What Is The Fastest Way To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Phone

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Losing your phone is, by no means, a pleasant experience. The word traumatizing can barely touch how it feels once you realize the vacant spot in your pocket has been missing its placeholder for quite some while. Dread sets in and everything becomes a blurry panic and a million questions flood your mind of where you could have lost your phone or whose hands it might have fallen into.

This is certainly not an experience many people look forward to and thus it can be a very troublesome and frustrating experience to lose your phone someplace or have it stolen by a thief. Due to the panic filling their head, many can’t think of a proper way of action to adopt that can help them get their phone back into the safety of their hands.

If you too have lost your phone, or are worried that you may lose it sometime in the future and want to know what to do in such scenarios, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will list the fastest methods and ways through which you can get your phone back.

There are various ways to do so and they can vastly differ depending on your phone model, type and manufacturer so read the article till the end to ensure you know the correct way to get your lost phone.

Preparations you must ensure to have a quick recovery of your phone

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Before we tell you the several ways through which you can get your lost phone, you need to enable a few things to ensure that your phone can be recovered in the quickest manner possible. The first thing you need to ensure is that you have enabled all the ‘find my location’ settings in your phone regardless of what model it is.

You can find these settings in the depth of your Settings app. They are mostly in the security section but if you can’t find them there you can consider searching in your settings app for them. If by chance they still don’t show there, then go to google settings and search for the option there. If you can’t find it there as well, then your only option is getting a phone tracker app that will give you the feature.

There are also various dedicated websites, like this website right here, that do the find your phone’s location even if you don’t install any kind of app on your phone, purely on the basis of your phone number. This website not only gives you an accurate location of your lost or stolen phone but also keeps a steady track of its location for a small fee.

It is also a good idea to keep your contact information on your lock screen through your lock screen features in your settings app. Always maintain high security to access your smartphone – it might seem tedious but it just might save your life (or your phone’s!) when it gets stolen.

The fastest way to find your Android phone

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Now you know what preparations you need to do, it’s now time to put them all into proper utilization. If you enabled the ‘find my location’ feature in your settings as said previously, you should be able to easily access your phone’s location as long as – you still have your google signed in, your phone has an active wifi or data connection and it isn’t switched off.

All you need to do is either download the AndroidFindMe app or go to the https://android.com/find website and simply login with the same google account that is active on your phone. If all requirements meet, you should be able to get an accurate pinpoint location of where your phone is.

From here, you get several options of making your phone create ringing sounds for a certain amount of time, lock the phone permanently or factory reset the phone if you know you are never going to get it back again. However, this should be your last resort that should be used only when you need to protect sensitive information on your phone.

The fastest way to track your iPhone

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The iPhone tracks your phone’s location in a way that is very similar to Android’s tracking system. All iOS devices have a compulsory ‘Find my’ feature already installed in their phone. They are turned on by default and can be found when you go into your apple id from your settings app.

The feature is turned on by default but you should check nonetheless if they are enabled or not for surety. Once that’s done, all you need is another iOS device like another iPhone or iPad that can be accessed with your Apple ID. Once you do that, entering the same ‘Find my’ menu in the settings should give you the location your device was at.

Apple devices even go a step further and tell you the last location that your device was seen at before going offline. If your device is online, Apple provides you various options to choose from to decide what to do with your device. You can, similar to Android, ensure that your device becomes inaccessible by all means, factory reset it to erase data or make it create ringing sounds for a few minutes.

The fastest way to locate your normal cellphone

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You’d be surprised but there are many who still own a normal phone and it’s not uncommon to see one of them getting lost or stolen once in a while. If you have one of these phones and are worried it may get lost forever because of the lack of features, then don’t worry.

As long as you have a number and have some semblance of network or internet connectivity, you can still get your phone number tracked by the various tracking websites and applications that are available online. Of course, because of the lack of options, you will also be required to rely on your skills to physically search for an object like old times.


There are several ways through which you can get your hands on your lost phone again which depends on the model and manufacturer you have. We hope this article provided you insights on most of these ways and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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