Technologies that Affect our Relationships: Everything You need to Know about AI, Chatbots, and VR

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The technology that governs relationships and dating has changed a great deal in the last 20 years. As a result, it’s more likely to see technology having an impact on a relationship now than at any time in history. We’re going to explore some of the greatest changes that we have witnessed during this time. Specifically, the potential of AI, the advent of chatbots, and what VR can bring to the table. All of these items will be briefly explored, showing you that what was once science fiction will quickly become a reality for people moving forward.
How dating technologies have changed literally in 20 years

The tech that has supported dating in the last twenty years has changed everything we thought we knew about relationships. For starters, online dating is common in half of all adults in the U.S. and much more common than that in the younger age groups where almost 2/3 of adults have tried it. In this article, our friends at have prepared an overview of the cutting edge technologies that dating sites are already using. Among the majority forms of technology are:

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  • Video chatting
  • Picture sharing on the cloud
  • Dating profile surveys and questionnaires
  • Matchmaking services
  • Geographical matches
  • Translation for international dating
  • Apps just for dating

These are just some of the most common technologies that are widely utilized by dating sites to help connect people from around the world. While not all of these technologies have emerged only in the last twenty years, they have reached their zenith during that time. That is why the most significant form of technology that has not been mentioned so far is the smartphone. This invention integrates all of the aforementioned elements of dating sites and apps to provide users with an unbeatable dating format.

Now, anyone can simply look at their phone from their pocket and meet people that are local to them in real-time while also utilizing matchmaking services. Your partners will be local, interesting to you, and possibly compatible based on your evaluation of your romantic needs and desires. To say that the development of technology has given everyone better chances at love is a complete understatement.

What are chatbots, and how dating services use this technology?

Chatbots are one of the most interesting technological advancements to emerge in the field of online dating for some time. These bots are designed to mimic the reactions and conversations of real human beings. What would someone want to use one of these for? Well, the applications have proven to be both good and bad. On the positive side, people have decided to use chatbots to help customers feel like they are being helped by a real person on all kinds of sites, including dating services.

Moreover, chatbots will likely be integrated with a limited form of AI in the future so that people can practice their lines for dating. Not everyone is a natural communicator, and these bots can help people break the ice and get into a conversation. Of course, any time that a communication method like this emerges, some people co-opt it for negative outcomes.

That’s why it is important to learn how to talk to people and carefully follow a conversation. Some chatbots on below-average dating sites are fooling people into giving away valuable personal information. The best dating sites on the web today are more capable of detecting and eliminating these bots before they cause harm, though.

AI capabilities and robots for dating: Fiction or reality?

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AI is something that has been spoken about with reverence and fear for much longer than the last 20 years. However, we are closer than ever as a society to breaking through to true AI and being able to use it in novel ways. One of the methods that people are looking forward to using AI for is dating outcomes. Not every person is capable of finding a match on their own, and most dating sites’ surveys and questionnaires only take into account a handful of information relative to the vast amount needed to quantify connectivity between people.

Thus, we’re going to see AI utilized as a method of matchmaking in the future. AI will peruse your dating profile, look at past input data, and show you people similar to the type of person you have looked up before. Not only will that make the searching process easier than ever before, but you’ll also get the benefit of the site reaching out and helping you find people that you didn’t consider on your own. Sometimes, we aren’t conscious of the decisions we make on dating services, but AI can help look deeper and get better results for everyone.

VR technology as a way to become close to the interlocutor

The last technology to examine now and in the future is virtual reality (VR). VR technology is helping people communicate with their dates in very interesting ways. For example, they have the chance to use a VR headset to broadcast their body (specifically the face) into a digital realm where it feels as though they are in the same room as their date. This is going to be a much bigger event in the future. VR will integrate with touch-based technology to help people feel the presence of their partner with augmented gloves that detect and replicate pressure for people. This tech might be the closest to a breakthrough on this list, so watch for its developments.

Dating has changed a lot in the last 20 years. New technology has brought people closer together than ever before, and it will continue to do so in the future. However, technology cannot be the only thing that brings people together. Individuals must take account of their actions to be interesting and charming to their dates. Technology can only supplement what you put out there; it can’t make a personality up for you!