17 Top Fashion Trends In 2024

Source: independent.co.uk

The invasion of messages is growing in the fashion industry at the trend. Vindictive phrases or words coexist in garments and accessories with the logos of the fashion houses like vloneclothing.net. The coolest note? The bigger and more striking your message is, the better.

1. Cropped Pants

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We are facing the new obsession of ‘celebs, it girls and influencers, the cowboy that leaves your ankles in the air is the new jean. A classic piece that is now full of details. The most? The more fringes, patches, or jewel inlays to decorate your jeans, the better.

2. Arty

Since the eccentric is part of your wardrobe, the trend of reproducing brushstrokes on garments and accessories has become an art that both luxury and low-cost brands reproduce. The arty aesthetic is nothing more than combining psychedelic prints and acid colors in the same print. Hair and suede become your best allies when it comes to reproducing this trend on the asphalt catwalk.

3. Paillettes

They are not more than the classic sequins that this season the cool thing is to wear them in total look. In keeping with the disco or futuristic aesthetic, so demanded this season by fashion houses, sequins once again make sense of the industry’s continuous nod to the ’90s. In garments or accessories, this fall fills your dress code with sparkling sparkles hit of this vibrant detail.

4. Paisley

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It is nothing more than the classic cashmere pattern, originating from Persian fabrics that the weavers of the city of Paisley (Scotland) began to reproduce. Seen in total looks or pieces that play alone within your dress code, the key is that today they reproduce the traditional folk spirit so fashionable in the ’70s.

5. Stretch sweater

We are facing the new version of the classic jersey. Narrow, very close to the body, with a high or closed neck, made of wool or mohair and always ribbed or forming eights. The idea? Combine it under a slip dress or an open shirt.

6. Oversize

The dress for less fever was one of the culprits for the resurgence of XXL version garments. Exterior pieces or tops that become a dress resulting in a casual aesthetic outfit that is sophisticated with trendy accessories. Miroslava Duma joins the trend that has resurfaced around hoodies (hooded sweatshirts).

7. Beanies

Source: kingandfifth.com

This is the classic wool or ribbed hat, which covers our ears and protects us from the cold winter. Solid color prints, with a turn to adapt it to the height you like the most or decorated with a pompom on the top. The beanie jumps off the ski slope to get into your working looks. Luxury firms have already valued them. And you, do you dare to wear them in your day-to-day?

8. Dreamlike

If we start with once upon a time … I’m sure you can tell what we’re talking about. We are facing the dreamiest trend of the season. That load of collections with references to fantasy worlds that are often reproduced in stories and movies. Princess dresses with prints and embroidery that recreate the universe of Walt Disney characters.

9. Lace-up

The art of making a bow has gone beyond the footwear frontier to decorate garments and accessories for one more season. As a detail, with a simple bow, or as the protagonist of feminine and sophisticated garments. It doesn’t matter how, the trendy thing is to get clothes decorated with bows, and if they decorate your back; better.

10. Off the shoulder

Source: elle.com

Since the shoulders are the new neckline, the firms have given them a special role with reinterpreted Bardot necklines. The trend has evolved to cut them at the upper part of the arms. Never has a gesture been as elegant and feminine as to attract the attention of prestigious fashion houses.

11. Mary janes

Another term you are going to hear this season is Mary Janes. A name that is used to refer to one of the shoe models that will succeed this season. Ankle bracelets, closed-toe, and medium heels are its characteristics. A version currently reinterpreted by luxury brands by playing with its classic patent leather finish and turning it into glitter, metallic, stamped, or simply dyed them in strident colors. The cool note? Add a platform or a heart attack heel.

12. Military jacket

There are a lot of different ways that you can make a military jacket your own. One way is by adding some customized patches. And if you can’t find a patch that you like, you can always design your own! These patches would definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

13. Sporty pant

Source: pagesix.com

The baggy gives way to a much sportier model bathed in strong colors, such as green or red, and painted with two vertical stripes on both sides. These are the classic sweatpants that jump from the school uniform to the asphalt catwalk to bring out the most chic and sophisticated side of the leisure style.

14. Midi ankle boot

Kitten, with heels, platform, or low. Their only common denominator is that they are half-round. The rest is set by the rhythm of the trends of the season. Futuristic, jewel, with a baroque spirit, with a rock air … Your only task is to choose the one that best suits your style.

15. Velvet

If the leopard or floral print are postulated as the star prints of the season, velvet occupies the same position but in the category of fabrics. Therefore you must internalize this word ‘velvet’ (velvet) if you want to find out everything that the fashion pages bring us about what is worn this season. The material present in romantic dresses or jacket suits reminiscent of the ’70s, in shoes, in bags with a granny air… Everything indicates that ‘velvet’ is going to be repeated on more than one occasion.

16. Tartan

Source: simons.ca

Of Scottish origin and with red as the main protagonist, one of the fabrics with the most historical influence assaults the winter wardrobe with warm-looking garments and airs of tradition. The famous Scottish plaids decorate coats, jackets, skirts, or pants that combine retro aesthetics with touches of romantic airs.

17. Frayed pant

Another trend that remains in our autumn wardrobe is asymmetrical jeans but above all frayed. Since the fever for grunge aesthetics, with sophisticated touches, flooded the feminine wardrobe several seasons ago, our looks are filled with details that give the dress code a certain air of renewal. Aire’s seventies, mixed with certain notes that sound to the rhythm of the rebellious look of the nineties, lead us to a new trend, that of looking at the hems and seams of the garments. The result? Frayed or frayed hems and trims. Now the latest trend in fashion is wearing garments that pretend to be poorly finished. The idea is to combine them with a high mule or sandal-type shoe.