6 Subtle Ways to Find Out what Gift Someone Wants

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If you are super close with someone, it can be easy to figure out what to get them for the holidays. But if you aren’t, or if you don’t see each other often, it can be harder. It can be difficult to figure out what gift someone wants. You want to get them something they really want, but you don’t want to ask them outright what they want.

It can be hard to figure out what someone wants or needs, especially if they don’t have a registry or are less forthcoming with their wish list than others. In this article, you will get insights into some subtle ways to figure out what gift someone wants without giving away the fact that you are trying to find out.

Ways to figure out what gift someone wants

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1. Watch their social media

If they post a lot on social media, maybe there is a chance they will mention a product they like or something they want on their Instagram story or in a tweet. If you research thoroughly, you probably must have got some idea of the person’s interests and hobbies based on the content they post and share on their social media accounts.

If you see that they have been reposting a lot of images related to a particular subject, that’s something they are interested in and it doesn’t hurt to add it to the list of things you could get them as a gift.

If they don’t post much, check out what their friends are posting about them. Maybe their friend tags them in a post about that item or posts about wanting to throw a rager for them and you can use that as an excuse to buy some party paraphernalia.

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2. Ask someone close to them

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This method hinges on knowing someone close to the person for whom you are looking for a gift. If that’s the case, just casually ask their other close friends. People who are good friends will often be able to give good hints about what gift the person wants.

Get a group of friends together and see what you can come up with. Make sure not to tell them why you are asking if you don’t want them to disclose your secret. Another way to get ideas for potential gifts is by asking your friend’s parents or siblings for help. They likely have a better idea of what the person wants.

3. Listen for hints

If you chat regularly with the person, they must have told you about the things they want or the things they love the most. You never know when your friend is going to drop a hint about something they want. Keep a list of things they drop hints about.

The kind of hints where the person is just chatting away and mentions offhandedly that they think something is cool or would be great to have. You might have heard them saying something like “I wish I could go to that place,” or “I just can’t get enough of this thing.”

These are the things or places the person is interested in. These are great hints that something is on their mind and will be extremely happy to see the things as gifts. So take note of these things as potential gift ideas for the future.

4. Things they don’t want

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An easy way to find out what gift someone wants is by finding out about the things they don’t want. First, you can start with making a list of all the gift options you have, and then you can offhandedly find out about the things they don’t like by chatting with them.

Chances are very less they will figure out you are planning to buy them some gift. If there are any stores they don’t visit much often then probably the store doesn’t sell things they like. So, avoid those things as gifts and narrow down your gift options.

5. Look for their purchase history

If you can get to know about your friend’s purchase history it will be much easier for you to figure out what you should give them as a gift. You can either choose to buy a similar product based on their purchase history. You can also buy additional products from the same brand that might be a great gift.

There are high chances they will love your gift as it is something they buy regularly and is useful to them. You can also decide to exclude the items from their last purchase history and might want to give something that they don’t have at all. You can choose either of the ways by looking at their purchase history.

6. Find out about their hobbies

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To make your gift searching less complicated you can always try to give something related to their hobbies. Finding someone’s hobbies and what they do in their free time doesn’t require much effort and helps you to figure out what will be the best gift for them. You can simply find something that will help them to pursue their hobbies and make them more interesting for them.

The Bottom-line

Finding a perfect gift for someone requires a lot of effort especially when you don’t have any idea what the person wants. People often find it overwhelming to decide what gift to get for someone who isn’t very close to them.

There is no point in getting them something random that they probably don’t even like. It’s better to plan for the gift in advance and figure out ways to find out what the person actually wants. These are a few subtle ways that will help you to find out what gift someone wants. Just make sure the person does get any hints about you planning to buy them a gift.