10 Top Functions That Make Cherry Pickers so Popular

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Working at heights can be challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. Sure, you can set up a framework of scaffolds and ladders, but that’s time-consuming and may actually take longer to put up than doing the actual work.

Fortunately, there are some flexible alternatives to consider such as the scissor lift hire Melbourne companies often rely on to get the job done. Another option is the cherry picker, known for its unrivaled mobility.

Diverse Functions of the Ever-Popular Cherry Picker

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get work done in high places, cherry pickers are often a top recommendation. This is especially the case if you only need a few hours (or even minutes) to do a quick job.

If you’re wondering what exactly you can use a cherry picker for, keep reading as our experts share some of its top applications.

1. Utility Lines and Poles Maintenance

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One of the places you’re most likely to see cherry pickers being used, is on the side of the road as workmen perform maintenance on utility lines and poles. Cherry pickers are ideal for providing the vertical elevation needed to perform these functions safely. It’s also easy to navigate around any overhead obstacles.

2. Maintenance and Painting

As we’ve already mentioned, cherry pickers provide an excellent alternative to scaffolding and ladders. Cherry pickers offer simple and easy setup procedures and make it easy for the crew to get the job done safely and quickly. Since cherry pickers have a convenient platform, they can easily hold work paraphernalia such as paint, cleaning products and tools.

3. Tree Trimming

Cherry pickers are also ideal for trimming trees in both public and private areas. Whether you need to do seasonal trimmings or cut trees down completely, cherry pickers make it easy to safely reach all areas of the tree. Having a secure platform to stand on allows workers to use both hands to do the job.

4. Picking Fruit

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Cherry pickers were initially designed for fruit picking in orchards and farms—hence the name. Many orchards and fruit growers still rely on cherry pickers as their number one solution to pick fruit in higher trees. This is because the cherry picker is safer than ladders and its platform makes it easy to hold the baskets that need filling.

5. Farm Work

Farms that have silos, large barns, and other high farm buildings may also require regular maintenance. The height of some of these buildings makes it very difficult to reach all zones with ladders. Unstable farmland may not always be suitable for ladders or scaffolding. This makes cherry pickers perfect for the job!

6. Rescue Work

Another common place to see cherry pickers being used is in emergencies. Fire and Rescue Services often use cherry pickers to reach people trapped in inaccessible areas.

Using a cherry picker to save people from rooftops or tall structures also provides a safer alternative for rescue missions than having firefighters and rescuers go into a burning building. It’s safer for the firefighters and quicker for the people who need rescuing.

7. Filming Events

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Cherry pickers are also commonly used at sporting events and entertainment concerts. Using cherry pickers at these events enables camera operators to get optimal footage from higher vantage points. These perspectives offer more interesting footage than what’s captured on the ground.

8. Window Washing

Using a cherry picker is one of the easiest ways to raise workers to a high enough level to wash windows on high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. It’s also easier and faster than spending time installing a scaffold. Cherry pickers are ideal for buildings with signage or expansion joints.

9. Construction Work

Higher work on construction sites is often done with cranes. However, depending on the type of work that needs to be done, a better option is often using a cherry picker. By opting to use cherry pickers for hire, construction companies can provide crews with mobility to move around on a safe platform, even if they don’t own this piece of equipment themselves.

Some of the jobs that are made easier by using a cherry picker include the following:

  • Replacing roofs
  • Repairing or installing pipes and fixtures
  • Changing light bulbs on high roofs or warehouses
  • Installing, washing, or repairing windows
  • Repairing or cleaning gutters
  • General construction work
  • Removing or placing items on high shelves in warehouses and factories

10. Installing, Changing, and Repairing Signs

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Ever seen an interesting sign or billboard in the middle of nowhere? Chances are it was installed with a cherry picker. Signboards are often placed on high buildings in what seems like the most awkward positions. The versatile cherry picker is a go-to piece of equipment to get this job done.

Final Thought

It’s easy to see why project managers often opt to use cherry pickers around their job sites. And if you don’t own one, hire one! Since the hiring process is fairly simple, there’s no reason why you should ever struggle to get work done in high places again!