoIP telephone system.

If you happen to have a business located in Canada, knowing that many VoIP providers provide specific services, you need to be knowledgeable on how to choose the best one. Here are some tips on how you can select the best VoIP provider for your business in Canada to help you with that.


1. Look for frequently asked questions

In choosing the best VoIP provider for your business, you first need to know the most frequently asked questions from various VoIP system companies. It is essential to understand how the VoIP system works so that you won’t be easily tricked by providers taking advantage of the highly advanced telephone system. Here are some FAQ and their answers to give you a heads up:

Are there different types of VoIP providers?

Yes, there are 2 different kinds of VoIP providers. The first type of providers is those that offer phone-based services. If your company relies on cell phones and telephones too much, you should consider hiring this type of provider.

The other type provides computer-based services like Skype. Both of them have distinct phone plans specifically created to meet various requirements from each of their clients. But since almost all the computer-based services have a limit to their subscriber base and you cannot call other phones that don’t subscribe to the same service as yours, it is highly recommended by others to choose the other type, which is the phone-based plans.


Do I have to be an expert on computers before getting a VoIP provider?

The answer would be no. Even if you want computer-based VoIP services, knowing the basics of running a computer would be enough to set up the computer-based VoIP. The same goes for phone-based VoIP services, and you don’t need to be an expert on computers to get the system running.

What other equipment do I need to prepare?

You don’t need a lot of equipment if you go for a VoIP system, unlike the traditional PBX telephone system, where you need many telephone wires and many more. With the VoIP system, the most essential equipment you must have is broadband capable of having high-speed internet. You can either have a cable modem or a Local Area Network (LAN).

If you want to make calls to the regular phone to contact someone not included in your company, you will need to contact your VoIP provider. They will then give you an adapter and plug it into your internet connection and connect it to your regular analog phone. That adapter should allow you to make phone calls using your VoIP phone to any analog phone.


Where do I start?

List down all the VoIP plans available near your area. From that list, determine which of their plans will satisfy your needs and are suitable for your company. For example, your business is located in Canada. You should go to the internet and search for VoIP providers capable of catering to your needs.

2. Determine the service that you need

On the last question stated above, it made mention to determine what kind of service you are looking for. It is also essential to consider your payment or how much you want to pay for a month. The standard VoIP service subscription goes around $10-$20 per month.

Compared to the traditional PBX telephone system, where the price ranges from approximately $20-$40, as you can see, you can save much more if you subscribe to a VoIP service. The VoIP also comes with various unique features like 3-way calling, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, which is allowed to be used for free.

Other providers offer more advanced features such as enhanced voicemail, wherein you can check messages on your phone, email, or web browser.

If your company also caters to international calls, there are VoIP providers that provide free minute calls to the countries you often call.


3. Make inquiries to all the VoIP providers near your area

The more VoIP provider you list, the more options you have for you to choose. Don’t settle for a good VoIP provider. Make sure to select the one that is suitable for your company. Try to look at their client’s reviews and comments as well.

That way, you would know if that VoIP provider performs well or not. But make sure that you only go for critical opinions and avoid subjective ones. There might be some feelings involved in the comments from other clients. Instead, look for reviews about their customer service, reliability, accessibility, price, and many more.

4. If you already have a VoIP provider in mind, try to read their terms and conditions

If you already have the winning VoIP provider, go directly to their website and read their terms and conditions to be aware of their statements. This will complete your journey in choosing the best VoIP provider for your business in Canada.

If you have other personal factors to consider, you can add them to the list above. You don’t need to rush in choosing the best VoIP provider for your company. Take it slow and make sure to select the provider that can help improve your company until it reaches the top.