8 Healthy Hair Care Habits You Should Practice

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According to stylists, you should treat your hair the same way you would treat a cashmere sweater – with great care. It is very delicate, and if you want it to be healthy, you need to know about the right ways to treat it. The right ways may seem complicated, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Usually, all you have to do is pay extra attention in the beginning until you establish a healthy hair routine. Once you adopt all the right habits, you’ll be on your way to getting the best look you’ve ever had.

In this article, we’ll present some of the best hair care tips to help you achieve your perfect hair formula.

Start with the scalp

Image source: unsplash.com

A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair. Moreover, you can’t have a healthy hair regimen without taking extra care of your scalp. All efficient tips for healthy hair growth start with having a healthy scalp.

If you have to shampoo daily, make sure to use a gentle product, so you don’t completely wash off the natural oils of your scalp. Using an aggressive shampoo too often may cause dandruff, a flaky and itchy scalp. For more information about best natural products visit here.  Products with salicylic acid will help you exfoliate the flakes and always invest in a quality anti-dandruff shampoo if you deal with dandruff often.

Turn down the shower temperature

Steamy hot showers are super soothing, but enjoying that short hedonistic time alone too often will irritate your scalp and possibly even weaken your strands. As much as super-hot showers may feel good, but they don’t do anything good to your cuticles or scalp. Switch to warm showers (they’re still hot, just not super-hot!), and make sure to wash out your strands with cold water at the end of your shower. It will seal and shut the cuticles and make them look smoother and shinier.

Use a gentle shampoo

Using a gentle, preferably sulfate-free shampoo or at least a shampoo that’s less aggressive than ordinary drugstore products is a must for a healthy hair routine. Sulfates weaken hair follicular over time, especially after frequent usage. They make your strands noticeably thinner. It’s particularly important to avoid aggressive shampoos if you have colored or chemically-treated hair.

Shampoos that contain natural nourishing oils are always a healthy choice. For example, Dead Sea Minerals + Argan Oil Shampoo is a gentle product with argan oil, and linseed oil will clean your strands and scalp, but it will also nourish your follicles, making them look shiny and healthy.

Condition, condition, condition

Use a rich, nourishing conditioner, and make sure you never skip it in your routine. Our hair needs the moisture it gets from quality conditioners, so it’s a step you ought to include in the washing process. Treat your strands with a comforting, healing treatment like the Dead Sea Minerals and Caviar extract conditioner by Ayam Beauty Care. It retains the natural moisture of your strands, nourishes them, and prevents ends from breaking.

Sun and Wind Protection

UV rays and strong winds don’t only do damage to your skin – they affect your hair, too.
Your daily sun protection habit should expand from sunscreen to adequate protection for your hair. If you wonder how to get healthy hair naturally, start by protecting it from outside factors that may cause damage. The sun can dry out your strands and make your ends look horrible, and winds can do the same thing. Apply a leave-in with UV protection to keep your hair safe from sun rays, and make sure to tuck it under a hat or a scarf when you’re out in windy weather.

Silk is your friend

A silk pillowcase is one of the most important ingredients of a quality beauty sleep. The friction between your strands and silk is far less prominent than the one that happens when you sleep on an ordinary cotton pillowcase. Silk protects your hair from breaking and drying out during sleep, unlike cotton that soaks up all the moist and rubs against it very aggressively.

Style smarter

Image source: unsplash.com

Unfortunately, not all of us wake up looking perfect, and most people need some styling to look good. If your face frame doesn’t look presentable without heat, make sure to use professional tools with ionic technology. Choose straighteners and curling irons that are entirely ceramic instead of those with only ceramic coating. Ceramic distributes heat evenly and locks the style after a few strikes so you don’t have to iron the same place over and over again.

Since wet hair is particularly fragile, avoid rubbing it with harsh fluffy towels and wrap it with a soft t-shirt instead. Let it soak up the moist, then softly press it all over without rubbing. A soft t-shirt will make your strands far less puffy and dry, and far easier to style.
Always use a heat-protecting spray before you start styling and let your hair air dry for as long as possible before you blow-dry.

If you have curls or waves, and if you have the time, tuck your locks back in a tight bun after letting them air dry for a while. Sleep with the bun, and take it off the next day – it will make your hair a lot easier to work with and you will need less ironing or blow-drying to make it look perfect.

You can also switch up your hot tools: after washing, blow-dry, then use a curling iron on day two and let your cuticles rest on day three by tucking your strands back to avoid using heat.

Don’t skip regular trims

Regular trims are obligatory if you want your strands to be healthy with silky ends. If you’re reluctant to lose a lot of lengths, ask your hairdresser for a “dusting.” It’s a process where they’ll only snap your tips, making sure all damage is removed without drastically shortening your length. If your stylist knows what they’re doing, no one except you will notice the difference in the length after a good dusting.

There are tons of healthy hair tips out there, but we’ve chosen the ones that are proven to be the most efficient and easiest to apply. Remember, your hair is a frame for your face and a very important part of you. Invest in healthy hair products, protect your strands from extreme weather, and be smarter with your styling choices. Soon enough, you’ll be proud of your gorgeous locks and the results you’ve accomplished with the right routine.