Why Should I Go For A Bundle Plan?

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Everyone loves bundle plans as there are many perks you get with a bundle. Even if you go to a restaurant, you get better prices with bundles and even get free starters when you buy a bundle deal. People buy bundle plans because they get products and services at discounted rates.

In this pandemic situation, we all know how internet service is essential for many households and plays a vital role in our lives. As the number of people working from home is increasing, while many students are taking online classes and are a part of the virtual education system, internet service is considered a necessity now, and not a luxury.

It’s been in news for so long now that the streaming service is the future of entertainment but with the perks that you get with cable TV services, you don’t get all those perks with the streaming services. Companies usually offer multiple standalone and bundle plans to their customers, and the customer can pick any plan that suits their needs and budget. To learn more, you can visit the Cox website.

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While getting the services or any product, you always keep in your mind your entertainment budget and your requirements. It all depends on what you want. If you are on a low budget and you want just internet service and cable TV, home security or home phone service is not on your priority list then you can just go for internet and cable bundles.

If there are some users in your house, who do online gaming and then there are some users who like to watch sports and news channels then you should get services from a service provider which provides both services in a bundle. If you want to add home phone service or home security as well in a bundle, you can do that and you will be getting all services at better rates.

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When we shop around for internet services, we usually find out that you get better features when you bundle up your services with cable TV. If you are planning to get new services, the chances are that you are either moving to a new house or you are so done with your current service provider, and there could be many reasons.

If you are confused that either you should get just internet or cable TV service or you should get a bundle, we will help you out with your decision in this article. This guide will help you out in making your decision and we will let you know the pros of bundle plans and the best bundle plans offered by different service providers, so you can decide if you should go for a bundle plan or not.

Benefits you get with bundle plans

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  • You will be getting many perks with the bundle plans. The best part of getting bundle plans is that if you will be bundling your internet service with the cable TV or home security services, you will be getting amazing discounts and not just on the internet services, you will be getting discounts on all the services in the bundle. With the bundle plans, you get special promotional plans with amazing features that you usually don’t get with just one service.
  • If you will be getting a bundle plan from a service provider, you can also get discounts on the installation and activation costs as well. There are many service providers, which provide free installation to new customers who subscribe to bundle plans. There will be just an activation cost of the services.
  • If you will be getting all services from one service provider, it will be convenient for you in the future as well. If you will be moving to a new place in the future, and you want to keep the same services, you will not have to work on the process of getting reliable service all over again, you can just transfer the same service to the new location where you will be moving if that service provider is available in that area.
  • There will be only one bill. You won’t be getting different bills for different services. You will be getting only one bill for all the services that you have, and that one single bill will cover everything.
  • When you will be getting a bundle plan, you will be getting extra features, better download and upload speeds, unlimited calling, an amazing channel lineup, and whatnot at very economic rates.
  • With the bundle, you get discounts on the equipment fees as well, and in some cases, you might get free equipment as well.

There are many service providers in America, which provide amazing bundle plans. If you are planning to get a bundle plan, which includes cable TV, internet, and home phone services, you will find out many companies that will offer you amazing triple play plans. Pick any plan that suits your entertainment budget and enjoy the amazing services offered by that service provider to their customers. The following plan is one of the best bundle plans you can get at the moment.

Cox Internet Ultimate + Contour Preferred + Voice

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Cox offers this plan to their customers via coaxial cable connection, which is one of the most used mediums through which customers can get high-speed internet service. You will be getting amazing download and upload speeds with some crazy features. When it comes to internet services, you will be getting blazing fast speeds of up to 500Mbps with a data limit of 1.25TB. With such speed, you can stream and do whatever you want without worrying about the data capacity. You either can get a modem from the company or can use your own if you have one and if that is compatible.

With the cable TV service, there will be more than 140 channels. You will be getting all the regular sports, news, movies, and kids’ channels.

With the home phone service, you will be getting unlimited local and long-distance calls. Moreover, you will be getting an option to choose a plan either with or without a contract. Those who want the plan without the contract will have to pay some extra charges on top of the service charge.

Summing it up

If you are planning to get more than one service and you have a good budget then you should surely go for a bundle plan. It’s better to get all the services you want from one service provider than to get one service from one service provider and the other from a different service provider.