Former Bodyguard Reveals That Ellen DeGeneres Is Nothing Like She Portrays Herself on TV

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As the coronavirus pandemic leaves the U.S. workforce in limbo, comedian Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire for allegedly mistreating her crew in these uncertain times. According to Variety, over 30 of Ellen DeGeneres’ show Employees of “are outraged at their treatment of top producers” as they claim they have been kept in the dark regarding their wages, hours, and “inquiries about your mental and physical health” for over a month.

Now, as more people claim DeGeneres is nothing like what she seems, her former bodyguard has stepped forward to reveal that she “is cold” and “humiliates.” “Ellen is the only person assigned to me, and assigned to various celebrities, who has never taken the time to greet me,” said Tom Majercak to Fox News.

Majercak had been assigned to escort DeGeneres and his wife Portia De Rossi at the 2014 Oscars, and while De Rossi was “very nice and in conversation,” it all went wrong when she introduced him to DeGeneres.

“It started going negative when [De Rossi] introduced me to Ellen and Ellen gave me a sideways glance and didn’t even say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you for protecting my mother, my wife and me.'” He added that “it was very cold and he was very cunning and it was actually somewhat degrading”.

And now, when the talk show host faces a backlash from her team, Majercak knew it was time to talk.

Ellen DeGeneres’ former bodyguard wants people to see comedian’s “true self”

With Ellen DeGeneres now at the mercy of complaints from her staff, former bodyguard Tom Majercak knew this was his chance to share an experience that had “troubled” him for years.

“I see this person as very enlightened, positive and amazing, and everyone loves and is amazed and that’s not really the case when you meet them in person,” said Majercak Fox News. “When you see it on television, people fall in love with it, but it is a false facade and bravado. You start listening to these stories and I wonder, ‘Man, there has to be more to this.’ She is not the person she is on TV.

In addition, Majercak stated that DeGeneres “doesn’t care about anyone else, as long as she gets what she wants.” He added: “People are beginning to see their true selves and that really supports what my initial thoughts about her have been in the past six years.”

While Majercak understands that he probably received the worst part of DeGeneres’ frustration, since she hosted the Oscars that year, he noted that “it’s no excuse” for how she treated him. And although we cannot agree with one group over another, a pattern has apparently begun to reveal itself. DeGeneres will finally have to respond to these allegations in the coming weeks.