What is a Hair Bundle and Why Should You Buy It?

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If you want to increase your hair length or volume for any reason, you can use hair bundles. It solves the problems with ugly haircuts or hair issues. It can change your appearance and add tones to your basic color.

Using bundles, you do not damage your natural hair by heat styling and dying. Such hair extensions are a simple way to look different without effort. Change textures, create new styles, and be different every day to leave a lasting impression wherever you appear.

What Is a Hair Bundle?

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Once again, hair bundles are a beauty accessory that makes your hair look different or even better. To produce such bundles, high-quality hair is collected from the hair root to its tip. After being washed and dried, this hair is sewn into bundles on a special machine, or the hair can be tied up with a ribbon. In both cases, it is not processed with chemicals before you buy it.

How Much Hair Comes in a Bundle?

The hair bundle is sold as a part of a pack and usually amounts to three ounces or about 100 grams. The weight depends on the quality of the hair, its texture, and its length.

Advantages of Human Hair Bundles

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There are so many ways to improve your natural hair and/or hide hair issues if you suffer from them. The most expensive and efficient way is a wig. But if you do not need to spend a lot for a revolutionary change in your appearance, you can benefit from such an affordable and efficient tool as a hair bundle. Every woman keeping up with fashion should have this magic item. There is no need for any special skills to install it. The hair bundles allow the styling of the hair in no time and can be used every day. Besides, there are other convincing reasons to love this accessory, which we are going to specify now.


Of course, when you know that your hair looks perfect, thick, and beautiful, you feel confident. So, this is a reason for purchase. Hairstyling is much more important than we can think because it is a part of our image. First impressions always count. And hair bundles help you make an impression and boost your self-esteem.

Color experimentation

The hair bundles come in different colors and can be used to create stunning effects. Of course, if you want your hair extensions to be undistinguished, you should look for an accurate color match. But, if you prefer experiments, this tool provides great opportunities. There are so many hues, from natural to bright and impressive, which can be added and mixed to have some fun. You’ll enjoy the easy installation and replacement of an item, so you can try variants.

For those who are not going to shock people with pink or green tones, we recommend choosing a color that is one or two shades lighter compared with the natural one.

Natural hair protection

Even if a bundle does not cover all of your scalps, it creates a kind of protective layer that will prevent damage to the natural hair caused by numerous external factors. For instance, sunlight may make the hair dry and brittle. But when the hair is blended with an integrated one, it is less affected.

Fuller hair

If you have thin hair and a dream of making it texturized and full, you may do it by adding some bundles. You will get an amazing look in a couple of minutes. It is possible to combine different items of the same or different tones. Also, you can use bundles with a lace piece to create a kind of wig.

Whatever variant you try, you’ll get a visually thicker hairdo, which will last for as many hours as you want.

Easy styling

You can install a certain number of hair bundles and keep the volume under control, changing the styles without cutting or processing your natural hair. You may try a new length or add a strand of a fancy shade. There are plenty of trends that can be implemented with the use of this accessory. The stylists are able to install it to create complex headdresses for festive celebrations and ceremonial events like weddings. Or you can add some glamour without the help of professionals.

How Many Bundles of Hair Must You Buy?

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The number of hair bundles depends on your preferences and objectives.

  1. If you want to experiment with colors, you may do it with a single one.
  2. If you want to make your hair thicker, you’d better buy three bundles at least.
  3. If you want to cover the whole head, you should think about a wig or get a consultation with a specialist.

The point is that the number of hair bundles can be different because of the hair texture and head size. Moreover, everybody has their own idea of thick hair, so individual preference is another factor to be considered.

Let’s discuss the key issues to be considered before the purchase, like hair length, desired fullness, head shape/size, and hair texture.

Hair Length

Oddly enough, if you consider long hair bundles, you will have to buy more items. It is explained by the fact that they are valued for their weight. The longer the hair, the heavier it is. It means that a flock of long hair weighing 100 gr will be thinner compared with the same weight of short hair. Thus, if you want to have a long and thick hairdo, you should buy more items of this accessory. Do not forget about another trick. The length of the curly or wavy hair is not what it appears to be.

Hair Texture

Curly hair looks fuller compared with the same volume of straight hair. As a result, it is suggested that you buy fewer wavy hair bundles.

Use of a Closure

In order to enhance your look and make it as natural as possible, you are recommended to use a lace top closure piece. This additional element adds volume to the hair. So, a couple of hair bundles will be enough to achieve the expected result. Or you can buy three items and enjoy the thick hair.

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Bottom line

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider before purchasing hair bundles. You should make your decision based on your budget and preferences. It is true that quality, natural-looking accessories will cost more, and that’s up to you what is the priority. Anyway, this purchase is worth its price. The hair bundles will help you to look gorgeous and feel confident with the beautiful style you have always dreamt of.