Jonsson Protein Hair Loss Treatment For Thicker Lustrous Hair


Every woman wants to have thick, lustrous, and healthy hair which will greatly enhance her appearance. However the actual condition of the hair depends on a large number of factors, and women cannot control some of these factors, especially hereditary factors.

In addition to adversely affecting the appearance of a woman, hair loss is also very inconvenient since the hair falls in food, on clothes, and elsewhere, due to which cleaning is required. So women are always interested in finding new products and services to reduce hair loss.

Many women have read the Jonsson protein ad for reducing hair loss on social media, so they would like to check a Jonsson protein review before deciding whether it is worth spending their time and money.

Initial consultation


Women have to fix an appointment for treatment at any of the outlets offering the Jonsson protein hair loss treatment, it is advisable to avoid lunch hour appointments, since the staff may be busy. The customer has to register providing details like name, email address, and other information.

The user also has to answer some questions like whether she has undergone chemotherapy, scalp surgery, has aids, or a similar disease. The customer is also asked about their lifestyle, type of work they do, stress levels, the food they eat, the kind of hair problems they customer has, and what improvement she or he expects after undergoing the treatment.

Hair scan


After this, the scalp and hair are scanned to check the condition of the hair. Some women have a lot of dandruff in their hair, which is embarrassing, and could cause hair loss.

Additionally, some women have an oily scalp and in some cases, the excess oil will clog the follicles.

If the follicles are clogged, most of the nutrients which are applied to the scalp in the form of shampoo will not be properly absorbed. Based on the condition of the scalp, the consultant assigned to the customer will customize the hair loss treatment. A photo of the scalp scan is provided to the customer

Protein mask


If customers have dandruff or an oily scalp, the hair is shampooed to remove dandruff and excess oil, so that the protein mask applied is more effective. The Jonsson VE protein mask is specially formulated using natural ingredients. The mask will clean the hair follicles which are clogged so that the hair will grow faster.

The mask will also strengthen the hair roots and moisturize them reducing hair loss, and stimulating the growth of hair to make the hair thicker. The protein mask for the scalp helps in improving the hair texture, making it smooth and soft, improves the density of hair, and also makes the hair stronger, so there is less hair loss.

For oily scalps, the protein mask is customized by adding salicylic acid, and lavender extract which helps dissolve the oil. After the protein mask is applied, the scalp is then exposed to infrared steaming for approximately thirty minutes to improve blood circulation and absorption of the protein mask. The mask is then washed away, and the hair is styled.