Accessorizing on a Budget ─ How to Find Deals on Jewelry, Bags, and Sunglasses


Building a versatile accessories collection sparks joy in so many fashionistas. Who doesn’t love pulling together the perfect outfit accentuated with eye-catching jewelry, a statement-making handbag, and a pair of stylish sunglasses?

But filling your jewelry box, bag collection and sunglass case with all your wildest dreams can quickly get expensive. With some savvy shopping strategies, you can stay on trend while sticking to your budget.

Strategize Your Jewelry Shopping Trips

A thoughtfully curated jewelry collection speaks volumes about personal style. When updating your current lineup with new statement pieces, start by taking inventory of what you already own and wear most often.

This helps to identify gaps you can fill through strategic sales shopping. Map out stores offering the best discounts.

Sign up for loyalty programs and email alerts so you never miss a special limited-time deal or coupon. Holiday sales often deliver epic deals, so keep an eye out around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and graduation season.


Venture Beyond Big Box Stores

Don’t ignore little local jewelers and antique shops housing buried treasure for a fraction of big box store prices. Estate sales and secondhand shops allow you to score vintage, antique and handcrafted pieces with timeless character.

Look for quality materials like 14k or 18k gold and opt for versatile semiprecious stones like cultured pearls, topaz or peridot transitioning from everyday wear to a night out. Well-made silver and gemstone pieces also stand the test of trends over flashy costume pieces. For fine heirloom jewelry, search out timeless over trendy – pieces gaining sentimental value passed down for generations.

Bag Deals Abound in the Marketplace

Much like jewelry, a quality handbag adds polish and personality to every outfit. But building your dream designer bag collection requires a small fortune. Even mid-tier options add up quickly.

Luckily, the resale marketplace overflows with deals on exciting arm candy. Shop end-of-season sales for last year’s styles where you can get up to 75% off. Comb consignment stores and resale sites for gently used pieces at really low prices. You can also set saved searches on sites like eBay and Poshmark to snap up listings the second coveted bags get posted.


Block Sun and Look Cool in Discount Shades

Much like handbags, building a vast sunglasses collection costs a pretty penny or hundreds of them. But there’s no need to overspend on stylish shades shielding your eyes. The people at Olympic Eyewear recommend checking out end-of-summer clearance sales to score discount sunglasses.

Flash sales and limited-time promo codes deliver short-term savings worth jumping on immediately. Review sites also offer bonus coupon codes for extra discounts on multiple pairs. Buying last season’s frames prevents paying the sunglasses style tax just for updated shapes and colors. Beyond classic aviators and wayfarers, geometric frames, slim rectangles, and cat eyes offer on-trend style punch for less.

For maximum cost per wear, spring for quality lenses and materials that withstand wear and tear. Look for durable yet lightweight frames that don’t weigh down your face as easily as hefty plastic frames.

Polarized and UV blocking lenses should rank among the top priorities for adequate protection and visibility on bright days. And neutral-colored lenses in gray, green, and brown transition across occasions without limiting style versatility like bold red or blue lenses do.


Taking advantage of off-season sales, secondhand scores, coupons, and other savings strategies means you can create a stunning accessories lineup mixing high-end splurges with budget steals.

Get ready to pull together head-to-toe looks showcasing your flair without blowing each month’s fashion budget. A thoughtful selection of jewelry, handbags and sunglasses unlocks endless styling potential for every occasion.