Facts & Biggest Myths About Couples Who Use Sex Toys

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We can notice that modern technologies are affecting the sex industry as well. While some well-known toys like various stimulants for a long time, the implementation of modern technology has brought us some even better devices with advanced features. In recent years, the most popular products are sex dolls, and we can find all sorts of them in a wide price range.

On the other side, there is still a taboo related to this topic, and many people prefer talking about using sex toys, especially with partners. Most people prefer staying anonymous when it comes to this, and some of them might even try to hide that from their partners. However, many studies confirm how adding some equipment to the bedroom can make the relationship much better, especially when it comes to intimacy. If you are interested in buying lubricants, visit Lovify. Also, we are going to introduce you to some common myths and facts related to couples who are using sex toys.

It is Not Only For Singles

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One of the most common misconceptions is that only singles should enjoy using any of these devices. There are indeed many of them who are especially targeting singles, but couples can have many advantages of implementing this equipment. The pleasure can be improved, you can explore more, and that can improve the bond and overall relationship. However, you should always speak with your partner about the proper selection. There are different products available, and you can start with those for beginners. The easiest way is to buy ones according to your and your partner’s preferences.

It is A Sign of Issues in Relationship

Another myth is related to the common belief that buying additional equipment might mean that you are not satisfied with your partner. That is especially the case with men, who think how they are not able to satisfy a woman. However, the fact is that over 60% of women are not able to have the same pleasure every time, and adding a vibrator or some other stimulant might help them to become more satisfied in the bedroom. Men should know that it doesn’t have anything with their abilities and that it is more related to nature. In that matter, it is crucial to speak to your partner and be honest about the reasons why you are interested in buying these toys.

It Can Negatively Affect the Feeling

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Even though there is not any scientific proves how stimulants could affect the level of feeling during sex, a lot of people think that there is a connection between them and less interest in women having sex. This is just another myth, and if your partner suggests you buy a sex toy, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. People should be more open about these things and try to have more fun. That will have a positive effect on every other aspect of the relationship as well.

People Will Become Less Interested In Sex

This is completely untrue, and we are aware of the fact that some people believe in that. If you are more interested in the traditional way, then you should tell your partner how you are not interested in any experiments that include sex toys. However, you can still try lubricant and see how it can help people to feel more pleasure and last for longer in bed. On the other side, there are indeed many toys that are targeting singles, but that doesn’t mean those people will become less interested in meeting new people.

The main reason might be that they are alone at the moment, or they are having some other issues. For example, there are many benefits of using sex dolls, especially for a man with a lack of experience who might feel insecure. Also, there are people with social anxiety, who find it much more difficult to meet new people. There is nothing wrong with feeling more satisfied.

People Are Hiding These Toys

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The main reason why many people choose to hide their intimate equipment is that they are aware of popular myths surrounding them. Unfortunately, this is a common habit, and the main downside is the reaction that your partner can have after it finds out that you were using it for a long time without telling. In that case, another person can think that there is something wrong with each other. We already mentioned that it is very important to have a proper conversation and be honest with your partner about your desires and what can you include to improve the satisfaction of both, and feel more excited.


The main issue around this topic is that a lot of people are still having trouble with being more honest when it comes to their desires in the bedroom. There is always a fear about being judged and not accepted with your special requests. However, if yours is not interested in accepting some of your preferences and desires, that might be related to the fear that he is not able to satisfy you, and that it is the main reason why you want these toys. People should get more education about this subject. It is becoming more popular for partners to visit group therapies, which are excellent methods to deal with various issues and find the best way to improve the relationship.

As you see, the conversation is the basis of a healthy relationship, and if you are interested in finding a way to improve any aspect of it, it will require both of you to strive for the same goal. The same is when it comes to intimacy, where people might easily feel embarrassed and with their ego lowered if you decide to go for some things without their knowledge. If you pay enough attention to the desires of your partner, you can be able to make a great surprise by buying a proper sex toy. The great thing is that we can find all sorts of products today for both men and women. Keep in mind that the main point is the satisfaction of both people, and you won’t make a mistake with your choice