How To Gain More Subscribers On YouTube – A Beginner’s Guide


How to gain more subscribers on YouTube in large numbers and for free?

Successful bloggers can tell you how to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube. They have come this way and will tell a beginner the first steps to success. Behind the promotion of the vlog stands labor, a skillful approach to the matter. So it’s worth talking about regular video releases, design, optimization, working with the audience, and other secrets.

What influence subscribers have on YouTube

Many people don’t understand why we need subscriptions. After all, videos will be watched anyway. But active viewers are the engine of the account, a guarantee of its success and future profit. That’s why a blogger will have to gain an asset over time. But there is another option – to attract subscribers to YouTube channel through the website Lowcostsmm, in addition, there you will find low prices for views and likes to your videos.

Why it is important to know how to gain active subscribers on YouTube:

  • Uploaded information and so will see users. If asked by title. To gain views, you’ll have to advertise, promote. If you already have subscribers, the service will offer them videos. There will be guaranteed views.
  • A channel without an asset, a large number of views is not of interest to representatives of goods for advertising.
  • People are more likely to view bloggers who have a lot of visitors, an asset under the video. This is a “quality mark” of content.
  • If the blogger is interested in creating videos and stories, a large number of subscriptions will motivate him to develop.
  • After 100 subscribers there is an option to customize the channel URL. After the first 1000 is available AdSense connection. The button is given for 100000.
  • Viewers share the video, helping to gather even more people.

How Successful YouTube Bloggers Gained Subscribers

Successful bloggers are often asked about how to gain a lot of subscribers on YouTube. But authors rarely give away their secrets. Many started posting videos without regard to design, not yet knowing the rules of PR. All this came later. The main reason for the popularity of rich youtubers – they shoot interesting, focus on a specific audience. For example, Ivangay eventually gave up advertising. But this did not stop the growth of traffic to his account.

How to get the first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube


To get the first 1,000 active subscribers on YouTube, you need to learn a few rules. And there to 10,000 is not far away. Interesting content is important. But you can’t go far with it alone. What you need to do to get your first subscribers:

  • Make videos regularly, give a new portion to visitors. The main thing is that the quality does not suffer.
  • Be creative with your channel’s design. You may have to invest. But a large number of viewers will then help you get your money back.
  • Engage in page optimization.
  • Work with your audience, because these are live people who will be glad to “communicate”, they do not just watch the video.
  • Think about a splash screen at the end.
  • To do some unsubscribing.
  • Learn the theory of PR, move on to practice.
  • Turn to services to raise activity.

Regular content release

The regularity of content releases affects the growth of likes, views, and regular visitors. Those who start from scratch are torn between quantity and quality. Only an experienced or very talented youtuber can put out content regularly without making it worse.

Two years ago, it was enough to update content once a week. Optimal regularity – many bloggers today have settled on this option. In between issues, they work on new quality material. However, in 2019, that’s not enough to get to 1,000 subscriptions quickly from scratch. The laws of YouTube are changing. There are more top bloggers. Therefore, it is recommended to give information “in portions”, 2-3 videos in 7 days.

Entertainment and educational blogs have different requirements. If the information is light and entertaining, it makes more sense to upload videos every day. For those who focus on education, 2-3 uploads a week will be enough. Frequent reminders will help to increase activity.

Proper channel design


Visitors evaluate your YouTube channel first on design. After all, you still have to get to the video. The importance of the cover has been confirmed by research. Even from the simplest elements a blogger can create a stylish design.

What does the design consist of:

  • graphs;
  • references;
  • blocks;
  • elements on the main page.

Which will give a good design:

  • An opportunity to show individuality, to stand out among other bloggers.
  • Properly chosen cover art will help visitors understand the content of the video.
  • Increasing the recognizability of the blog.
  • Setting up the design directly affects the expansion of the audience.
  • It is the edited channel that can cooperate with affiliate programs.

How to create a design and increase popularity:

  • Download ready-made graphics. It can be edited to your liking. PSD-source code will help in this.
  • Download backgrounds, the desired graphics using Google Images. You have to learn to work with graphics editors.
  • Order work from a freelancer. This is an opportunity to make everything exactly as desired, but requires an investment.

Suitable tools are chosen from online editors, computer programs.



SEO-specialists are actively engaged in issues of optimization on the Internet. You can not just unload the text on the site. To Yandex or Google offered it to people in a search, you need to follow some rules. The material will be on the first search positions, if it has the optimum number of working key phrases, a low percentage of spam and “water”.

This law works in YouTube. First of all, pay attention to the title of the video. They should contain keywords and search queries. For example, content about the repair. Internet users enter “how to repair” into the search box, this phrase should appear in the description, titles. You can check how the query is formulated in the search engines in Yandex, Wordstat.

To get likes, views and increase your audience, you should take care of the description of the page and video. As well as leave appeals to subscribers. Requests for likes and distribution of material can be inserted in pop-up boxes right in the video.

Working with your audience

Those who actively work with their audience know how to make money from running a video blog. It’s a guarantee of a large number of likes and views. One-way game can’t last long. People come in, view playlists, and rate videos because the blogger is impressed and the information is interesting. You have to think about the people for whom all this work has been done.

Visitors care about the payoff. Questions at the end of the post, encouragement to leave a comment and talk about their experience will fuel interest. Surveys work well. People like to voice their opinions, to know their importance. For those who are ready to invest money, the option with contests, prizes, promotions will work. An active blogger is guaranteed to get subscribers faster.

Screensaver at the end of your video


Every nuance of blogging is important on YouTube. Not so long ago people estimated the value of a screensaver at the end of a video. Its presence keeps the viewer engaged. At the end of the video, YouTube offers similar material on other pages, which encourages the visitor to go to other bloggers. This will not happen after adding a screensaver.

The type of splash page makes a big difference. The contact option is popular. But more subscriptions will bring a call-to-action. This is working with the audience and optimization. As with the design, you can work hard on your own and make a free design or turn to freelancers.

Mutual Subscription

To gain viewers bloggers in the beginning of the way use mutual subscriptions. In fact, only the number is being tweaked. Activity, views, likes will not become more. And this is what affects the popularity of the channel and earnings. Maybe people in the “mutual aid program” will watch the video. But this is unlikely. And if it’s created for the sake of interest, not money, then mutual subscriptions are no use at all.

The quick way to gain the number of subscriptions is useful only in the beginning, to gain 1,000, because this achievement opens up additional opportunities on the hosting.

PR on social networks and third-party sites


A lot of subscribers come to YouTube precisely from social networks. To increase the number of viewers, you need to be active on various sites. In the description of the video, bloggers leave links to accounts on Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and Odnoklassniki. There, in addition, all the content is published. Those who have already subscribed, share videos. There is a work of word of mouth. New people come to the channel.

Services to attract subscribers

It takes a lot of effort and time to get fans for free. A quick boost costs money. Services and programs help with this. But the link will bring people who are not interested in the content.

Services that increase the number of subscribers on the channel:

  • BossLike;
  • VkTarget;
  • Qcomment.

The popularity of the page, views, likes, opportunities for the blogger and his earnings depend on the number of fans. So you need to know what the growth of the audience depends on. It is important that it be active. Therefore, it is recommended to pay enough attention to design, promotion, optimization.