How CBD Can Improve Your Intimate Life


If you’re in a long-term relationship or looking to add a bit of spice into your sex life, there are a lot of tried and tested things you could try. If toys are your thing, maybe you could try some of our favorite fleshlight girls, vibrators, or lubes on the market, or maybe you’d like to try something a little more natural. There are many interesting products that you can check at

Also, you should learn more about additional products that can help you feel more relaxed and have a much better experience when you are intimate with your partner. That’s where CBD comes in, here are a few ways that CBD can improve your sex life.

CBD and Intimacy


When you think of CBD, you don’t automatically associate it with sex. Studies show that CBD has the potential to increase intimacy between partners with its soothing, pain-relieving properties which can help both of you have the most enjoyable experience.

It can also help to minimize stress and improve mental clarity, allowing you both to focus only on each other. These products can be used as a lubricant, to reduce any friction in those delicate areas and are safe to use inside and outside of the body. CBD products can be used to heighten your sexual experiences.

Moreover, it can be a great way for people who recently started to date to feel more relaxed when they are alone. We all know how the starting period can sometimes be challenging since partners still don’t know each other so well. In that matter, CBD is a much better alternative than alcohol since there won’t be any side effects, and it will even improve the sensation, it will become easier to communicate, and more.

Increased sensitivity

Researchers say that CBD products could contribute towards heightened sensitivity in the bedroom. Our reproductive organs and sexual tissues contain cannabinoid receptors, which means that the compounds found in CBD can have an increased effect on them, allowing for natural lubrication and a heightening of sensitivity.

It’s a great option for anyone that finds sex uncomfortable and painful. It can also help to reduce soreness afterward. On the other side, the fact is that consumption will help people to feel more relaxed and sensitive. That can have positive effects on pleasure as well.

Moreover, you should learn more about the health benefits of this product. First of all, we have to mention the positive effects on mental health. For example, if you are feeling uncomfortable and insecure about your appearance or skills, it will help you to feel much better and more relaxed. Therefore, both you and your partner will enjoy it more.

Improves mood


CBD doesn’t contain any mood-altering chemicals so the science behind CBD and mood is not fully understood, it is suggested that it boosts anandamide in the body which is known as ‘Bliss’. It is produced naturally by our bodies and is associated with oxytocin or ‘The Love Drug’. It has been suggested that the production of this chemical can help us to feel more connected to our partners during sex and can heighten our sense of intimacy.

We already mentioned the positive effects on mental health. The big problem of modern society is related to the false image and expansion of those with depression and anxiety. That can lead to a poor self-image which is directly linked to sexual abilities.

Improves sleep

Along with CBD comes a long list of potential benefits including how it can promote good sleep. Products that aid sleep also help to maintain a sense of calm and relaxation. If you have suffered from a period of bad sleep, you will know how it can have a negative impact on your life in many ways.

This is because sleep helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, which is the stress hormone. Better sleep allows you to feel less stressed, more comfortable and will lead you to find more enjoyment in the bedroom department.

Regulated Blood Pressure

There are various health issues that could affect sexual abilities as well. The problem is also that many products that could help will also bring some side effects. Those products for males could be especially dangerous since could lead to issues with the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

On the other side, CBD is completely safe and there is proof that it can be a great way to regulate and improve health by balancing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and fixing some other problems that could lead to erectile dysfunction and some other issues.

Which products to choose from?


If you’re thinking about introducing CBD into your sex life, it helps to know which products you could choose from. If you suffer from painful sex, you could try CBD lotion or oil specifically designed to be used as a lubricant. Maybe you’ve got a lot on your mind and sex is becoming difficult, you could try soft gel capsules to keep you calm and help to clear your mind.

On the other side, if you are looking for this solution only to feel more relaxed, there is a wide selection of products that you can choose from depending on your taste. However, you should speak to your partner first to see if that person is also interested.

Smoking blunts and vaping can be especially good since it is a perfect way to quickly get relaxed. It is important to note that it won’t cause the same high effect as when you are smoking marijuana. That means that you will remain focused and capable of having a proper conversation.


Last Words

There are different types of issues that CBD can solve. If you have mental struggles and feel uncomfortable, it is a much better choice than alcohol since there won’t be any issues since it is quite difficult to take too much oil.

Also, there are many proven health benefits that will help you improve the overall condition of your body, which is directly linked to intimate life as well. In that matter, speak to your partner and choose the right type of product to improve your experience.