Movies to Watch This Father’s Day

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There’s no such thing as saying “I love you” too many times. Whenever you say it, even if it’s for the hundredth time that day, it’s sure to put a smile and light up the face of your loved ones. It’s sad to see then that in our fast-paced life we often forget to say these three magical words. What’s worse though is that we fail to show our love through actions. However, it’s never late to get it right. This Father’s Day, tell your father you love them and make it a point to show them your love as well.

This year, as you’re trapped inside your homes, don’t worry about giving them the material testaments of your love. Spend some quality time with them and take this opportunity to strengthen the bond you share. Wondering how you can do that? Well, watching a good movie together is a great way to go and given the multitude of movies they have out there showcasing parental love, we’d say you have a big selection to choose from. Here are some of the big hits which we think you’ll enjoy.

Mrs. Doubtfire

When the divorce is finalized, a loving father, played by Robin Williams, finds himself missing his kids. With custody restrictions in place, he comes up with an ingenious plan to spend more time with them. Using the power of makeup and a costume, he transforms himself into an elderly lady and applies for a job as their nanny. He gets to visit his kids every day and spends quality time with them. All is going well, that is until the nanny and the father are both invited to a family dinner. This classic is as much fun today to watch as it was when it first released. We think both you and your father will find yourselves quite entertained with this throwback to the old days.

Father of the Bride

Fathers are our heroes, ones we look up to. So when a daughter is increasingly spending more and more time with her fiancé prior to their nuptials, a father is expectedly more than a little miffed. For this overprotective dad, giving away his daughter at her wedding proves challenging. He struggles with jealousy and goes through a roller coaster of emotions as he comes to the realization that his daughter is not a little girl anymore and must set out to start her own family. This father-daughter duo will bring tears to your eyes while making you simultaneously laugh.

Mr. Mom

While stay-at-home mom is the norm, a stay-at-home dad still raises quite a few eyebrows even today. This movie challenges gender stereotypes and makes it palatable with comedy. Released in 1983, it is still as relevant today. Perhaps even more so if your father had to take this role; you’ll find it even more interesting. Either way, it’s funny and will make you laugh.

The story revolves around Jack who loses his engineering job and takes up the job of managing the home and caring for his three children while his wife returns to the workforce. As he spends more and more time with the daily house chores he finds a new appreciation of the job and his family.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This heart-warming drama tells the story of a struggling single father who is trying his best to provide for his child even as he works an unpaid internship for better future prospects. Looking for a place to sleep each night and place to get a free meal at, each day is a struggle for Will Smith. This is sure to give you a greater sense of understanding of all that the father has done for you and the renewed appreciation is sure to bring you all closer.

The Godfather

The soft mushy stuff is a great watch no doubt, but if you’re more into action and drama then The Godfather will make for a more interesting watch. We’re sure your father will be thrilled at the prospect of watching this classic and who wouldn’t be? No matter how many times you watch this movie, it doesn’t fail to entertain. This movie delves into the troubles that come with involvement in the family business especially if it’s the Mafia. This cult classic will have you hooked to the screen so make sure to grab popcorn and drinks before you press play.


This movie features the saddest dad in town. When Taken’s Liam Neeson’s daughter is abducted during her Parisian vacation to be sold in a sex trafficking ring, this retired government official reenters the arena. Using his ‘very particular set of skills’ he sets out to track down the abductors and find his daughter. This action-filled movie makes for a great watch and if you want more, you can always turn the movie night into a movie marathon and watch Taken 2 and 3 as well.


Here is a superhero flick to watch with your dad, the superhero in your life. This moving story is about former X-Men member Wolverine aka Logan who reluctantly takes on the role of a father to Laura, a product of experiments to clone Logan himself. This movie gives you all the action and adventure you’d expect from the franchise and more. As you watch Logan fight and navigate his way through the politics of it all, you’ll fall in love with him and gain an appreciation of what it means to be a father.

Final Words

Here you go, we’re sure you’ll find each of these interesting to watch with your old man. Just make sure though you have a great internet connection or a great channel lineup to watch these movies. The On-Demand libraries are sure to house these great films and if not you can always stream them. If you’re subscribed to providers like Cox, you won’t have any trouble at all. So, go ahead make this Father’s Day the most special yet.