7 Ways to Style a Hoodie to Stand Out This Winter

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Hoodies sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to winter fashion. While they certainly can look frumpy, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a ton of different ways you can style your hoodies to make sure that you look good and stand out this winter.

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1. Layers, Layers, and More Layers

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The first and best tip we have is to wear your hoodie with layers. Layer it over a shirt, but also layer other jackets on top. Depending on the type of hoodie you’re wearing, choose the best outer layers to emphasize your style.

If you’re wearing a zip-up hoodie, wear it over a graphic tee. Then put a leather jacket or shearling coat over that. Shearling coats also look great over pull-over hoodies, so long as the hoodie is neutral and fits you well.

2. Sweatsuits Can Look Great

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You can wear sweatsuits even when you aren’t going to the gym! Athleticwear isn’t always a bad look, and sometimes those matching sweatsuits add a perfect touch of style to your day. Make sure that you’re pairing your hoodies with the matching sweatpants, so buy them at the same time if you can help it.

Wear some sneakers and maybe layer a jacket over your hoodie if it’s colder out to complete the look.

3. Choose Your Type of Hoodie

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There are two types of hoodies, and each of them works differently for your body type. Zip-up hoodies are generally better fitted to your body, making them a bit tighter when they are zipped up. Pullover hoodies, on the other hand, can be looser and more relaxed.

The type of hoodie that you choose can impact how you style it, so make sure to choose the type of hoodie that best fits your style.

4. Skip the Logos – Mostly

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For the most part, hoodies with logos are a thing of the past. When you’re trying to be stylish, you want a hoodie that is clean, neutral, and will match with most other elements of your wardrobe. It’s harder to style a hoodie with a logo.

However, you can choose a logo if you want – just keep it simple. That way the printing on the front of the hoodie isn’t the focus of your outfit. It can distract from the way you’ve styled the rest of your look.

5. A Cropped Hoodie Can Be Everything

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Crop tops are very much in throughout every season, but a cropped hoodie can make a difference to your style. No matter you choose to style it, choose a cropped hoodie to make sure that all of the attention is on you.

This style can be difficult to pull off for some, but as long as you’re confident (and staying warm), you’re sure to rock it. A cropped hoodie flourishes with a pointed message or a logo on it, so make sure that you’re choosing the type of hoodie accordingly. Usually, cropped hoodies are only in the pull-over style.

6. Oversized is Fine!

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What once was frumpy is now in style. Oversized clothing has been making a huge comeback lately, and hoodies are no exception. Of course, most of the time hoodies tend to run a little large, but there’s a difference when it’s deliberate.

Choose a hoodie that’s a few sizes too large and add some tights or leggings underneath. You can make a fashion statement if the hoodie is sufficiently oversized – but it has to be more than just one size to make it look like a choice. Plus, a large enough hoodie can feel like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, and that’s priceless!

7. Dress It Up

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Finally, you can choose to dress up your hoodies in a dozen different ways. Try wearing them with heels and dressy pants, including slacks, leather pants, and more. Wear high boots or strappy heels underneath and make sure to pair with the perfect pop-of-color bag.

It may not feel like it, but there are a ton of creative ways to spice up your hoodie game!


Hoodies can be extremely versatile if you think outside of the box. When you try a little harder, you can make any hoodie look like it’s part of a high fashion runway outfit with almost no effort at all!