Top 8 Myths and Misconceptions about Online Casinos


Misconceptions and myths go hand in hand with online casinos. People have it in their nature to spread rumors, and they’ve been doing this about online gambling for years now. Most of them do not hold water to the real state of affairs, and we are here to debunk some of them. It won’t be easy as they are circling the Internet for years, and as you know, nothing really ever dies on the net.

The first few years have been hard for online casinos for many reasons, including what we’re going to discuss in this article. Thankfully, in the past, many people have found reason within themselves not to trust everything they hear. If you are not one of them, have the patience to go through the top 4 myths and misconceptions about online casinos with us. It won’t be worthwhile, and you’ll learn a thing or two in the process.

1. The Online Casinos Are Fixed

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This myth has been around since the inception of online casinos. It was created and spread by people who haven’t managed to win anything straight away and walked away from the game. Bad luck can happen in any casino, and streak without a win doesn’t mean that it is fixed. Players who lose much in one go and are unable to reclaim what’s lost, succumb to their emotions, and do not blame themselves but the casino. But, if they have believed in this myth from the start, they wouldn’t have started gambling online, wouldn’t they?

The truth is that all casinos have a slight advantage over those who play. This story is nothing new; it’s common knowledge. Casinos make money from their players, as some win and some lose, but the house always wins. There’s no need for a fix of any kind. Casinos with a good reputation attract more players and make more profit, so it’s in their interest not to rig games against players.

Furthermore, in this time and age, it’s not possible to get away with cheating. In a case of a foul play by a casino, they risk receiving a penalty or, in a worst-case scenario, being completely shut down. If you plan on starting a game in an online casino, be sure to make a deposit bonus at Casinokokemus, as they have a good reputation, and are praised by players.

2. Online Gambling Allows Underage Players

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For those people who work in the sphere of monitoring online casinos, underage gambling is one of the most significant issues. When first online casinos were launched, the fear was that underage gambling wouldn’t be stopped. Unlike in real casinos where a minor player has slim chances of entering and playing, while theoretically, this is possible in an online casino.

While it’s easy to believe in this, it is far from the truth. All online casinos ask their players for IDs and credit cards and bank accounts as a mean of deposit the money into their gambling account. Yes, a minor could pull a little scam, and register with an ID of one of the parents, but it would be hard to get a bank account and deposit money without any parent noticing it. Cases as this one are sporadic in the world of online casinos.

On the other hand, legal age players are annoyed by the amount of documentation needed to become an online player. But, it’s all with the purpose of protecting both the house and its guests. Even if there’s a case of an underage player who used parent’s ID and bank account, more blame lies on the hands of parents than on casino owners.

3. Online Casinos Aren’t Secure

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People tend to believe that it is safer to gamble at a ground casino than on an online one. The reason for this is in the human brain that sometimes doesn’t trust if it doesn’t see it. Many people don’t consider the Internet trustworthy, as they feel something they can touch and feel is more secure.

But, just because you do not understand how the Internet works, it doesn’t mean it’s not safe. The same goes for gambling websites. In the case of online casinos, we can claim that they are more reliable than their concrete counterparts in particular ways. Companies that run online casinos put a lot of effort into safety and security. Their platforms come encrypted with the intention to protect both the players and the house.

Depending on the country in which they are based in, some casinos even have government backing. Furthermore, they are also under the state’s surveillance to ensure safe betting for everyone involved. Everyone works in order to have fair play present, and online casinos lead the race in this department.

4. Online Casinos Create More Addiction

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Gambling can become addictive. If you try it, then you know it. Gambling addiction is a serious matter, and in severe cases, it needs immediate treatment. This issue is something that online casinos take seriously and tend not to ignore. In the latest months and years, casinos follow a trend to work on policies that would ensure that a player who’s suspected of becoming addicted gets adequate counsel and help on their platform.

While most people believe they are not addicted, or if they are, they can tackle it alone, this is not the truth. Online gambling doesn’t bring a particular type of addiction, but it can become an issue as to any other vice. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, online gambling is in all ways similar to regular one, and it doesn’t bring more addiction. But, as we said, it’s there, and you should take good care of yourself and your playing mindset and look not to get addicted.

5. Online gambling tends to be more addictive in comparison to living to gamble

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The games tend to be easier while players play online rather than offline, the statement that casinos online happen to be more addictive in comparison to a live casino is another myth. A player can find more games and casinos for playing online. Nonetheless, in live casinos, players don’t require providing their information and so, there isn’t any way of trailing their play. The online casinos can be highly proactive when the matter comes to putting control on problem gambling.

6. A person can win during specific hours only

This is one of the several weird rumors that have spread on the internet that players remain capable of winning money in an online casino during specific hours only. Someone must have started this rumor but it is entirely false. Until and unless a casino game is particularly set up in this manner, this claim is false. Any casino game that people play in the online casinos would have crystal clear rules that indicate the amount of money they can win. Online casino games, like Pussy888thai, aren’t ever governed by any peak hour.

Numerous offline casinos maintain some peak hour rules that influence the amount of money that players can win. These rules remain clear to everyone and they aren’t a secret. An online casino doesn’t operate similarly to a brick-and-mortar casino and a large part of it comprises the RNGs. The opportunities of winning online games are entirely random and the number that the RNGs generate is viewed as the only factor that determines whether players will win or not.

7. Casino bonuses cannot win

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One of the significant marketing processes of an online casino is giving huge bonuses to players and these bonuses provide players a golden opportunity to win some money that the casino provides. Casinos provide these bonuses as an incentive to the players so that they can attempt these casinos. Consumers remain cynical of this process and tend to assume that as the bonus money isn’t earned, there isn’t a method in which they can win this money. The reality is a person can win some real money along with these bonuses but he must be aware of his doings and become a little lucky too. The remarkable thing is bonuses work similarly to other payments that people utilize in the online casinos.

8. An online slot is boring

Numerous people hold the opinion that slots tend to be boring in comparison to various other options that the online casinos offer, like blackjack and poker. Nonetheless, though slots do not involve other players, they aren’t boring. People who play slots find them to be highly entertaining and fun. They have become all the more thrilling because of their graphics and advanced real money factors. Today, countless slot games are targeted towards millennial audiences as the designers are aware that the audience loves video games very much. Hence, they end up designing their games similarly to video games. And so, they tend to be highly interactive. Again, this is also a misconception to assume that slots cater to other audiences only because slots are fun as other things in an online casino.


As you can see, the Internet is full of stories, and some of them survive despite not being loyal to the truth. After reading this article, we are hoping that you’ll change your look at online gambling. It would be best if you did this, as it’s nothing as these misconceptions would like you to believe.