5 Things To Know Before Partying In Toronto In 2024

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We’re still in the midst of the largest known health crisis of the modern world, but we’re slowly, but surely, getting past it. One of the most obvious signs that we’re ready to come back to living life as we used to know it is the fact that many countries across the world are lowering the restrictions on movement and social gatherings and also restarting some of the activities that were put on hold due to the global pandemic.

One of the cities that have entered the reopening phase is the city of Toronto. Ontario’s capital, Toronto, as well as the entire state of Ontario, had entered the reopening stage only a few days ago. Reopening Ontario Act has been instated and many have started wondering what that means when it comes to parties that we all dearly miss. Well, there are some good and some not-so-good news, but hey, baby steps.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to partying in Toronto.

1. Clubs Are Still Shut Down

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If you were hoping to go out and have some fun in some of Toronto’s world-renowned clubs, well, you’re out of luck. While it is inevitable that clubs will be reopened in the near future, it’s still uncertain when that is going to happen.

As of now, the clubs are still closed. There’s little to no chance that you’re going to be popping bottles in the following month or two, so if that’s your idea of partying and having a good time, we’re sorry, you’re going to have to wait for a few more months. However, don’t lose hope. Various countries across the globe have already opened their nightclubs for people to party in and we feel like it’s only a matter of time before clubs open up in Toronto, too.

2. Live Shows And Concerts Are Still Not Permitted

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If you were planning on visiting www.TorontoClubs.com, and booking a ticket for a live show in Toronto, you might have noticed there is only one ticket to be purchased and that is for a music festival taking place in 2024.

As you might’ve guessed, live shows and concerts are still not permitted in the Toronto area, or anywhere else in Ontario for that matter. For now, you’re still going to have to wait before you listen to your favourite performer live and on stage. On the bright side, this could change in the near future if the health situation continues to get better.

On the other hand, concert venue, theatres and cinemas are allowed to open outdoors, but only for the sake of rehearsing or performing a recorded or a broadcasted event without any spectators. Also, there can only be ten performers on stage, all of them maintaining at least 3m of the distance between each other. It’s not much, but at least you might be able to enjoy a concert from the inside of your home.

We still have to wait and see the results of the Reopening Ontario Act before we can make any assumptions and predictions about when will live shows and concerts with the audience be permitted again. For now, you’re going to have to settle for some of these fun activities and try and turn them into a party of sorts.

3. Fun Activities You Can Do In Toronto Today

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With certain restrictions in place, primarily physical distancing, these outdoor recreation activities and facilities have reopened:

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Baseball diamonds and batting cages
  • Basketball, football and other sport courts
  • Skate park
  • Outdoor picnic sites
  • Horse riding facilities

Now, none of these scream party and you are limited to groups of under ten individuals, but it’s how you spend your time, not where, is what makes a party.

A solid game of pickup basketball can be just as fun as a night out in the club. You could even listen to music while playing. Also, an outdoor picnic can quickly turn into a party-like gathering, provided that there are less than ten people in the group and you’re all practising safe social distancing. The same thing applies to all the other activities and facilities on our list.

The most important thing you should know how is to keep your distance and stay safe. The better you do that, the sooner the clubs and venues will open.

4. Weddings Are Back – Sort Of

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Weddings are always an excellent place for a party. However, they’re still not back in full swing.

As of now, both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies are allowed, but the keyword here is ceremony. Religious services are permitted, both indoors and outdoors, naturally, with certain restrictions, but the receptions and parties are still off, both indoors and outdoors.

This means that you can get married with your family and household members present, albeit at a safe distance, but you can’t party with them afterwards.

5. Facemasks Are Still Required

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For any indoor activity, a facemask must be worn at all times. How long will that last – we’re not sure, but for now, you still have to cover up your face when indoors, regardless of the event you’re attending.

Naturally, there are exceptions to that rule. For instance, individuals with certain medical conditions that make mask-wearing difficult aren’t required to wear a mask. Children under the age of two are also not required to wear a mask.

Furthermore, the city of Toronto strongly urges its residents to wear a facemask or a face covering even in the outdoors, in case they can’t maintain a safe physical distance.


As you see, not much has changed when it comes to partying like in the old days. The clubs and shows are still not permitted and we still don’t know when they’re going to be. However, we’re optimistic. It could very well happen in a few months if all goes according to the plan. For now, you just have to be patient and wait.

Until it all opens back up, have your party in your home with your household members or enjoy some of the other fun activities that have been made possible a few days ago.

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