Technologies Behind New Online Casinos


Technology is regularly developed, improved, and implemented in all areas of our life. Gambling is no exception. Casinos are constantly using new technologies to keep their visitors interested. Taking into account the requirements and wishes of the players, online casinos will update their assortment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gamblers need to be constantly amazed, so the most modern slots with varied plots and realistic graphics will continue to appear and impress users.

PWA Applications


Progressive Web Applications (PWA), also called progressive applications, are gaining more and more fans every day. The biggest IT companies almost immediately saw great potential in them and supported development. It is no surprise that the top online casinos that can be found on Qyto are also starting to actively use these applications.

The main difference between PWA technology is that with its help the user can install the application of interest to him directly through the browser and not use online stores. PWA apps work with all popular browsers.

Big Data


This technology has changed the Internet business. It uses the analysis of very large amounts of information, for which new methods have been developed. Internet gambling houses use Big Data for various aims:

  • collection of information about their visitors, competitors, legislative changes in different countries, and much more to form analytical reports;
  • ensuring a high level of security, because by analyzing the behavior of players, special programs can identify fraudsters by their behavior before they have time to harm the gambling institution or other players;
  • identifying players who have signs of gambling addiction.

Based on reports, casinos can build their work as efficiently as possible. For example, information about the behavior of players allows a gambling establishment to analyze the likelihood of a successful launch of a new product. Bookmakers, in turn, use this technology to improve the accuracy of their predictions. In addition, with the help of Big Data, gambling establishments are trying to contribute to the fight against unhealthy addiction and promote a healthy attitude towards gambling.

Virtual and Augmented Reality


Several years ago, it was difficult to imagine that virtual reality online casinos would appear, in which one could feel the atmosphere and mood of a real institution. AR and VR technologies are already available in some casinos. The trend for their implementation will be actively growing because it is a convenient and interesting way to have fun.

Thanks to technology, players will be able to move around the digital casino, meet other visitors, communicate with them and dealers, and, of course, gamble at virtual tables and slot machines.

Analysts say the AR and VR gambling market will expand by 55% by 2023 and strengthen its position in both online casinos and land-based establishments. In addition, experts talk about the emergence of mixed reality in the gambling segment — a technology that combines augmented and virtual reality.

Artificial Intelligence Using


One of the most important factors driving the industry forward is artificial intelligence. It has already reached a level that allows to effortlessly defeat people simply by knowing the rules of any game they play. This is a cause for concern when you consider the exponential growth of competition in the field of gambling.

However, artificial intelligence can bring tangible benefits. When it comes to online casinos, it can detect and block illegal sites, find scammers and take user interaction to the next level.

Live Dealers


They became a real trend back in 2018 and continue to gain in popularity. Millions of players around the world consider the emergence of live dealer casinos to be one of the greatest advances in the gaming industry. Working in a virtual space, they create an original atmosphere of the gaming hall. The casino usually broadcasts live table games and roulette.



This technology provides transparency and secure transaction processing. Many money-related companies are eager to realize it. When it comes to virtual money, there is always a risk of stumbling upon a dishonest casino platform. On the other hand, blockchain-based gaming platforms guarantee the safety of funds.

Games on Your Wrist


Visiting a casino is always fun, just like playing on mobile phones, but how do you like the idea of ​​playing without a laptop or smartphone? In 2017, casino gaming company Microgaming introduced the first smartwatch for paying Internet casinos. They provide very easy and fast access to casino games compared with other devices. Therefore, when all Internet gambling houses are going to start offering smartwatch casino games in the nearest future, we can expect the next tangible surge in the popularity of the gaming industry.

Crypto casino


Online casinos using cryptocurrencies provide players with anonymity, thereby making it possible to concentrate on the progress of the game. All transactions carried out in the game are recorded and assigned their codes, which are quite problematic to change.

Social Media Gambling


The start of the first gambling game for money on Facebook in August 2012 increased interest in the global media. Therefore, given the unprecedented hyper-popularity of social media, most operators now monitor the trend if gambling will become popular on different social platforms. For example, Texas Hold’em is now one of the most played games with millions of players around the world.

Interestingly, even if games do not involve money, they introduce players to the principles and feelings of gambling, which invariably propels the industry forward.

Numerous gambling establishments try to attract the attention of the public in different ways. They improve their playgrounds, offer a large selection of online slots, and pay a lot of attention to the safety and reliability of the game. All this forms the rating of an online casino, and the higher it is, the more you can trust the gaming hall.

The rapid development of online gambling is largely due to the unprecedented progress in the field of mobile technologies. The first smartphone appeared about 20 years ago, and today gambling revenues account for almost half of all online sector revenues. Huge funds are spent on the development of online gambling and the most advanced technologies are used.