Things to Consider Before Buying Freezers for Your Ice Cream Shop


A freezer is an integral part of any ice cream store. You depend on your ice cream freezer to keep your ingredients frozen and ready for purchase at all times.

If you are considering getting one for your store, it should also suit your store to a tee, and you should think about whether your freezer should come with glass doors, a feature that is highly recommended.

You will be able to showcase all your delicious treats to your clients by purchasing an ice cream freezer that has glass doors.

Countertop freezers are also a great option, as customers will be more likely to make impulsive purchases then they see their favourite snack, or one that grabs their attention. Here, our focus will be on the main things you need to consider before buying a freezer for your ice cream shop.

Different Types of Commercial Ice Cream Freezers


Commercial chest freezers are ideal for back of house bulk storage. They are also insualed, which will ensure that your snacks are kept nice and cold.

Glass top display freezers will help boost the impulse purchase of many frozen treats, including ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. You can choose from a flat, curved, or angled lids so that customers can easily access whatever they want.

The glass lid will maximize the visibility of your products, while double glass doors will retain the ideal interior temperature.

Gelato dipping cabinets are used to house many different flavours of gelato simultaneously. They are also insulated, so you will be able to keep your sorbet, italian ice, and gelato chilled to perfection.

Clear lids will also allow your hungry customers to easily look at all of your delicious treats, and some models will also provide additional storage space if you need it.

Drop-in freezers are usually made with stainless steel, which allows you to wipe them down easily. In addition to being easy to clean they are also highly effective at retaining cold temperatures, which can save you money by reducing energy consumption.

They are also compact, which will save you some much needed space, and their drop-in design allows you to store your products at the counter. Your customers will be able to easily order, pay, and enjoy their treats in under a minute.

Novelty freezers are a great choice if you want to encourage impulse purchases. Their topside display glass is clear, and their sliding door design will ensure that your ice cold treats remain fresh and cold. They are also mobile units, allowing you to easily move them around your store if needed.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Freezer?


Capacity is the most important factor. The unit must have sufficient space to house each and every item that you wish to display and sell. You also need to determine if you will be buying your products in round or square containers, as your choice will impact how many products you can store in each unit.

You should also pick an unit that is energy efficient. Look for an unit that has an energy conservation mode, as such units will help reduce power consumption levels when you handle your frozen products.

Temperature control is also essential. Certain models will have temperature ranges that will allow you to micromanage the exact temperatures that your frozen items are subjected to.

Interior rails will allow you to keep additions, such as sundae toppings, to your menu options. Your display cabinets should ideally have rolling tops, and installing sneeze guards are a plus if you want to optimize hygiene.

Frost top surfaces are also strongly recommended, as their flat and smooth surfaces will help keep items below freezing temperature. You can then manipulate said items in order to create new textures or add ingredients that go above and beyond conventional scooping.

What Kind of Freezer is Best for My Ice Cream Business?


The freezer should be energy efficient, and should be able to store all of your products in a neat and organized manner.

Gelato and ice cream cabinets include glass tops, allowing your patrons to view each and every treat before deciding on what to order. Include vibrantly coloured dessert items inside these cabinets to draw more attention to this part of your store.

Ice cream display freezers serve as a way for customers to quickly serve themselves instead of waiting in line to be served. Ice cream display freezers allow you to easily store frozen novelties and other products with a visually stimulating display that grabs attention.

Chest freezers can serve as a backup storage unit for frozen goods, and are also a superb choice for commercial kitchens with lots of dessert items on their menu.

Upright freezers are yet another superb choice, as they tend to take up significantly less space than other freezers due to their vertical storage space. They can also self-defrost if needed and are quite easy to clean and maintain.

Freezers for ice cream businesses come in all shapes, sizes, and types, each with their own unique set of features and benefits, so you need to determine what your unique needs are before you start shopping.

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Taking the First Step


Getting your ice cream display freezers in your shop should be at the top of your list if you are planning on opening an ice cream shop. Getting a display freezer will help you create interest, keep customers in your store longer, and increase sales, but you need to do your due diligence first and consider which type is most practical for your needs.

A standalone freezer may be adequate for your needs if you currently lack storage space for multiple freezers.

Please speak to an expert in order to break down the types of products that you sell, as well as how much space you have to use. Your budgetary limitations will also help you narrow down a unit that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

With the right planning and advice, you can find the perfect freezer unit for your ice cream store in no-time.