8 Must-Knows When Travelling to Canada for the First Time

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Canada is one of the dream destinations for students, visitors, and the ones who want to become a permanent resident there. Whenever a person visits a new place, he considers a lot of things before going to that place. It is essential to understand a country, its rules and regulations, currency, gestures, policies, and a lot more. If you know about the country very well, you will be extremely careful before taking the first step towards the country.

Similarly, you must know a few things when you are traveling to Canada for the first time. Nowadays, it becomes easy to gather information from online websites, visa immigration offices, etc. You can also visit this website to consider detailed things while moving to Canada. Let us discuss some important points if you are traveling for the first time in Canada.

Understand the Currency

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Every country has a different currency, and it is the first thing to consider. You must exchange your currency with Canadian Dollars to handle your expenses in Canada. You can also use your credit card for making payments for the cab, hotels, food, etc. But currency is quite crucial because you must have cash in your pocket whenever you are out of your home.

Make sure that you have sufficient money so that no one steals it from you. When you visit a restaurant or a hotel, you must know how to pay or tip waiters. Check where you can use the cash to get something. Use Canadian currency after getting complete information about it.

Rules and Regulations of Canada

Canada has different laws, just like other countries in the world. You need to explore the country’s rules and regulations in detail. Some activities of yours may be a crime there. It is crucial to protect yourself from such problems. You must not violate any laws of traffic, immigration, etc.

If the police put you in a lockup, it will be challenging for you to get out of it. Avoid getting stuck in huge penalties and other punishments. No country will spare you in case of violating their rules and regulations. It is essential to go through all the fundamental laws of the country and follow them in Canada.

Staying Location in Canada

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After arriving in Canada, you must have a place like a hotel, hostel, friend’s or relative’s house to stay. If you have no one in Canada, then you must book a hotel in advance. It is easy to take a cab and reach your destination. But if you do not know where to stay, then it is a big problem.

You cannot just roam here and there to search for the right hotel. Eventually, you will waste a lot of money as well as time. Anyone can fool first-time travelers in Canada. It is essential to avoid this mistake and book these things in advance.

Places to Visit

Many places are there in Canada to visit and enjoy. You can make a list of things you do and visit a new country. Plan everything like hotels, cabs, money, and other things to take along with you. Renting a car is a fantastic option for independent travelers.
Take a map and navigate the route to ensure whether you are on the right track or not. It is essential to monitor such things for your safety.

Packing According to the Weather

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There is a change in the weather in different cities in Canada. Check which month you are traveling to Canada and to which city. Explore weather details and pack accordingly. Make sure that you keep everything that you will require in that climate.

You cannot afford to purchase small things just after arriving in Canada. There are guidelines regarding the weight of the luggage on every flight. You have to consider it and pack only the necessary things.

Documents and Visa

All your identity documents, along with visas, are essential if you are traveling internationally. Many people go to Canada to study, to travel, or to stay permanently. Documents also vary according to their purpose and work in the country. It is crucial to keep all the documents to prevent penalties or criminal offenses.

You can also gather information from your visa immigration agent. He can guide you better on what to take, where to stay, and other rules and regulations. He can also help in providing visa and let you move there without any obstruction.


Crimes are common in every country, but you must be aware of daily crimes that happen in the country. It will help you to stay alert and avoid making mistakes to get susceptible to these crimes. You can ask for help or contact the police in case if anything happens to you.

Make sure that you are also not committing any crime by breaking their rules and regulations. You can search for the country’s crimes on the internet or ask from your immigration agent.

Fare of Taxis, Hotels and Other Things

Checking for the fare is a crucial part of planning. You must know the current tariffs of cabs, different hotels, hostels, etc. When you reach Canada, you must know what will be the estimated fare to reach your hotel. Checking out such information will help you to save your money and avoid bad people there.

If you are checking in a hotel, you must check customer reviews and amenities they are offering. Step in when you feel right and safe. You need to be cautious enough in a new country to protect yourself from crimes.

The Bottom Line

Traveling to Canada for the first time may not be that easy for you, but these factors can significantly help you. It is essential to stay alert and keep yourself safe. You need to explore as much as you can until you land in Canada.

Decide the place or city where you are going and go through everything about it. Every country is different in its way, and you have to change yourself to relocate there. Avoid making some common mistakes if you are a first-time traveler to Canada.