Smart HVAC Systems: To Buy or Not to Buy?

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In winter, heating is one of Canadians’ most essential expenses, especially in Ontario, where it can be freezing. Of course, everyone knows that it is possible to save money by purchasing thermostats. But did you know that smart thermostats, apart from saving you money each month on your electricity bill, have other functions that make your day-to-day life more comfortable? We have gathered tips and tricks on why you should add such a device to your home.

What is a smart thermostat?

Like all other thermostats, a smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s heating to prevent it from turning into the North Pole during the extreme Canadian winter. But why are they called smart? For several reasons which we will see right away.

First, most models have a more modern design than most traditional thermostats. Some have large LCD screens that show the temperature in the room, among other things.

Then, smart thermostats can connect wirelessly to your smartphone using an app that comes free with the product. This application becomes your control center and allows you to raise or lower the heating in a room without necessarily touching the thermostat or even being in the place. Depending on the models, you can be at work and adjust the temperature in your living room.

Finally, some models of smart thermostats can learn your habits, thanks in part to sensors. Instead of manually programming your heat to cool down in the daytime while you’re at work, a smart thermostat can detect when you’re not at home and automatically lower the heat a few degrees. This is what we think sets smart thermostats apart from regular thermostats.

Why do you need to have a smart thermostat?

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Even though smart thermostats’ price is higher than regular thermostats, you can save money in the long run. You could save 10% or less on your electricity bill with this kind of device (the manufacturers talk instead about 20% on average). Annually, that could represent a discount of nearly $ 75 on your electricity bill. Thus, in less than four years, you will have made your purchase profitable. It’s not so bad!

The other advantage is undoubtedly the fact that you will no longer have to complicate your life playing with your thermostats’ settings. The temperature will automatically adjust according to your habits, even if your schedule is not always regular.

According to “Installation costs should be taken into consideration even before making a purchase, however. Installing a smart thermostat is a bit more complicated than installing a smart bulb. If you currently have a modern thermostat at home, it will indeed work. You need to make sure you have enough room to place the new thermostat on the wall, as they usually take up more space.”

If you’ve never played with electricity in your life and are bad at DIY, I suggest you bring in the professionals. You will be 100% sure that your equipment will work as it stated in the warranty and you don’t need to worry about anything else. The good contractor should also explain how to operate thermostat according to your home and climate as well as they key features and how to correctly use them. Unless you’re a licensed installer – it’s always better to call professionals.

The easiest options

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The nest is a must-have when it comes to smart thermostats. Last year, the manufacturer launched its third generation. In addition to the presence of a 2.08-inch (480 by 480 pixel) super screen, one of the most beautiful in the field, this thermostat amazes by its ease of use.

Indeed, it programs itself according to your schedule that it will learn over time. When you are at work, it does not heat your house unnecessarily, and when you come home, the temperature is pleasant.

If you’re keen on saving energy, its screen shows you, using a leaf, when it’s keeping your heat. With the app, which connects to the thermostat over Wi-Fi, you can access energy savings history. For example, you may know that so far, you have saved $ 15.

Another simple solution is the Honeywell thermostat. With its app, it is easy to program it remotely. If you don’t want others to play with the heater, you can even add password protection!

Its more conventional design is also likely to appeal to those who don’t necessarily have a modern home.

The problem with most smart sensors is that if they’re in a low-traffic room, they can’t detect your presence. They then lose a little of their effectiveness.

Fortunately, the ecobee fixes this flaw. Indeed, it comes with a remote sensor that detects your presence and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. You can install up to 32 more. If you have a central heating system, you can make sure that all of your rooms are at the optimum temperature!

If you see that it is freezing in one of your rooms and plan to spend a few hours there, it is possible to bypass the sensors and automatically adjust the heating. Like all other smart thermostats, it comes with a dedicated app that connects by Wi-Fi.


We learned that smart HVAC systems are spreading more and more and smart thermostats are not just a useless gadget. They are equipped with a multitude of functions that make our daily lives more comfortable. Also, even though they are expensive to buy, it only takes a few years before our purchase becomes profitable. In short, if you have always been concerned about heating your home, perhaps you should consider purchasing a smart thermostat! This device can make your life much easier. Using a smart thermostat you can save up a lot of money on utility bills as well as optimize the daily temperature in your house. Some models can be added to your smart home ecosystem and you will have full control over what is going on in your home.