6 New Technologies That Will Transform Your Work In 2024

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Take a look at the evolution of the workplace in the last three or four decades. There have been a lot of changes over the years. Technology has driven most of these changes. Computers and their peripherals changed the entire office environment some decades ago. But the transformation of the work environment hasn’t ceased with the adoption of computers.

Innovative technological developments are continuously appearing. They improve productivity and collaboration among coworkers. Technology also contributes to creating a healthier workplace. For example, standing desks are revolutionizing the way people work. Traditionally, office workers sit on a chair for the entire working day. Standing desks allow shifting between sitting and standing positions.

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The same technology is being used to create advanced gaming desks for the ultimate gaming experience. If you haven’t heard about this development, you can learn about it by link here. The point is that technology will continue changing our lives for the better. It will continue transforming our work environment and the way we do our jobs.

So, in this article, we will discuss the 6 new technologies that will change our work environment. These technologies are:

  • Motorized desks;
  • Computer technology;
  • Co-working spaces;
  • Distraction-free desks;
  • Innovative writing tools;
  • Touch-screen devices.

Now, we’ll discuss in detail each of these technologies. We will emphasize the way they will change the workspace of the future.

1. Motorized Desks

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Different scientific studies have concluded that sitting at a desk for several hours daily can harm a person’s health. Prolonged sitting has been linked to the development of chronic disease. Some of these health problems can be life-threatening. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are some of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

Several researchers have concluded that standing while you work can counter effectively the negative effects of sitting. It is not necessary to stand for the entire working day. Standing for just a few hours is enough to burn more calories and reduce the risk of developing diseases. Hence, shifting between sitting and standing during your working hours would be the ideal solution.

Technology has already come up with a solution. The motorized desk, often referred to as the standing desk, is a desk whose height can be adjusted with the push of a button. The desk is equipped with two or more devices known as “lifting columns.” A lifting column consists of an electromechanical system that converts the rotation from a motor into linear motion. This up-down motion is used to lift the desktop to the desired height. The lifting columns can also return the desktop to the height for seated work.

Motorized desks have been adopted by a small percentage of office workers. However, the multiple health benefits from these standing desks will make them more common.

2. Computer Technology

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Computers already revolutionized the way we used to work more than four decades ago. However, computer technology is still improving our workspaces. More powerful computers are available in more compact sizes. Such devices can handle multitasking without compromising processing speed. Moreover, software programs greatly ease the tasks of office workers.

One new trend is to design peripherals like the mouse and keyboard to match the form of the office worker. In this way, the computer equipment will mold to the user and not the other way around. These developments will create a great partnership between humans and computers.

3. Co-Working Spaces

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A novel trend in office work is to promote collaboration among co-workers. Therefore, the traditional office configuration with lines of cubicles will eventually disappear. Instead, novel collaborative spaces will be created. An example of this revolutionizing approach is the so-called hotdesk. This approach is intended to promote creativity and increase productivity.

Hotdesking consists of making available different working environments to the employees. Each office worker will choose the appropriate environment according to his or her requirements of a specific day. The selection ranges from calmer zones to collaborative and synergetic environments. No single-person desk is available in hotdesking environments.

4. Distraction-Free Desks

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Office workers’ productivity is often affected by distracters of all types. For instance, reorganizing your desk takes time that otherwise could be used for more productive activities. Technology can provide effective solutions to tackle this problem. Some software developers are creating apps that help you to limit digital distracters. Such programs also help workers to manage their productive time more efficiently.

5. Innovative Writing Tools

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Long before the digital revolution, pens, and pencils were indispensable in every office. Even today, despite the presence of computers everywhere, pens and pencils are widely used. However, technology is already developing innovative writing tools that will make traditional pens and pencils obsolete.

Smartpens, for example, are already available in the market. While they look similar to a traditional pen, the smart version features multiple functions. For instance, they can be used to write in notebooks like any other pen. But they can copy the writing into a digital format instantly. In this way, you can transfer your notes onto a digital document easily.

6. Touch-Screen Devices

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Your smartphone and many other electronic devices that use touch screens are very popular. This component (the touch-screen) makes them quite practical. It creates better synergy between the user and the electronic device. As of today, desktop computers still use a keyboard and a mouse to get commands and input from users. Eventually, a touch-screen will replace completely the keyboard and mouse.

An electronic device has been already launched to convert any computer with a keyboard and mouse into a touch-screen computer. You connect the said device to a USB port and the conversion is done automatically.


We have reviewed some of the technologies that are changing our office work environments. But these are not the only disruptive technologies that will change the way you work. For example, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality will bring new solutions for office work. You won’t need a touch-screen when you can dictate text to your computer, for example. While this technology is already available, it will take some time before it becomes part of mainstream procedures at work.