Top Casinos With the Best Odds

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Your life could easily change simply by hitting a jackpot. Getting the best odds is key to making your jackpot dreams a reality. The majority of players think winning in a casino is all about luck. This is true, luck is involved, however, there is a slew of factors that either increase or decrease your chance of winning. Factors such as House edge, RTP, and payouts just to name a few. You will never win a lot with high. So, the lower the odds, the better your chance of winning. Taking this into account, we are going to describe the overall situation in the world of casinos with the best odds.

How does a casino identify the odds?

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If you can’t answer the question above, we suggest you read the next part of this article carefully. To understand how odds are made, you must know the following terminologies, the first of which is the payout percentage. Payout percentage means the percentage of the total amount of money a slot would take up from players over a period and then pays it out as winning to a player. The percentage usually ranges from 75% to something around 98%. In essence, the payout percentage varies depending on the slot and the casino.

The order terminology is house edge which we have already touched on. Without a doubt, casinos need to make a profit, and this is where the house edge comes in. The house edge is simply the casino’s profit, which is expressed as a percentage of players’ bets. If you know the house edge, you can analyze the odds in a particular game. For example, if the player places a $100 bet, $5 out of that goes into the casino’s wallet if the house edge is 95%. The house edge depends on the game. The lowest payout percentage can be found in slots which are at about 2%-6%.

Game with the best odds

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In this part of the article, we will discuss games that pay out the most. As we said earlier, the games with the lowest odds are slots. However, what is the game with the highest odds? According to statistics, it is always table games. So, below you can find a list of table games with the highest odds. For additional information, you can visit

  • Blackjack – is a game that always provides the lowest house edge. Usually, the payout percentage is 99, and the house edge, respectively, 1% or even less. In blackjack, you’ll always have a chance against the dealer, however, playing against a professional is not easy. The payout percentage depends on the strategy you apply. By the way, you can find the strategy made and used by professionals, where the payout percentage is 1 or less. Blackjack is a giant in the gambling industry. It’s popular mostly among high-rollers and VIP members, due to the efficiency of a basic strategy. If you master the skills necessary, this might be the best game to win money.
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  • Baccarat – is a very popular game among lovers of table games and new players alike. The card game also has one of the highest payout percentages. Considering the high odds of winning, the wagering requirements are significantly low as well. In other words, if you win, you win big and if you lose, expect to lose big. With that in mind, make sure to place a bet when the odds are high. Furthermore, the average house edge in Baccarat is 1.09%, which depends on your actions during the game. There are three types of wager: “Banker”, “Player,” and “Tie ”Betting on any of them will influence the house edge. For example, if you place a bet on the “Player” area, the housed edge will be 1.36%, placing on “Banker” will be 1.06%. The “Tie” option will raise the house edge to 14.4%. For players, the “Tie” bet has the worst odds, however, for casinos, it is the best odds.
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  • Roulette – it offers various versions of roulette, but the average house edge is the same. The calculations of odds are adopted for American and European roulettes. Roulette is different from other games, in that the odds depend on the bet option you have chosen. Let’s say you place a bet on even, red/black. In that case, your odds of winning will be 18/38 or about 47,36%, and the odds of losing will be 52,63%. After the calculation, it turns out the house edge is 5,26%. To take it a step further, you can play roulette live with a real dealer which takes the gameplay to a whole other level.
  • Craps – the house edge is 1,41%. Generally, Craps is a game where the house edge varies from 0% to 10%, also, depending on the bet placed.
    Three Card Poker – This is a new variation of the beloved poker that has gained popularity in recent years. The reason for its popularity is its high profitability. Many variants of this poker have house edges between 7%-8%. So, if you’d like to diversify your gameplay experience in casinos, Three Card Poker is worth playing.
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  • Slots – are the most popular casino games of all time. Due to progressive jackpots and amazing graphic designs, it became an entertaining activity with a chance to win money. On average, payouts are almost 97%. For casinos to be profitable, they need to take some percent as house edge. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to calculate the RTP of a slot, because we can’t just take one symbol and divide it by the number of symbols per line. After all, different symbols have different values, therefore greater probability. Furthermore, each slot is unique in terms of the number of lines and the bonus rounds.


All things considered, the best way to win is to play games with excellent odds, as well as play games that allow you to apply your strategies. Blackjack is a great example of a game, which has high odds and allows you to use your strategy.