How to Maintain a Smart and Functional Building


Being a building manager brings with it many joys and challenges. If you want to keep your building up-to-date and suitable for visitors, then read on.

We will give you some tips on how to smarten up your building and keep it running smoothly. So, whether you’re using a commercial plumbing service to keep the pipes in order or planting some trees, let’s ensure you’re making your space comfortable and functional for customers, staff and visitors.



One of the most attractive elements to add to your office space is the plants. Whether you have a modern building or an antique one, factory space or something that looks more like home, plants will give you a natural feel. What’s more, they will improve the quality of the air, which improves the brain function of those inside the building.

Have a little ‘jungle corner’ in every office, so that they don’t get knocked over or swamp people’s desks. Add textures, and colours and have them at varying heights so they add to the interior design effects.

This idea will bring a sense of wellbeing.


Your décor needs to be consistent with your theme. Make sure to brighten up a drab area with some paint and patterns. For example, the basement needn’t be the dreariest element of your building. Make it fun to be in, and add colour and brightness.

What’s more, give your staff some fun elements, like sculptures to sit on when waiting to drink their coffee or standing in line for the photocopier. A wooden bench in a fun shape sparks the imagination and brings humour to the office—something that is sometimes in short supply.

Add paintings and wall décor to help calm or lift people’s moods. It can be modern and abstract but ensure it brings a professional vibe to the office.



Paint the walls regularly. Keep it colourful in parts, especially if that’s your company colour palette, but make sure that it’s neatly done and professional-looking. You’ll also need to ensure that it’s cleaned regularly.

If you don’t have painted walls, but a stone or other surfaces, they will need to be dusted and pressure-cleaned on a semi-regular basis. Or, if you have wooden panelling, you’ll need to rub some preserving oil into them to prevent cracking and drying out. It’s your responsibility to maintain the value of this asset as a whole.


Floors must be cleaned or vacuumed every day. If any section of the floor is peeling or lifting up, fix it immediately. You don’t want the company to be sued if someone trips and falls.

You don’t have to stick to carpets or tiles—you can do wooden floors, or even stone, depending on the theme of your building.


Keep your lifts running by bringing in the lift maintenance people on a weekly basis. They have to oil parts and check the electrical workings. What’s more, they must also check that the wires aren’t fraying and that the emergency system works. If your lifts are used a lot during the day, they’ll have to come at night.



Bring in plumbers on a semi-regular basis to ensure there are no blockages, particularly in the toilets, and to check for leaky taps or pipes. You have to do backflow testing once a year, so it’s good to have a contract with a plumber.

Boilers, geysers, gas systems and air conditioning units are all systems plumbers can help with. Do preventive maintenance to limit repair costs in the long run.

Electricity and Lights

Your electricity infrastructure must be checked for fraying wires, and shorts, and that there are no water leaks that could affect the system. You’ll have to replace outlets and plugs on a regular basis, so make sure you have enough spares in the storeroom.

Check that all lights are working, especially those that light up the exit signs.

Ceilings and Ducts

The ceilings must be inspected for leaks and warping. What’s more, ensure that they aren’t starting to fall in anywhere. Dust them weekly and paint them at least once a year to prevent a stained look.

The air ducts and wiring ducts must be kept free of dust and clutter. Make sure no one puts anything into the ceiling or attic because it could cause a fire hazard.

Roof and Roof Walkways


The roof shingles and tiles must be fixed and paint the roof every few years. If it’s a flat roof, make sure there are no areas for stumbling. It should be kept clean and free of obstacles, if only for the sake of workers. What’s more, make sure the walkways are firmly attached and not rusting. Check the ladders too, so maintenance can take place safely at any time.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a building maintained and spruced up takes a lot of time and energy, but is a satisfactory and rewarding job in the long run. Use some of our tips as a start, and add some of your own ideas for a perfectly-kept building.