Top 3 Things to Consider When Throwing a Movie Marathon In 2024


Doing a movie marathon can be as simple as cracking open a beer and turning on Netflix. Well, it may be the case when doing it alone. However, the best way to truly enjoy the perfect movie marathon is with no other than these people: your partner, family, or closest friends. And it would be more fun if you tried exerting more effort on it.

In this post, we’ll be walking you through the three things you should always consider as you plan your next movie marathon. And on top of these, be sure to check out to know which movie snacks to prepare for a more memorable movie-watching experience. Sit back, relax, and take notes to throw the best marathon yet!

1. Your Movie Marathon Playlist


A marathon playlist, in a nutshell, is the lineup of movies you plan to watch. As you decide on how many movies to watch or which genres to consider, here are three different ways to help you create your movie marathon playlist.

Online Recommendations

The best go-to guides are online recommendations from sites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes when starting from scratch. You may look up movies there individually to see if a film catches your interest; alternatively, a Google search can also show you listicles of top movie recommendations. If you like, you may also mention in your search the genre you want to watch, say, Best Zombie Movies. You are sure to find long lists of recommendations to help you decide!

Collaborative Suggestions

After searching for recommendations on your own, it’s time to suggest them and seek more suggestions from the people joining. Talk about it, whether in person or on group chats, and try planning one week to give you and your friends some time to make quality suggestions. That way, you would hopefully have a superb movie marathon playlist before it begins.

Decide on the Spot

It’s understandable if everyone’s schedule is too busy, and it isn’t easy to make well-thought-of movie suggestions. If it ever gets to it, the only way left is to decide on the spot as you go! Besides, it is from spontaneous movie suggestions that we discover new favorites.

2. Who to Invite


Indeed, you already have in mind whom you want to invite. As you know, movie marathons aren’t limited to family or your closest circle. While it is fun to throw it with the gang, you can also do it with your partner as a way to unwind from a long and busy week. Or perhaps try doing it because there are films that you haven’t seen together yet! It’s the perfect way to catch up on quality time and create more memories.

Also, know that you can throw movie marathons even if it’s just with one good friend! It doesn’t have to be a romantic date–just two close friends appreciating film and friendship. Knowing who to invite will help you figure out where to watch the movie, how much food you should serve, and when would be the best time for everyone who’ll be joining.

3. Your Venue


As we live in an ongoing pandemic, it’s ideal for picking the best options on where and how to throw the marathon. Here are some suggestions!


Are you and your besties currently in different cities or countries? No problem! Doing moving marathons is possible thanks to a Google Chrome plugin called Teleparty. If you haven’t heard of it before, there are only two things that you and your friends will need. A Netflix account and the Teleparty plugin on Google Chrome. Here’s how to use it:

  • Once you’ve picked a movie, click on the plugin to start Teleparty
  • Copy and Paste the Teleparty link and send them to friends
  • When your friends have opened the link, they must click on the Teleparty plugin
  • Your friends should then click Join the Party

What happens on Teleparty? If you need to go to the bathroom, one of you can hit pause, and the movie on all your screens will be in sync. It’s like watching the same thing together. There will also be a chatbox on the right side, so you and your friends can send messages while watching. If you want to hear each other, use Messenger on Google Chrome to start a group call. Just ensure that everyone is wearing earphones or Bluetooth buds to avoid echoes or extra noise.


Home Theater or Backyard

If you live in a neighborhood or city where it’s safe to gather in groups, then another option for you is your home theater! Whether in the living room or a master bedroom, nothing beats marathons when in person. Get a warm blanket for everyone, so they have something to snuggle throughout the night. To add a little aesthetic touch, use fairy lights and hang them on the ceiling or anywhere in the room to make the place more warm and cozy.

If you, by any chance, get a starry night sky–why not take the movie marathon to the backyard? Use a projector and a big white blanket to set up the screen. Don’t forget your best fluffy pillows and comforters that you can lay on the grass. Lifesize bean bags are also great for the people at the back for a comfortable and laid-back watching experience.


Throwing a successful marathon shouldn’t be that challenging! The key is to have a movie playlist everyone is happy with, invite the right people, and set up a cozy place. A little preparation wouldn’t hurt; it could make everything run smoothly. We hope you learned something from this post, and thank you for sticking until the end. Happy movie watching!