Why Korea’s the Handsome Is the Next One-Stop-Shop for All Things Fashion

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When it comes to bold, sleek, and memorable streetwear, Korean fashion stands in front and center without a doubt. With its neutral colors and sharp cuts that are taken straight from the runway, the style easily outshines other trends that don’t carry the same high fashion aesthetic.

That is why it’s not surprising to see how Korean clothing brands have recently taken over the current fashion zeitgeist. With their tailored pieces and dramatic designs, these brands have become a hot favorite for modern professionals and trendy teens alike. Learn more about starting a clothing brand here.

One aspect that has significantly boosted the popularity of Korean fashion is its accessibility. As long as you have the means, visit the site, you can head to a popular retailer to buy your Korean outfits.

But making sure that these clothes retain their authenticity isn’t that simple. To achieve that objective, buyers need to ensure that the clothes they are purchasing are actually made by Korean designers and shipped responsibly from the manufacturers’ hands to their own doorstep.

That is where Handsome comes in

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Often styled as “The Handsome,” the firm is currently known as one of the world’s premier Korean fashion outlets. Through its operations, the company takes it upon itself to bring the trendiest Korean apparel directly to your wardrobe. With its online store and secure shipping, the firm is rapidly expanding the outreach of Korean fashion throughout the globe.

What Does the Handsome Do?

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Established in 1987, Handsome has spent over three decades in the fashion industry as a sought-after manufacturer of Korean apparel. Based out of Seoul, South Korea, the company has become one of the leading providers of Korean fashion to the rest of the world.

With various brands under its belt, Handsome shines through with its ability to deliver the latest Korean fashion pieces to a large segment of audiences. From luxurious fabrics to trendy cuts, the firm and its labels make it a point to bring only the best of what the local fashion industry offers.

For instance, while one of Handsome’s oldest brands by the name of System specializes in mix n’ match layered clothing, it’s newer offering such as SJSJ focuses on the latest casual feminine style. Similarly, System Homme creates modern casual clothes, while OBZEE takes its inspiration from Western haute couture.

Throughout this mix of brands, Handsome has ensured that it delivers different clothing styles to a large variety of audiences. By segmenting its offerings into different sections, the company has followed many other fashion houses worldwide. But given that the firm has been on this path for a jaw-dropping 33 years, it has followed that journey along with its global peers rather than copying their strategy.

What Type of Operations Does the Handsome Run?

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As one of the most prolific manufacturers of Korean clothing brands, the Handsome operates its business through various physical stores and its online store for international audiences.

This means that if you live in South Korea, France, or China, you can easily walk into any of Handsome’s physical stores to browse through one of its brands. With an abundance of locations throughout multiple regions, you can have a premium in-person shopping experience at vastly affordable prices.

Since the Handsome is based upon making premier fashion available to the masses, this particular aspect goes right in line with the fashion conglomerate’s overall brand personality. It is also one of the reasons why the company has put such an emphasis on its online store.

Speaking of which, while brick-and-mortar stores logically stay limited to a particular region, the Handsome’s online platform breaks the barriers of physical locations. Even if you don’t live in South Korea, France, or China, you can quickly head to the online store, order your required apparel, and receive it within a few days at your given address.

Your Korean Fashion Wardrobe is Just a Click Away

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With its mission to bring accessible Korean fashion to everyone, the Handsome provides it is delivery and shipping services to various continents, including North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Throughout these regions, Handsome ensures that its services are offered in as many countries as possible. The company also rolls out different shipping and discount offer from time to time to ensure that its designs are truly accessible for everyone around the world.

Due to these reasons, Handsome’s brands and their respective designs have shot to the top international recognition levels in the past few years. Since it offers a wide variety of pieces – from dresses to jackets and everything in between – you can make sure to build your Korean fashion wardrobe from scratch. The best part? You don’t have to look anywhere else to put the final touches on it.

It’s because the online store specializes in regular clothing such as coats, shirts, and pants and designs and manufactures accessories such as shoes, bags, and scarves. This means that whether you want to elevate your Korean fashion wardrobe or start building one from the ground up, all you need is to head to the Handsome’s website.

The Brand is Expanding Throughout the World

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Apart from serving clients throughout the world with its website, the Handsome focuses on expanding its brick-and-mortar stores. The effort started from Europe and Asia, with the brand unveiling its stores in France and China. While the ongoing onslaught of the coronavirus (COVID-19) may have delayed those plans, it’s safe to say that the fashion conglomerate would be moving forward with them very soon.

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for months before you can try on your very own Korean fashion pieces. You can head to Handsome’s online store, select your pieces, and wait for their doorstep delivery. Through online payments and frequent discount offers, the process is as easy as taking a walk in the park.

As long as you have a knack for fashion and know the basics of styling Korean apparel, you can have an amazing shopping experience from the comfort of your home.