7 Genius Ideas To Take Your Home Audio To The Next Level

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One of the things you can do to improve your home entertainment is setting up a quality sound system. It would change your experience when you watch movies or listen to music at home. Getting the perfect sound quality will not only require connecting your speakers to your media. You need to pay attention to everything from lighting to ambiance.

If you are considering taking your audio experience to the next level, we advise you to sit back and read on. Here are our seven tips to help improve your home audio.

1. Examine Your Soundbar

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If you already have a soundbar or sound system, you can start by doing general maintenance. Look for the things that are out of place and the wires that need replacing. If you notice a damaged drive, fix it or replace it. If one part is broken or faulty, your sound quality will be poor. Also, check your subwoofer and other surrounding speakers to see if they connect properly.

If you think you need an upgrade or don’t have a soundbar yet, know that it would drastically improve the sound quality from your TV or loudspeakers. You should also visit this webpage to see in-depth soundbar reviews and home theater tips. After all, soundbar systems can be expensive, so a little bit of research goes a long way in helping you make an informed decision.

2. Perfect Your Wired Connections

If you are not using a wireless soundbar system or audio, you need to check your wires to be sure they are properly connected. When your audio is not right, it could be a result of using cheap cables. When you use cheap wires, it can cause noise, and you won’t hear the right sound. If you notice the problem is with the wires, replace them.

It is better to upgrade to quality wires that will deliver quality sound output. The best options are the RCA cables which deliver balanced XLR inputs and outputs. They are also noise reduction and will bring out sound clarity. You should get only quality cables when buying a USB, HDMI cables, digital coaxial, and digital optical wiring for your sound system. If these cables are substandard, they reduce the quality of your sound.

It is good that you invest in quality cables only because the cheap ones won’t last. They fall apart quickly and ruin your home media. Even if you have a WiFi or Bluetooth soundbar system, you still need wired connections for good sound quality. You can set up a wireless surround sound with your soundbar by hardwiring the front left/right, and center speakers. Quality cables are worth the investment. Cheap ones fray easily and can introduce noise to your system that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

3. Upgrade Your Subwoofer

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If you don’t already have a subwoofer, you should get one. Some soundbars come with subwoofers, but some brands require you buy them separately. The purpose of a subwoofer is to amplify your audio. It adds impact and depth to your movies. If you want to get a deep bass experience, that is what the subwoofer does. When buying a subwoofer, you should know that size doesn’t count. If you think getting a bigger subwoofer will mean better sound, that would be a mistake. Sometimes you may see a 10” subwoofer perform better than a 12” subwoofer. It is because of its quality. Higher-quality subwoofers never disappoint, and you can enjoy your music and movies seamlessly.

4. Create A Good Listening Space

If you have enough space in your home, you can set aside a room for your entertainment. Most people have entertainment rooms where they install acoustics and other quality audio setup. You can create a room with all your speakers placed strategically, and then you can work on improving your sound quality. This way, you install your speakers count because it will show in the output. You can place your speakers in a triangular position measuring each distance accordingly. If you can’t get the speaker placement right, most soundbars come with an equalizer setting where you can auto-correct your sound and make your system work properly.

5. Install More Comfortable Seating

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You also need a comfortable sitting arrangement in your living space to get the most out of your sound system. Your seats should be comfortable and in a way that won’t leave you sore after you watch your movie. It would be preferable to invest in cushioned seats where you can relax, listen and watch your movie. It should be comfortable enough not to damage your posture because there is no way you can enjoy your entertainment with back pain.

6. Eliminate Bad Vibrations

One of the problems you may encounter when connecting your home audio is noise. You can reduce or eliminate unwanted noise or vibrations with your choice of furniture. Some furniture tends to vibrate or bounce when you place your speaker. If this happens, you can invest in a speaker stand designed in bookshelf models that also come with carpet spikes and floor discs. You can use this for your tower speakers.

There are other acoustic treatments that you can install to reduce vibrations in your entertainment room. You can also rest your speakers on isolation platforms to eliminate vibration.

7. Reduce Noise From Power Sockets

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Sometimes when you plug your device into your wall socket, you may hear a buzzing sound. Sometimes the noise could be from other devices connected. The solution to this will be to get power protection will get rid of the noise.

Also, noise could develop when one of your device’s power supplies interferes with a signal from another device. A better solution for this will be to disconnect all the components plugged in and then move them away from each other to see if the buzzing sound stops.


If you want a great listening experience, you should upgrade your home audio. With this guide, you should have a better sounding audio quality. It would take some work on your part to get things working. Ensure that you check your wires and other components are in perfect working condition. If you plan on getting a new sound setup, we recommend you only invest in high-quality sound systems.