Gamer’s Guide: 5 Reasons to Play Pokemon Go In 2024


Playing games will always be part of anyone’s life, whether it is physical activities, sports, or even online and mobile gaming. Since the rise of technology in the late 90s, game creators have taken advantage of its functions to create fun games for the world to try.

As technology progresses to make our lives more convenient, online games have stepped out of the screen and entered the real world. The growing gaming community is always willing to try something new, especially if it involves their favorite games and characters. One of the most popular anime franchises is Pokemon. Its market is continuously growing since its release on TV in 1996. This has then expanded into the gaming world, especially with the release of Pokemon Go. If you want to know more about this cross-reality game, you can click on websites like or go through the tier list and be encouraged to play.

Get To Know Pokemon Go


This is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game released in 2016. Niantic Studios serves as its developer and is released by Nintendo and The Company, applicable to all smartphones. The nature of the game is that players can locate characters in random places using GPS technology. It will become a collection with which you can play games. This game became instantly successful thanks to almost 150 million players worldwide, and it enticed a lot of them. Even people who were not into this became fans. Continue reading this article to know some reasons why you should try playing This game.

1. Playing Pokemon Go Allows You to Try Out New Technology


It is not every day we hear the term Augmented Reality. One of the reasons it became known is because of games like this. This new gaming technology is an interaction between a game and the gamer’s reality. Characters, effects, and objects enter the real environment for a more realistic experience. Playing games requires people to be more alert and focused because of its sensory-driven nature. Gamers can use gadgets like VR goggles and different joysticks to play, and some can access AR games through smartphones.

Many people, especially gamers love to explore new things, playing Pokemon is the perfect opportunity to navigate through awesome high-end technology. They won’t need to purchase expensive gaming consoles to experience AR gaming, and smartphones are already enough to play this game.

2. Playing Pokemon Go Will Motivate You to Go Outside

To collect the characters, you will have to go beyond your homes for higher chances of getting collectibles. The nature of playing will motivate you to go outside and do some walking around. Studies show that taking a walk and getting some fresh air improves mental health and promotes relaxation. It would be a win-win situation for the players because they will do both activities.

Unfortunately, this game received some criticism because people were unable to focus outside, causing accidents. So keep in mind to balance between the two activities while you are outdoors, especially in places where there are many people and cars. Playing this game is fun, but safety must always come first, so it is crucial to be aware of your surroundings.

3. Explore Different Locations to Find Your Desired Pokemon Characters


Since playing Pokemon Go will allow players to step outside of their homes, it will also motivate them to travel to different places to find the other Pokemon characters. It is the perfect opportunity to use GPS technology to go places and try catching your desired Pokemon.

Playing this game will also be a great bonding experience with your family members. Since you also get to go on a family trip outside your town and even outside your city. After a good game of finding and collecting Pokemons, you can now explore a new environment and experience all sorts of activities in the place you end up.

4. Playing Pokemon Go Often Will Help Collect More Characters

It is without a doubt that playing Pokemon Go is an addictive game. Some players would not resist taking a break for even a day. Being outside and opening the Pokemon Go app more often will allow you to collect the characters faster. You can immediately use them for other in-game features and play small Pokemon challenges with your fellow players.

But all players have to remember that there is more to life than just gaming. People, especially teens and young adults, should find the balance in gaming, family, school or work, personal agendas, and overall well-being. We should remember that games will always be there, and it should not be a top priority, but it also won’t hurt to play when you have loads of free time.

5. The Game Will Encourage You to Become a Pokemon Fan Too


Pokemon is a popular anime franchise that built a household name known worldwide. The diversity and cuteness of each character captured the hearts of many gamers and anime fans. It is fun to hear stories about people who are not fans of Pokemon but learned to love it after experiencing this game.

Getting excited and fulfilled about finding the characters in Pokemon Go is the same feeling when purchasing another item in our collections. So it is without a doubt, people will learn to love Pokemon quickly. Newly converted Pokemon fans won’t stop at just the game. They will also begin to binge-watch the series. And maybe even start collecting action figures and attend huge Pokemon conventions. This phenomenon proves that this is still relevant, and its fanbase is continuously growing.

Final Thoughts

Online games that cross into our real world are exciting things to explore. It will allow us to see what it is like to have 3D images and effects scattered around our environment. Fortunately for Pokemon fans, they get to experience this by playing Pokemon Go. This AR mobile game allows everyone to enjoy both the real world and the world of the diverse Pokemon characters.