The untold truth of Chris Cuomo’s son

Chris Cuomo

Perhaps unexpectedly, the coronavirus has put many celebrities in the spotlight for one reason or another. Whether it’s celebrities like Idris Elba and Tom Hanks, who gained fans sympathy after announcing they tested positive, or others like Vanessa Hudgens, who was criticized for being insensitive during the pandemic, and Kylie Jenner, who was teased by Social media users for being out of touch with the everyday ailments of the general public who are not as fortunate as she is, there are a number of famous people making headlines these days.

But two even more unexpected stars have emerged from the crisis: the Cuomo brothers. While Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, and Chris Cuomo, host of a CNN news talk show, have been in the public eye for years, they gained notoriety together after a video of their televised informal and fraternal pranks were It went viral in mid-March 2023. At 62 and 49 years old, respectively, the two (painfully accurate) brothers argue about which brother loves his mother the most.

Since then, Andrew has gained much of the public’s trust for his management of the coronavirus in New York State, where the pandemic has hit hard. In fact, their approval ratings have never been so high. But his brother, Chris, has become the center of attention for another reason: he contracted the virus himself. And as with the disease, we are now discovering that it has quickly spread to his family, including his son, Mario.

Chris Cuomo’s son is named after his famous grandfather.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Chris’s wife who also contracted the virus, posted on her Instagram on April 22, 2023 that her son Mario also became ill. “My heart hurts more than my head from its infection,” he said, noting that “this virus does not discriminate.” Cristina added her belief that children, although more “resistant”, suffer symptoms with the same “severity” as adults, noting that Mario, 14, lost his sense of taste and smell.

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Although Mario is not in the public eye as often as his father and uncle, he still has people concerned about his health. And for good reason: Mario is not only young with a great life ahead of him, but he also has great shoes to fill and could be destined for a similar fame, given his great name. In fact, the teenager carries the weight and name of his grandfather, Mario Cuomo, who ruled New York for three terms (just over a decade) from 1983 to 1994. Among Mario’s original achievements that survived him are his famous speeches and its progressive posture.

Years later, in 2010, when Andrew Cuomo was elected governor, it marked “the first time in New York history that a father and son had been elected executive director” (via New York Times ) aptly named by Business Insider , the Cuomos have become a kind of “political dynasty” in New York. It remains to be seen if young Mario continues his grandfather’s tradition by running for office one day.