Ways to Find Out Who Is Behind an Unknown Phone Number

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Do you get callers from unrecognizable phone numbers? Most folks have and consider it irritating. It can put you in an awkward position where you are torn between picking, rejecting, or letting the phone go unanswered.

Repeated calls from individuals you don’t know or are hiding their identity are a major concern. It can be scammers, fraudsters, criminals, or other security threats; the safe option would be ascertaining the caller’s real identity before accepting or rejecting a call.

Nowadays, calls from people you don’t know aren’t strange. Marketing calls and cold calling have made this trend very common. Whichever the case, you want to identify a caller, whether it is an incoming or a missed call. Your mind may go further to think of specific individuals and the reasons they may be calling. Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons to want to unmask a private or unknown caller.

Here are ten ways to do it.

  • Dial *69

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Network service providers can help you identify a private caller. Dial *69 to retrieve their mobile number and perhaps callback. Alternatively, you can use other ways to get additional info, like the caller’s name. Due to data protection laws, telecommunications companies do not give a caller’s information to anyone but can do so to law enforcement agencies through a court order.

Some networks will charge for the service, which is limited to the US only. If your provider doesn’t have the option, try contacting customer service to seek assistance.

  • Dial *57

Dial *57 to uncover an unknown number and the caller behind it. The service is crucial to people facing security threats or harassment and involves using law enforcement agencies to trace a call. Reporting the incident immediately and providing the call time information is vital to the case. Your network service provider will activate the request, and you must then report the incident to your local law enforcers for action.

  • PhoneHistory

Accurate results are essential when you are looking for additional info on callers. With its impressive database of more than 500M US phone numbers, PhoneHistory allows you to get the information you need. The service enables an efficient search through millions of contact information, electronic mail addresses, and organization data. Additionally, you can track how the number was used by obtaining info about the previous owners.

  • TrueCaller

It is a specialized platform for discovering a caller’s name and verifying mobile numbers. Truecaller collects data online to identify scammers and fraudsters in real time during the call. If dealing with a caller with a concealed ID, start by unlocking their number using your network service provider’s assistance, and then you can use Truecaller to discover their identity.

  • White Pages

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White Pages are among the most significant databanks in the US, granting you unlimited access to check callers’ details for free. Its algorithms are quick to scan through extensive data for instant results. Additionally, their directories are updated frequently for accuracy. So, all you have to do is enter the number on the search tab and look it up.

  • AnyWho

AnyWho is a web directory supporting users to search phone numbers online or for address verifications. Besides finding the name of people calling you with foreign numbers, it offers searches by name or address.

Although the platform is widely used for searching individuals online and address verifications, you can also match mobile numbers. AnyWho updates its database weekly with US citizens’ contact details.

  • US Phone Search

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US Phone Search offers a free mobile number search service with extensive info on millions of US citizens. It provides biographical data, contacts, residence, and associated digital media accounts.

  • Spokeo

Spokeo is a web directory with a massive database to match billions of internet users’ information. It is suitable for finding details on unknown callers, acquaintances, friends, or classmates.

The platform filters records to generate a full report through data linkage. It provides biographical data, contact details, addresses, social media accounts, and felony histories. However, the report’s details will vary based on the subscription plan.

  • Google Search

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A simple thing as doing a Google search on unknown numbers can expose spammers and fraudsters who exploit unsuspecting people. When you are seeking more information about an unknown caller, Google can come in handy in running a quick search through digital platforms and databases. Its advanced algorithms can help determine if the number is linked to any social media accounts.

Search engines have limitations since internet users can limit access to information from their digital profile, which Google uses to match people with information from online searches.

  •  Facebook

With an idea of who could be calling you but are unsure about their identity, your social media platforms will probably help you ascertain who it is. Facebook has a vast resource to match mobile numbers to profiles since users use it to register on the platform and verify and secure their accounts.

Installing the mobile app on your phone will make searching your contact list for matches to Facebook profiles easy. The app searches your entire friends list and expands the search to other people you may know and share connections with.


Hiding caller identity is easy; most smartphones have settings to hide numbers when calling. Still, some phone network operators provide the option to users. With numerous options for looking up caller identities, it can be challenging to pick the best one. You can use the internet, your network service, or third-party apps to unravel the identity of callers. All in all, the ideal platform should provide accurate, prompt, and organized data while complying with industry standards.

Consider a platform’s usability and the waiting period before getting results on phone number searches. Since platforms vary, it would help to match the service to your needs and ensure you get value for your money. Some services on this list are free, while others charge subscription fees. However, before committing to any premium package, try out the free version or trial package.