How To Use A Dab Rig For A First-time Beginner – Make Sure You Don’t Skip This First Step


If you are new to smoking cannabis or new to using more complicated accoras you might be trying to educate yourself and broaden your horizons. This is good for you! Instead of just sticking with the same old cannabis ingestion methods – such as vape pens, joints, bongs, or bowls – why not try something more exciting and different? Why not try an apparatus where you can customize the setup and use add-ons to personalize your smoking experience?

If this sounds like fun to you, where have the perfect piece of cannabis equipment. Not only will this be the best way that you can get an intense high with a smooth flavor, but it is easy to use – after you learn the basic steps! If you are a beginner to using this apparatus, you need to know the basic steps so you can ensure that you set up the apparatus safely and effectively. During your first-time use as a beginner, it can be helpful to read instructions, watch tutorials, speak with experts at a dispensary, and ask your friends for help. After all, everyone starts as a beginner!

How to set up a dab rig for beginners – follow these steps in order!


Fortunately for you, the first time you set up a dab rig it can be confusing – but it will be easy to remember after that! Instead of having to change the process every time, it will stay with the same exact step day in and day out – so all you have to do is learn it once and then you’re good to go! Click here to buy yourself a dab rig.

First off – what is a dab rig? If you’re trying to use a dab rig for the first time but you are unsure what it is, you might be wondering – what is a dab rig and why should I use it? A dab rig is a type of apparatus that is somewhat like a water pipe, but contains more moving parts. Instead of using cannabis flower, such as indica or sativa flower, you will end up using concentrated oils for your smoking experience.

There are certain mechanisms and materials that you need to set up your dab rig. Make sure that before you set up the rig that you have a dab rig, swab, dabber, nail (or potentially an e-nail depending on the apparatus), torch, water, concentrate, and tongs.

The steps to setting up a dab rig for your first-time use as a beginner


Now we are getting to the good part! Follow these steps to learn how to set up and use a dab rig for your first time as a beginner.

  • Step 1: put water in the chamber – the first step is to add water to the dab rig. This is going to be added into the chamber, the bottom portion that looks like it can hold a liquid. Make sure that the water in the chamber bubbles – if you find the water is splashing out of the sides, then you will have to pour some out. If the water doesn’t bubble, add more liquid to the chamber.
  • Step 2: Season the dab nail – the second step of setting up the dab rig is to prepare the nail. Make sure that you get the dab nails ready by using mineral waters to heat the nail’s pores and avoid any leached taste that can make the base of your concatenated metal-like. Instead, “season” the nail by heating it and getting rid of the pores. This way, you can avoid the metallic flavor and ensure that you will get a clean and smooth hit.
  • Step 3: get your dab ready – the third step of getting to set up a dab rig is to get the dab ready. The dab is the small wand instrument, also known as the dabber that you will use to be able to hold the concentrate. The concrete is the substance that you will be smoking, so you do not want to touch it with your hands. Instead, use the dabber to pick up the concentrate.
  • Step 4: heat the nail – the fourth step is to heat the nail. You can either do this by using a handheld torch that you will purchase on your own, or you can use an e-nail. An e-nail is an electronic nail that can heat itself to the preset temperature to avoid undreheating or overheating. If you have a torch, make sure that you do not point the flame directly onto the dab nail. Heat the nail continuously – once it turns red, you are good to go!
  • Step 5: wait for it to cool off – the next step in preparing your rig for first time use is to continue to wait. You don’t want to use it too soon, as this can cause overheating and make the temperature too high. Make sure you wait at least 10 seconds between heating, and experiment with the time – some people enjoy waiting 30 seconds up to one minute between heating the dab nail.
  • Step 6: Add the oil – the next step is to add the oil or concentrate on the dab nail to get ready to heat it.
  • Step 7: inhale – the next step is to inhale through the mouthpiece on your dab rig! This is the best part – make sure that you inhale the flavorful concentrate and enjoy the smooth hit. Inhale for only as long as you want to.
  • Step 8: exhale – the next step is to exhale the vapor and wait. Then you can inhale again later if you want it is up to you as a beginner.


As you can see, learning how to use a dab rig is easy and seamless! As long as you learn the steps around, you will be able to repeat these steps for the rest of your smoking experience. Just make sure you properly set up the dab rig, smoke safely and clean up the mess once you are done. Once you learn how to set up the dab rig once, you are good to go for the rest of your life!