Will Real Money Online Casinos Overthrow Their Land-based Counterparts?

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Gambling activities, much like every other industry or sector on the planet, has evolved tremendously over the past several decades. The advent of the internet took things to the next level and the iGaming industry embraced it whole-heartedly. Today, gamblers have so many choices when it comes to where they can enjoy playing their favorite casino games.

Online gambling is all the buzz right now, something that has further amplified the age-old question of whether the time is finally up for brick-and-mortar casinos. The truth is that both the internet and land-based casinos are still quite popular but this does not make the question any less relevant. So, in a bid to find an answer to this question, we did a little digging.

Why Are Online Casinos So Popular?

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It goes without saying that we live in the digital age where lots of activities have shifted to the webspace. Gambling is no exception – in fact, it is currently one of the most popular online activities in the world. As if that is not enough, the sector continues to grow at a pretty fast pace. But why?

Well, it all comes down to all of the differentiating features that online casinos often come with. It all starts with the bonuses and perks that gaming platforms offer. For instance, the web community highly recommends this list of real money casino sites found on GamblingNews.com and each of them has one thing in common – a host of very generous and enticing bonuses and promotions. More people have switched to online betting just because of these bonuses.

Bonuses are just a small part of the reason why online betting is so appealing. It’s a pastime for so many people and even a full-time job for others. Accessing land-based casinos can be a bit of an uphill task and thus the convenience of being able to play from wherever you maybe cannot be taken for granted. Some people also just hate having to be in the crowded casino floors and online gambling certainly gets rid of that problem for them.

This article is not the ‘online casino versus brick-and-mortar casino’ type but there is one thing that is not related to preference that website casinos have gotten right since they were conceptualized – variety. Even the largest land-based venues do not come close to some of the top casino websites that you can find on Google. At these sites, there are literally hundreds and even thousands of different game titles. Regardless of the game, you might be on the lookout for, there is an option that will have it available for you to enjoy.

These are just a few of the reasons why people love gambling on the net. Even so, there are still lots of people who love to play at land-based casinos.

How Are Land-Based Casinos Still Here?

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As mentioned earlier, the gambling industry as a whole is very dynamic and it has evolved tremendously over the years. Retail gambling is no exception, something that has ensured that it remains relevant even in the digital age that we currently live in.

If you are still wondering how people could still choose land-based gambling venues over the convenient, feature-filled, polished, and easily-accessible iGaming platforms, you will need to first accept that it is about more than just gambling. For lots of casino patrons, the unique atmosphere at the land-based casinos is totally worth it.

Global gambling hubs such as Las Vegas and Macau have proven time and time again that the retail gambling space is here to stay. Millions of visitors go to these places just for the thrill of it, something that online casinos are not able to provide. Sports betting venues are a great example of how people prefer to be in a lively atmosphere as opposed to staying at home and enjoying watching sports and betting all alone.

Moreover, the social factor that land-based casinos currently have has not been so easy to replicate online. Also, just like web-based casinos, land-based casinos have always been upping their game to appeal to new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more. Casino floors are not what they used to be in the 80s or the 90s.

And, The Answer Is…

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Truth be told, online and land-based gambling are not opposing sides but rather two sides of the same coin. Each has its perks and shortcomings. It is understandable that land-based gambling would seem like it is on its knees especially considering how devastating the impacts of the 2024 COVID-19 pandemic were to the retail gambling sector. Online gambling activities increased significantly during that period as brick-and-mortar casinos closed down as part of the efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Still, as much as online gambling is a pretty big deal, we are still pretty far from replicating everything that makes their physical counterparts so popular. The social factor, the lively and authentic atmosphere available in land-based venues still can’t be replicated by existing technology to the same degree. This could change in the future but even then, it will result in a totally new dynamic.

All things considered, with advancements in technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) it would seem we are likely to see tighter integration between land-based gambling and online casinos. This would effectively mean that gamblers could get the best of both worlds. They both have a lot to offer and bringing their strengths together would be a total gamechanger for entertainment.


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The idea that online casinos could replace land-based online casinos, while justifiable, is pretty ingenious. Both have certainly had an impact on the operation of the other but that is just about it, at least for now. Online gambling is, in most part, a simulation of the real thing that can only be found at brick-and-mortar casinos.

In conclusion, in as much as online gambling is growing, there are people who are still not giving up on retail gambling and that is why land-based casinos are here to stay.