The Truth About Teeth Whitening: Separating Myths From Facts


Who doesn’t want a sparkling smile by flaunting their white teeth? A good smile not only looks appealing but also helps in boosting your self-confidence. That is why teeth whitening procedures have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. But there are several myths and facts related to this treatment.

There is so much information on the Internet nowadays that it is very tough for a patient to know what is true. This article will help you understand the facts and know the truth by bursting some of the famous myths about teeth whitening. Let’s dive into it right away.

At-home remedies for teeth whitening are effective:

Often, people come across many home remedies on the Internet. Some can effectively clean and whiten teeth, but the results will only last a while. You must take a professional teeth whitening treatment if you want a permanent solution. Dentists know what will be best for you. They have spent years gaining this knowledge and performing such treatments on their patients. Therefore, you should not waste time and energy trying these temporary home remedies.

Dentists know advanced techniques. They usually use a solution based on carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for this procedure. They use UV light to activate the solution applied to the patient’s teeth. Doing this will give you shinier and whiter teeth, which is impossible by any common home remedy.

Coconut oil can help in teeth whitening:


Coconut oil has a lot of benefits, including moisturizing your hair, body and face. Many people also use it for cooking because it is considered healthier than many other available oils. Due to its various health claims, many people have been using it for whitening their teeth. The method used for this purpose is known as “oil pulling”.

Oil pulling is an ancient practice for cleaning the mouth. It is done by swishing coconut oil into your mouth to reduce bacteria and improve oral hygiene. However, there is no scientific proof that claims that the oil-pulling method using coconut oil can whiten your teeth. So, it is considered a myth only.

Not allowed to drink wine or coffee post-treatment:

Many patients are scared because dentists advise them not to have any beverage or food that can cause stains on their teeth after the treatment. But you should know that this is only for a short period, not permanent. You must avoid certain food and beverages like wine or coffee for a few days after the procedure. It is because the pores of your teeth remain open while the chemical reaction takes place for a few days post-treatment.

Once your mouth has healed completely, you can enjoy your favorite food and beverages. But before doing so, always take advice from your dentist.

Teeth whitening is painful:


Many people fear getting this treatment because they think it will be painful. But the truth is these procedures do not cause any pain to the patient. However, you can experience little discomfort during the procedure. At-home whitening kits are more painful than professional teeth whitening treatment, especially when you have yet to use the kit as per the instructions. These kits can also cause irritation and sensitivity.

Teeth-whitening can cause sensitivity and makes your teeth weak:

Like many other medical treatments, teeth whitening has various potential risks, mainly gum irritation, sensitivity, and nerve damage. But if you choose an experienced dentist to perform this procedure for you, then you can minimize the chances of these risks. Ensure that your dentist uses the latest technologies that cause little to no risk to your mouth. Professionals also ensure that the whitening bleach does not touch your gums, which can be very irritating.

Advantages of Professional Teeth-whitening Treatment


Helps in boosting self-confidence:

Do you know the power of your smile? Well, the biggest power of your smile is boosting your self-confidence. Many people with discolored teeth need more confidence. They don’t even like to flaunt their smile. But with this professional treatment’s help, you can regain your self-confidence. You won’t feel shy or discomfort while smiling after this amazing procedure from a licensed dentist.

Long-lasting results:

At-home whitening remedies cannot provide long-lasting results, but a professional treatment done by an experienced dentist can provide you with long-term results. Dentists know of advanced technologies. They know what would be best for you. Professional teeth whitening procedures can provide you with reliable and fast results. Your dentists will even provide you with tips you can use to take care of your teeth at home after the procedure.

Reduce the risk of sensitivity:

Tooth sensitivity can be problematic, especially when you truly want to enjoy your favorite food. Like other medical procedures, teeth whitening involves some risks, including sensitivity. But when you get this treatment done by a licensed dentist, you can reduce the risk of sensitivity. Experienced dentists know what should be the concentration of the bleach that they apply to your mouth. They ensure the bleach does not come in contact with your gums, which can irritate them.


Sometimes people purchase at-home whitening kits but still determine whether they will get any results. However, Professional teeth whitening treatments are reliable and will provide long-lasting results. An experienced dentist takes all the responsibility to give you a good smile. The expert will also make sure not to cause any harm to your mouth.

To Sum Up


Teeth whitening treatments have become popular these days. Everyone wants to get a sparkling smile. But before you get misled by the information available on the Internet, addressing the myths mentioned above and facts about this treatment is advised.

Some myths include that at-home remedies are effective; you cannot have coffee or wine even after the treatment, and the procedure is painful and causes sensitivity. You can also check the advantages of this professional procedure to know what you are missing.