How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your CBD Oil?


More and more people all around the globe are consuming CBD oil for various reasons. What they all have in common is that in CBD oil they are looking for solutions to various health problems. It has been well known for years how many different health problems CBD can help you with and this has led to a huge increase in CBD industry revenue as well as legalization in a large number of countries. Depression, anxiety, pain, fear, and even cancer are just some of the health conditions that CBD can cure or at least significantly help reduce symptoms.

Yet CBD, is not so long around to know all the details about it. It is clear to us that everything has shelf life, including CBD oil, but we certainly do not know the exact shelf life of CBD oil, as we know about milk, for example, which we consume all our lives. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to extend the shelf life of your CBD oil, but also about other things you need to know considering shelf life.

What is the shelf life of CBD?


Shelf life is influenced by many factors of CBD oil itself, and there are also ways to prolong shelf life, and we will talk about all this below. However, we want to first say what is the expected shelf life of CBD oil and that is about 2 years. This is mostly what the manufacturer will indicate on the packaging, but it can vary a lot.

Check the date set by the manufacturer and stick to it. But you should also keep in mind that if it has expired in a few days or even a week and you have stored it properly, it is certain that you can use it. The expiration date of all products is actually much shorter than what is realistic, and the reason is that the manufacturers do not want to take risks and also to make you buy a new one.

What affects shelf life of CBD oil?


How long you will be able to use the CBD oil you bought depends on many factors, which most do not know. You just think that expiration date is all that matters, but in fact it is a much more complex issue. Once you know what is affecting it, that will also help you last as long as possible, even significantly longer than the official expansion date.

1. Product quality

The higher the quality of the product you bought, the longer it will last. The reason is the ingredients used. If the ingredients are of very high quality and if everything has been done in the best possible way since the growing phase, then you get top quality hemp which will later give best possible oil. But it should not be forgotten that this is not the only ingredient. CBD oil also contains flavoring, and there may be some other things inside, so they must also be of very high quality, in order for the overall product to be great and long-lasting. So always read the product label and the certificate of analysis, to know all the ingredients. Mediocre products will surely lose their characteristics faster. Click here to find out what is necessary for CBD oil to be premium.

2. Extraction

The next important factor is the extraction process. There are different extraction methods, and the carbon dioxide method is considered the best but also the most complex. It does not impair the stability of the compounds, and is also ideal for full-spectrum CBD oil. Request extraction information, if not indicated on the package.

3. Packaging

If the packaging is not top quality, CBD oil may have the best possible ingredients, but it will not be worth it. Choose CBD oil packaged in amber bottles, as there are many reasons why bass amber bottles and not some others are used. Because they are dark and airtight, they protect CBD oil from air and sunlight, which can significantly impair quality.

How to extend the shelf life of your CBD oil?

After you made sure to buy high quality CBD oil, because it is the first condition for it to last you a long time, now we come to the things that you can do to prolong shelf life. It will often happen that you do not consume the whole bottle before the expansion date, so it is important to extend the time in which you can use CBD oil effectively.

The first thing that matters is to keep CBD in a cool environment. It will last you the longest if it is in the refrigerator. Although this will lead to thickening of the oil so it will be harder for you to extract it with a dropper. So if you want it to be at room temperature, to prevent that from happening, it has to be a room that is not hot and you have to put it in a dark place. If it is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it will lead to deterioration.

Light is also essential. As we have already said, keep it in a dark place, and the amber bottle additionally helps to prevent sunlight and other light sources from reaching the oil. If CBD oil is exposed to light, UV light will damage it.

Lastly, it is important to keep CBD oil insulated from the air. The bottle must be airtight, because if it is exposed to air, the shelf life will be significantly shortened. Air causes changes in compounds, so always keep CBD oil in the original bottle.

How do you know it’s no longer good to use?

After about two years, most products will significantly lose their potency. This does not mean that you will be poisoned if you consume it, but you will not experience almost any effects. If you notice that the aroma or smell has changed, it means that the oil is gone bad. You probably won’t make it sick even then, but it’s definitely time to throw it away.


We hope that we have provided you with answers to all the questions you were interested in on this topic and that you will now know exactly how to prolong shelf life.