Is It Possible to Send Flowers Internationally?


Today, everything is possible. So, if you want to surprise someone important to you, or you only want to send a floral gift to your mother, wife, or sister for some occasion, but you are far away from home, then you surely can do that by finding the right company that provides this type of service. There are a few ways how to do that. You can order the arrangement online, and send it to the preferred address, find a floral boutique around you that covers delivery, or contact a local florist in the place the person is based, so you can be sure the flowers will be fresh and crisp when delivered.

As you can see on, you can choose Belarus flower delivery, but also an international option, especially around the countries known as the Eastern block of Europe. That means, most of the services like this, have contacts with plenty of florists near the town you choose, and they will make sure you will get the service you need. Also, there are a few things you have to know about this type of delivery, so we can start with the basic ones, and cover the most important of them.

How to send flowers internationally?


If the person who needs to receive the floral arrangement is in a different country, you have a few options on how to send it to them. As we said, you can order from a store near you and find a delivery service who will take proper care of them, and keep in the needed conditions, so the bouquet can stay fresh until delivered. But if they live far away from you at the moment, you have to look forward to more appropriate solutions, like contacting a florist near them, who will make that for you.

Also, you can find a flower company that ships to their location, or internationally, and pay a visit to their website. Read carefully the conditions, so you can know what’s happening, and how that service will be done. You can find some of the pre-ready arrangements, or you can ask for a custom one, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that some sellers don’t offer custom orders, so you will either have to choose from their products or find another service. Don’t forget to read the reviews, and don’t stick only to their website. There are many forums and social media groups and pages that can be very useful when you want to find out more about some particular service.

Then, choose the shipping options. You can go for fast delivery, but that will cost you more money than the standard shipping options. You can even schedule a day you want to be delivered, and the system will generate the price, depending on how close or far it’s from the day you place the order. As you confirm it, you will get a tracking number and follow the delivery process in real-time.


Another option, which may be the best one is to order the flowers from a local florist, near their place. Sometimes smaller flower companies can be more appropriate for your wishes, instead of large chains, because they can meet the requirements, and fulfill all your wishes until the bouquet is delivered to the particular person. But, if they don’t have a website to order from, you can either call them or ask someone who lives there to visit them and inform you about the options you have. One of the main benefits of this option is that the flowers will be completely fresh when delivered, without any risk to be damaged during the process.

The last option is to buy the flowers and find the delivery service by yourself. This is one of the most difficult among them all, but for some people, it’s the only choice. But, before you submit for shipping, you need to ask if they provide that type of delivery. Some companies may not have the proper conditions so they can keep the flowers, and they won’t be fresh when delivered. Keep this option for the last one, if nothing else is possible.

A few important things you need to know


Don’t forget to add a personal message or at least a polite greeting, so the person who receives it can feel valuable and important, and of course, to know who the sender is. Also, don’t forget that the flowers speak their own language. For example, red tulips are a symbol of passion, but yellow ones mean you want that person to smile. The violet is a symbol of faithfulness, sunflowers of adoration, roses for love, peony for wishing a happy life, and magnolias show that you appreciate the beauties of nature. Lilies are for beauty and purity, jasmine for elegance, hyacinth is used to send prayers to someone, and hibiscus is to tell them they hold a delicate beauty. Send gardenias if you really love that person, and gladiolus is great to remind someone of you. Daisies are for new hope, and chrysanthemum or love and devotion.

As you can see, the flowers are a message by themselves, and you have to inform yourself about that. Or you can ask what’s the symbol flower of the country you want the arrangement shipped to. For example, the flax flower is the national symbol of Belarus, and you can put it in the bouquet, to show the recipient you appreciate their tradition.


There are a few options on how to send flowers internationally, through the known services, or local florists and postal delivery. Also, you really need to know the person, if you want to customize the order. For those, you don’t know pretty well, but you still want to be polite and show some appreciation, you can always go with safe choices and colors, and of course, never forget to include your message to them. It may take some time until you find the proper solution, but in the end, it will be completely worth it.