When Life Gets Stressful, These Are 4 of the Best Ways to Relax

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Life can sometimes be more stressful than you want it to, especially at the moment with all the troubles that the COVID-19 pandemic has been weighing down on society. You cannot always control what happens, but at least you can control your own response to all the latest events no matter how bad they seem to get. What is more, you do not have to give in to feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

Of course, it is more than possible to face uncertainties calmly, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have trouble remaining calm, especially when things get a lot crazier than they usually are, you will definitely want to consider something new. When such an occasion arrives, make sure to try the following strategies for chilling out, relaxing, and taking stress some stress off.

1. Give Your Magnesium Levels a Giant Boost

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If you are hoping to find a pill you can pop that will magically help you to relax, you might be surprised to know that there actually is one. Actually, it is very easy to get and therefore you should take it daily. It is not only legal but it is readily available over the counter at your local drugstore. Surprisingly, that pill is a humble magnesium dietary supplement.
Magnesium deficiency is a common condition that can result in unpleasant feelings including uneasiness, anxiety, stress, or even depression. These feelings can often be relieved simply by boosting magnesium levels sufficiently. Supplementation is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this, providing you take a high-quality supplement in a form of magnesium that is readily bioavailable.

Consuming foods rich in magnesium is a somewhat slower way to accomplish the same goal. Foods that are high in magnesium include avocados, nuts, bananas, and dark chocolate, none of which you can consume a lot of. They are all healthy but hardly enough on their own. Therefore, pop a magnesium pill a day to meet your body’s requirements for this amazingly beneficial supplement.

Note that this is only an effective relaxation technique for people who are deficient in magnesium to start with. However, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, the recommended daily allowance for magnesium is about 300 mg, and most people are consuming much less than that, with the average person’s intake being less than 200 mg per day. This means many people are at least slightly deficient in this crucially important mineral and should think about either consuming a few of the above-mentioned foods each day or developing a magnesium supplement habit they will stick to.

2. Try Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

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Bear with us here, as this is arguably the best way to relax and take the stress off your mind. CBD hemp flowers are an enjoyable way to promote relaxation, but some of them are more effective for relaxing agents than others. What is true for all variants is the fact that they are immensely popular in the modern age. A real renaissance has been taking place when it comes to CBD hemp products. Considering how many different strains of CBD hemp flowers are available, it can be challenging to figure out exactly which one would be best to try. Therefore, here is a quick overview to help you.

If relaxation is your primary goal, you will want to consider choosing a product that has relatively high levels of the terpene known as myrcene. You want this exact ingredient because hemp flower strains that include high myrcene levels appear to be particularly conducive to relaxation and stress relief. Preliminary research suggests that myrcene has both sedative and motor relaxant properties making it a great ally if feeling better is your ultimate goal. Anecdotally, users of strains that contain above-average amounts of myrcene such as Organic CBD Nugs Elektra strain frequently report that this product helps them to relax and reduce anxiety levels. Therefore, they have become casual consumers who return to these products whenever they are feeling anxious, worried, or stressed.

3. Place a Jasmine Plant Near Your Favorite Sitting Area

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Many plants have therapeutic properties, and people generally like to have a few insides of their home for their aesthetics. Simply looking at one and caring for it is more than enough for individuals to feel better, but if you want something more, a Jasmine plant is an amazing choice. The fragrance of jasmine flowers is every bit as potent a relaxation agent as drugs such as diazepam, according to research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Considering that diazepam is highly addictive and can also make you vulnerable to side effects such as shakiness, jitters, and irritability, a harmless jasmine plant seems like an appealing alternative. In case you have a dedicated sitting area in your home in which you spend a lot of your free time, get yourself a jasmine plant and place it just beside the couch or armchair. You will feel its effects very quickly.

4. Have a Massage

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Last but not least, we have a centuries-old method of relieving stress, elevating pain, and achieving optimal levels of relaxation. Massage therapy provides a pleasant and effective way to relax and destress both the mind and the body. You have many different options for styles of massage. If you are really tense, you are likely to benefit from one of the lighter styles such as Swedish massage. If you would enjoy a more intense experience, you might find Shiatsu massage to be beneficial. If you are physically active all the time, a Sports massage could be in order, while those in need of some basic stress relief should book a Relax massage.

Conclusion and Takeaways

These were four of the most readily available, easy strategies that promote relaxation and stress relief. If you find that you are feeling stressed out, anxious, restless, or uneasy, it is worth trying one of these to feel better. For the best result, combine two, three, or even all four of them and you will realize that you have really been missing out!