5 Tips For Surviving Your First Year In Toronto

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Canada is a favorite place for tourist visits but also for life. A huge country with a lot of potential for those who want to stay, and spend the rest of their lives there. Toronto stands out from other Canadian cities primarily for its size as well as the people who are actually the heart of this city. Although not cheap to live in, this multicultural metropolis offers you many chances to find your way to make a living – and stay there for good. Yet, it’s hard for new people to fit in at first, especially within the first year. Therefore, we provide you with 5 tips on surviving your first year in Toronto.

A City Of The Past, Present, And Future

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Toronto is a distant, big, and beautiful city – and we can hardly imagine that someone doesn’t like it. Toronto residents live in harmony with each other, but also with nature, taking care of it and all its aspects – so you can see squirrels, wild geese, raccoons, numerous species of birds on green areas, and even coyotes in city parks. There are no language barriers – because in Toronto people speak over 20 languages. So even when you say something in a language other than English or French – there is a great possibility that you will run into somebody from your country.

Here, people are very aware of a healthy lifestyle – and they care for the community and nature. A high degree of responsibility is something that children learn from an early age – and these things are adopted and improved by generations. Due to that, the crime rate is low, while the standard of living is high. These are all reasons for the warmest recommendation of this destination because Toronto offers everything – from antiques to the beautiful buildings of the future. It’s up to you to embrace Toronto with your arms open because it offers a handful of opportunities to live decently.

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Living In Toronto

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What you need to know about Toronto is that it has been considered the largest immigration center for years. Therefore, almost half of the population of this metropolis was born outside of Canada. Due to its low crime rate, clean natural environment, high standard of living, and friendly attitude towards ethnic diversity – Toronto is claimed to be one of the world’s best cities to live in. Although it is the most expensive city in Canada – the standard of living is very high, so one can live more than decently. In financial terms, Toronto is the second most important financial center in North America (after New York) – with over two hundred thousand employees in the banking sector and the largest brokerage houses that are world-renowned in the world. Toronto is also a very important distribution and trade center for industrial products. The city is a very important media, publishing, information technology, and film industry center. It is very important that before embarking on an adventure called life in Toronto, you learn as much as possible – and be ready for the steps you will take upon your arrival to this place.

You’re Going To Toronto? What Do You Need to Know?

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Before you leave and start living in Toronto, you must prepare well and be informed. It would be great if you have someone you could rely on at the beginning to help you – but if that is not the case then you have to organize yourself. It is not easy and you have to prepare well – because life in Toronto is not cheap and you can’t just bump there, like out of nowhere. We will try to make this easier for you with our 5 tips for surviving your first year in Toronto.

5 Tips for Surviving Your First Year in Toronto

1. Be Well Prepared And Informed About Everything

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It would be good if you already have some savings and a job in advance. That would be a great springboard in further adjusting upon your arrival in Toronto. That is the hardest part, and unfortunately – it’s up to you to do it. Do not allow yourself to live unprepared and uninformed. Find out in advance what it’s like to live in Toronto. What are its advantages and what are its disadvantages? Consult someone who has already been there or has experience. The internet is also a great source of information. Websites like KevsBest that guide you through the experiences of living in big cities – will give you a variety of very useful information. This way you can get to know Toronto from the right angle – with plenty of useful information, interesting facts, and the like.

2. Necessary Procedures

When you arrive in Toronto get ready for a lot of commitments. Mandatory English language test, registration in various institutions around the place of residence and stay, obtaining documents, enrolling children in school, or kindergarten if you came with your family. Opening an account, re-taking the ride as you must hold a Canadian license. All these activities can be completed as compared, compared to other countries and procedures. There is relaxation, cordiality, looking into the eyes with great attention and understanding, and most importantly – the will and determination to finish everything and find the best solution. In Canada and even in Toronto itself, people are full of understanding for everyone and show respect and attention to everyone.

3. Find A Place To Live

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An important item in the way of surviving the first year is the place to live. Renting real estate is not cheap at all, so you must find a place to live in the suburbs – because, in the center of Toronto, housing prices are high so single people can hardly survive if they do not have a good job. You have to find a job, or even two – so that you can function as painlessly as possible in the beginning. Owning a car is very useful especially since fuel is cheap – and getting from a remote suburb to work is easier. The system works perfectly in Toronto because a lot of attention is paid to people and their needs.

4. Cheaper Going Out: Keep Costs To A Minimum

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Since you have to keep costs to a minimum, for a start, make sure your job is a preoccupation. Don’t go out too much in some fancy expensive places, so that the budget doesn’t suffer – there will always be time for that later. There are many interesting places you can visit – without spending a lot of money. Parks, architecture, meeting very sociable people – it costs you nothing and can mean a lot to you.

5. Consider Using Used Furniture And Techniques

Canadians are very humane and caring people. Everyone is constantly donating or giving something away. Many people leave the right equipment and furniture – or sell it at very reasonable prices. These are sometimes even unused things, and that can be very useful to you. Don’t think of it as something below your dignity – because people in Toronto don’t look at it that way. The population is willing to help and that is why these things are donated. It is possible to save a lot of budget because you can get quality furniture, but also technical devices that are in excellent condition and otherwise would cost you a lot.