Have Anna Kendrick Ever Got Plastic Surgery to Look So Gorgeous?

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Anna Kendrick

Interesting Facts About Anna Kendrick

Her actual Full Name is Anna Cooke Kendrick and it is well-known that she was born 09/08/1985 in America. Her net worth as actress and singer is 14 Million Dollars. The color of her hair is brown and she has blue eyes but sometimes it seems that her eyes are a little bit green. She wears 7 Shoe size and 4 close size. Anna’s bra size is approximately 32 B. As far as we know the size of the body is 34 25 35 Inches now with the height 1.57 meters. She is so tiny so it is not a surprise that she weighs only 48 kg

She became really famous after her acting with George Clooney. That film is  really popular and nowadays. It is “Up in the Air”. After that Anna has thousands of fans and followers in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

As she began her career yearly enough now many followers claim that her look has changed greatly. She became really gorgeous and we can assume that she could have plastic surgery procedures. But Anna herself claims that it is only superficial or the play of light and shadow.

Her fuller breast size has many people speculating she had a boob job, as it’s not naturally proportioned to her body. Many followers are discussing ner nose job and butt enhancement. But of course it is not a fact. It can be only gossips

Before & After Photos

Let’s look with our own eyes at the Anna Kendrick’s pictures before and after she became famous and reveal!

This particular should assist us come to a decision if the opinionated star ever had any cosmetic surgery.

Have Anna Kendrick Ever Had A Nose Job?

Did Anna Kendrick Have A Nose Job?

She may have had nose surgery, but there is no direct evidence for this. Perhaps Anna outgrew and her features changed a little for the better, and her nose as well. In the photo on the left, it was wider, and in the photo on the right, Anna has a neat little nose and a nice little dimple on her chin.

Many followers admit that it is a makeup. We think Anna’s nose is natural.

Has Anna Ever Had A Boob Job?

Has Anna Kendrick Had A Boob Job?

Take a close look at breast implants on the before and after photos. Isn’t there a small improvement in the sizing of her breast? But on the other hand, much depends on the clothing, do you agree? On the right photo you can see bigger cup size and her straight boobs. She looks really hot and attenuators at the same time!

Has She Got Dental Work On Her Teeth?

Did Anna Kendrick Get Dental Work On Her Teeth?

Many children have curved teeth in their childhood. Many solve this problem with the help of veneers. How knows maybe Anna used them or maybe it was a surgical procedure. What do you think about it?

But now everybody can admit that Anna has a pleasant smile!

What About Her Eyes? Have they really changed

Our team is sure that Anna has her personal makeup artist, because her natural make-up proves this fact. Her blue or even green and blue eyes emphasize her individuality!

Anna Kendrick’s Beauty Transformation

Now you have a real chance to follow Anna Beauty Transformation. Who knows whether this is her own merit or the help of plastic surgery…

Year 1998

Anna Kendrick 1998
Source: Pinterest

She is so young but she has already started her professional career as an actress in 1998 year.

Year 2001

In 2001 Anna Kendrick wore glasses but they suited her. If you look attentively at this photo you will see her adult and moving look. We can guess that she has professional dreams and is sure in her success! A

Year 2003

In 2003 year her fans and followers began to discuss her breast implants and fake boobs. But we know that bright clothig increase our body visually. We cannot deny that it could be a plastic surgery but … who khows?! Anna denies.

Her make-up is natural and her teeth are nice and straight.

Year 2008

Anna Kendrick 2008
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In 2008 we can notice the weight gain. Her face and body became rounder. There is such a saying that if e person becomes rounder he is happy and does not worry about anything. Look at her smile! Anna is pleased and happy.

Year 2010

Image source: mtv.com

Anna Kendrick appeared so stylish in that pink clothes, which she put on for the Oscars. On the red carpet, her tiny figure looks marvelous. She looks as if she looks like she has something to hide. Maybe she is in love…

Year 2012

Year 2014

Anna Kendrick 2014
Source: Just Jured

In this creamy open dress, Anna emphasizes her perfect figure. Her earrings, white teeth and dress look great on her sophisticated body.

Year 2017

Anna Kendrick 2017
Source: Billboard

An invisible lipstick emphasizes Anna’s naturalness. Beautifully laid hair falls on her beautiful neck and shoulders

Year 2018

Image source: mtv.com

A black sophisticated short dress emphasizes her perfect figure, breast size and even perfect legs. It is noticeable that Anna pays much attention to her health and figure.


It is possible to look so perfect Anna took the help of plastic surgeons, but this only emphasizes her natural beauty. Her ability to beautifully make up and dress allowed her to show off on the covers of fashion magazines. And her talent helped her become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood.

It will remain a mystery to everyone whether she did breast augmentation or nose surgery, but even so, the result was excellent. Although the actress herself has never admitted this.