3 Dos And Don’ts Of Using Sex Toys Regularly

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The sex toy industry is very big. It is so big that most of us can’t or have a hard time grasping just how much people love sex toys or how much of them use sex toys in their day-to-day lives.

Despite the sex industry being this big and offering almost anything for everyone, there are a few things that we as a society fall behind. One of those things is being judgeless to someone that uses sex toys.

We often avoid those topics or avoid being open about who we are in our sex life and what we love and don’t just because our collective mindset hasn’t grown to the level of where these kinds of things should be perceived as normal and OK.

There is another thing, besides the one we just told you about, and it regards the dos and don’ts of using sex toys. Most of us are weary ad safe with these things but there is plenty of individuals out there that don’t mind some things when it comes to this topic.

Personal satisfaction is different for everyone and it can sometimes make us irrational at what we do and what we use to achieve it. This is the reason behind the article today and we will try to point out some of the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to the usage of sex toys.

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Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand and let’s divide it accordingly. Since I love to end things with a positive note we will start with:


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1. Cheap out

Now since most of us are looking for quality time with sex toys, more than half of those do not have a big budget when it comes to buying these things. That is the reason why people decide to go with the cheapest options just to introduce themselves to this pleasure highway.

This is a big No-No and we will tell you why you should avoid it. If you go with the cheapest sex toy out there the odds are pretty big that your first experience will be bad and that you probably won’t try anything again.

This is a big loss for you and going on a budget sex toy meaning that you will save some money isn’t the way to go. We are not recommending the most expensive ones either.

But for a beginner, you should find a middle ground as far as price goes and ensure that you will have a good experience and a good time. From there you are on your own.

2. Dimensions

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No matter how much you can endure and what you can endure, sex toys are there to please you most beautifully. Thinking that too big or too small will bring you the same feeling shouldn’t cross your mind.

When buying sex toys width and size is everything and if you tend to ignore those chances are you will have another bad experience. Start with something you know you are comfortable with and from there increase or decrease.

3. Not everything is a sex toy

Shy ones out there, that are socially pressed to hide and to shop for these things online without advice or in some questionable establishments, and those that won’t buy a sex toy for the life of them are usually those that think that every object can be a sex toy. If it is pointy and long, why not?! If it is round and hollow, why not?! NO! Stop this immediately.

If anything can be safely used as a sex toy then these guys that make them would go out of business. Things that can be found around the house, that resemble a penis or a vagina will not please you and can potentially injure you.

Think about that for a while before you decide that the hairbrush handle looks good enough.


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1. Material

When buying your first toy pay attention to the material it is made of. It is really important for you, as a future sex toy user, that your first experience passes smoothly. This is where the material your new sex toy is made outcomes into place.

You need to know that rubber and plastic toys are cheaper but are more prone to bacteria and if they are not properly taken care of.

The glass and silicone toys are a bit safer but they do cost a bit more. They also have to be taken care of properly but are a bit less of a breeding ground for bacteria. For the biggest and probably the safest pleasure you can go with glass toys since they are easy to maintain and they have one cool factor – they can either be heated or cooled to produce some cool sensations but you have to be careful with that as well.

Read the reviews and make sure you get the best on the market. You can read more about reviews and different products on the market.

2. Maintenance

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Since these toys are what touches the outside and inside of your most intimate places the best way to keep them safe is through proper care and maintenance.

Every toy you buy will have a set of instructions that will tell you about the maintenance, disinfection and washing ways that will guarantee you longevity and health.

Read those instructions carefully and if you can’t find what interests you then the internet is also a good source of info. Find forums that have experienced users that are willing to help out newbies and explain what it means to maintain your sex toy.

3. Lube

Now since most of you are just starting with sex toys you will get a bit nervous and maybe weary. This is normal and nothing to be afraid of, but this does make some processes in your body stop completely or come to the party late. We refer to your bodily fluids that should keep everything smooth and nice.

If you are experiencing those issues a lubricant is always the answer. Even if you don’t have a problem of this sort, lubricant is also advised just in case. Your skin and your private parts need to adjust to the materials of your sex toys and the lubricant is there to help that process run smoothly.