5 Peacock TV Movies That Are Worth Watching

Source: techradar.com

With the proliferation of streaming platforms, finding the perfect movie to watch can be a daunting task. One platform that’s been gaining popularity for its impressive movie collection is Peacock TV. From classics to modern hits, Peacock TV boasts a diverse library of films.

In this guest blog, we’ll take a closer look at five Peacock TV movies that are worth watching, offering a mix of genres and captivating storytelling.

1. “A Beautiful Mind” (2001)

Directed by Ron Howard, “A Beautiful Mind” is a biographical drama that tells the remarkable story of John Nash, a brilliant mathematician who struggles with schizophrenia. Russell Crowe delivers a breathtaking performance as Nash, earning him an Academy Award for Best Actor. The film not only explores the complexities of mental illness but also celebrates the triumph of the human spirit.

“A Beautiful Mind” is a cinematic masterpiece that combines powerful storytelling with exceptional acting. It’s a moving and thought-provoking movie that leaves a lasting impression, making it a must-watch on Peacock TV for those who appreciate compelling biographical dramas.

2. “Shawshank Redemption” (1994)

Based on Stephen King’s novella, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption,” this classic film directed by Frank Darabont is often regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. “Shawshank Redemption” follows the journey of Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, as he navigates life in Shawshank State Penitentiary after being wrongfully convicted of murder.

The film’s powerful themes of hope, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit resonate with audiences worldwide. Morgan Freeman’s narration adds depth to the storytelling, making it a timeless tale of redemption. “Shawshank Redemption” is a cinematic gem that you can enjoy on Peacock TV, and it’s an absolute must-see for any movie enthusiast.

3. “The Breakfast Club” (1985)

John Hughes’ iconic teen dramedy, “The Breakfast Club,” is a quintessential ’80s film that continues to captivate audiences of all generations. The story revolves around five high school students from different social cliques who spend a Saturday in detention together. As they bond and share their personal stories, they discover that they have more in common than they initially thought.

“The Breakfast Club” is a heartfelt exploration of teenage angst, identity, and the enduring power of friendship. The film’s memorable characters and poignant moments make it a must-watch, whether you’re reliving the ’80s or experiencing it for the first time on Peacock TV.

4. “Bridesmaids” (2011)

“Bridesmaids,” directed by Paul Feig and written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, is a hilarious comedy that offers a fresh take on the wedding genre. Kristen Wiig stars as Annie, a woman whose life unravels as she competes with her best friend’s other bridesmaids to prove herself as the maid of honor.

This laugh-out-loud comedy is not just about weddings; it delves into friendship, personal growth, and the challenges of adulthood. Melissa McCarthy’s scene-stealing performance earned her an Oscar nomination and solidified her as a comedy powerhouse. “Bridesmaids” is a feel-good movie that you can stream on Peacock TV, perfect for a night of laughter and entertainment.

5. “Jurassic Park” (1993)

Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” is a groundbreaking sci-fi adventure film that revolutionized the world of cinema with its groundbreaking special effects and thrilling storytelling. Based on Michael Crichton’s novel, the film takes viewers to a remote island where a billionaire has created a theme park with genetically engineered dinosaurs.

“Jurassic Park” is a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. The sense of wonder and terror it evokes as the dinosaurs come to life on screen remains unparalleled. If you’re a fan of action-packed adventures and breathtaking visuals, “Jurassic Park” is a must-watch on Peacock TV.


Peacock TV offers a diverse and impressive selection of movies that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The five movies mentioned above— “A Beautiful Mind,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Jurassic Park”—are just a glimpse into the platform’s vast movie library.

Whether you’re in the mood for a gripping drama, a heartwarming classic, a side-splitting comedy, or a thrilling adventure, Peacock TV has something to offer every movie enthusiast.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let Peacock TV transport you to a world of captivating storytelling and cinematic excellence. Although, if you are accessing Peacock TV from anywhere outside USA like if you are trying to watch Peacock TV in UK you will need a VPN. Not only UK but Australia, Europe, Germany, Canada and anywhere you will still need a VPN.